I started dating a robot neet(he's obviously not a robot anymore)

>I started dating a robot neet(he's obviously not a robot anymore)
>Ff couple of months
>Intense sex every night, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day
>he's really horny all the time
>He finds a job
>Stops browsing Jow Forums (used it since early 00')
>Starts going out with his new co-workers
>Every weekend goes to clubs
>Doesn't want me to go with him
>Most of his coworkers are females
>Doesn't want to have sex
>We don't have sex for 8 months
>Starts going also on weekdays out
>We haven't met in couple of weeks
>We don't text or call each other anymore
Did i make lonely robot a chad?
Atleast he's happy now. R-right?

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Geez that really sucks

>Stops browsing Jow Forums (used it since early 00')

moot released 4chen for the compstation in 01 tho

Text him one more time to tell him that I congratulate him on his successful deployment of the practice gf strategy

Early 00' means anywhere from 2000 to 2005 user

wouldn't that be early 00's

Was he physically attractive?

that is a very cool story, brother

if he was a good looking guy yes you did. How old are you guys? Something similar happened to me when I was 17

Ok fix me next
Not a neet tho im rich bitch

When we started dating, subjectively, yes, a lot, but for typical standarts he would be around 3/10. But he was totaly my type.
When he found a job, he started regularly shaving (face) got a haircut. Now he is objectively 6/18
I'm 20 and he's 32

>Now he is objectively 6/18

so still basically a 3/10?

>I'm 20 and he's 32
all I can say to that is lol. fucking roastie

date me instead fembot, i have a social life and it involves playing MTG and going to people's houses, but I'd rather stay in with a qt gorl

Well i obviously meant 6/10 user.
Sorry, im theoretically still dating him. I love him dearly, hoping that everything would go back like it used to.

too bad, my opinion is it's better to be single than date someone who makes you feel like you're single. Hope he's not cheating on you, but if he's taking other women to clubs, chances are he might be.

Good job getting him out of his shell though.

thank you supreme gentleman. Do you have a kik or discord?

Honestly, im not even mad about it. Atleast he's happy now and has what he wanted. That was my point. To make him the happiest boi alive


won't be on there until later though. Still workposting right now.

good job femanon, we need more like you getting bois with potential to go out and make something of themselves and be attractive.

Better get yourself a better reward than the happiness of someone who doesn't care about you next time though, you've earned it by now.

>I'm 20 and he's 32

>Better get yourself a better reward than the happiness of someone who doesn't care about you next time though, you've earned it by now.
What do you mean by this?

You made a boi happy, but it would feel better for you if that boi also cared about your happiness too. It sounds like he forgot about you.

He was the fist and probably the last I let in my heart. I'm not holding any grudges. He chosed the best life. He wasted his 20 playing vidya and on Jow Forums. Now he deserves something fun. I thought someone like him would be ready to get married and have kids. But atleast, he's happy and that's all i care for. Of course it hurts but it's not his fault. Everyone deserves happiness

don't have so much self-pity, user. You're only twenty years old? You will fall in love again, whether you like it or not. Have some god-damn backbone and break up with that fake boyfriend of yours. Then continue to be emotionally manipulated into sleeping with him for the next two years. Then get sick of it and find someone new. Even if you don't consciously take my advice this is what will happen.

why the last though? surely there are other guys who are ready for marriage and children, who can make you as happy as you make them

too close to home. he won't realize it till it's too late unless he's a dick. hope he isn't cheating on you, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck

I just don't think that i would be mentally ready for commitment in next 10 years. And when I'm 30 no one will need me then

Get over yourself lol, hes not the only one out there. Your still clearly very attached, he detached and pulled some selfish shit.
Its kinda weird how when a dude gets a gf it seems like other girls can smell the pheromones or some shit and want in on it.

You don't know where you'll be in one year, let alone ten. Don't count yourself out just yet!

you have no idea who you will be in a year, let alone 10, user