Do you like taII girls?

Do you like taII girls?

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not that much but they like me for some reason
most girls mirin me are taller than me idk why

id give her the creampie yeah

>most girls mirin me are taller than me
What the FUCK. I'm 6'3" and only short, fat girls like me. I'd kill to be in your shoes.

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Tall grills are the best grills.

I'm 6'4" and I've only ever dated tall girls. My Fiancee is 5'10"

I'm happy for you, user. I hope your kids are tall as well. How did you meet? How long have you known eachother?

Short guy here. Tall girls are cute. More to cuddle. And they make excellent dance partners.

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as long as they aren't taller than me
>t i'm 6'2"

We met on OkCupid around 4 years ago. She had just turned 18 and just made a profile and I happened to be lucky enough to message her before anyone else did.

Be me 6"4 looking looking fem 6"4 this a hard search.

Who doesn't? Only reason you'd choose a womanlet is if they're the only options you have.

On an unrelated note, I'd like to apologize to my future manlet sons

How tall are you desu? My mom was five foot nothing, dad was 6'4, I'm 6'3. The rest of the men in my family are tall, though.

I'm 6' with decent height genetics in the rest of my family, but my fiance's whole family is very very short.

if she is hot
problem with tall girls is that being bigger, their flaws have grown bigger

No. God I hate the faggots in these threads. Almost every fucker taller than 6ft has to say that they are every chance they get. It always comes off as retarded bragging.

t. absoIuteIy SEETHING manlet
Enjoy chasing womanlets for the rest of your life, little man.

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I am 6ft6 but I do not have to say it in ever god damned thread.

Every* messed up my spelling.

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I suppose so.
>tfw 5 ft 7

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6'2'', met a girl that was 6'1'', man, what a beauty. Too bad I never asked her out though, that was many years ago. Only girl that I met taller than me had to be at least 7 feet tall, fuck she was tall.

My GF is 6 feet tall but 4 inches shorter than me. I don't care as long as I'm taller.

Well, it's relative to the topic. Your height vs preference in partner's height. I don't think anyone here has left their discord or anything so you're kind of just being a faggot.

Im a manlet. I accepted women would be taller then me and then mistakenly fetishiszed it.

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I love jordan mcewen!

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She's a beautifuI angeI.

I'm 6'5 and marfan, so lanky af. Tall women are rare and I've never got to personally know one where I live, but i want one

Keep thinking that buddy.

jordan is so pure it hurts to know she exist bros!

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Yes. I want a tall gf to crush me between her thighs.

Post more rares like the OP pic. I need them for my qt folder.

alright but jordan is not for lewds okay?!

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I want to feed her strawberries. That would be so romantic.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Jordan is a fembot, and it's only a matter of time before she reveals herself here.

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id kill to be in your shoes mate
id be creampieing them thicc asses

t. 5'11"

The only thing I've creampied is my hand desu. Only girls from the internet think I'm attractive. There was a 4/10 fat girl a few years back who wanted my cock something fierce, but I was too much of a sperg to do anything about it. I didn't want to get rejected again. By the time I was becoming attracted to her, she moved away. I just want a tall, average looking sticc girl who's just as broken as me.

How tall we talkin? Scratch that yeah tall girls are fine.

5'10 is the perfect height for a woman.

remove the tall
i like girls user

Height doesn't matter to me. I'm 6'2" and honestly haven't met a single girl that doesn't bore me to death when I'm talking to her.

>tfw no 5'10 lanklet gf
why was I born 5'8 AAAAAAAA

The bigger the better.
When they're this tall, everyone is a manlet and it doesn't matter.

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yes, mostly because i'm really short (5'3).
really though, i like any girl who is taller than me, not just objectively tall ones.

Mmm. I wanna touch her legs so bad.

this tbqh senpai. They literally just scroll through social media 24/7 and are boring as fuck. Offer zero insight and often reply with a single word, knowing well that the male must entertain them to gain their affection. Thus the thirsty male hordes perform their song and dance for the entitled , diseased roastie and the cycle continues

Yes but I'm a 5'7 manlet so I don't have a chance.

She has a sister.

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I'm 6 foot and would love to date a girl like 510 511. I fucking love legs

If he can do it, so can we.

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Her sister is prettier.

Yes, but she's 5 inches shorter.

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ahh please give me a tall autistic gf

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no because
1.) i hate everyone
2.) Ill have to dig a larger grave

Yeah, I'm 6'4" so it wouldn't really matter for me

6'0'' here. I would love a tall-fu but I'm ugly as sin.

>a dude w/o ear lobes

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>fucking love tall girls (Im 6'1 so even taller or same height)
>barely a normal dick (6 inches and not that thick)
>tfw I won't even try to get with a tall qt because there's no chance she won't cheat on me with a bigger can cock

guess I have to fuck midgets or something

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your name is Manlet

>Do you like taII girls?
sure I do, question is however would she like someone shorter than her.

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Probably not. Girls like to be dominated, they want their man to be bigger than them. At least, that's my understanding of it.

How do taII femanons feel about manlets?

fuck, I absolutely love tall girls. I'm not short or anything (6'1). takes me back to high school. I used to always flirt with this one really shy, tall girl. she was about 6'2 skinny and blonde, into cool obscure shit and had patrician taste in music. she was really sheltered and her parents wouldn't let us date though. bummer, I wonder if she still thinks about me.

thread inspired me to look up her insta, blurred out the face so you fucks cant do anything. damn I really missed out

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I've always had the fantasy of dating a tall, shy, clumsy girl who always felt awkward because of her height then I come along as like a 6'7" man and make her feel like feminine...

Instead I'm a fucking manlet and I'll never experience this.

interesting, for me its always just been about body type

I'm only attracted to girls above 5'7
I'm almost 6'3 and being around short girls makes me feel like a pedo.

My Girl is tall (179cm)...and I hate it
My ex was 156 cm she was sooo cute

She's perfect desu. It's a real shame it didn't work out for you.

Yes. As long as they don't lose thickness for height, I prefer thickness over height. Height doesn't matter too much in my eyes.

I've always wanted to date a girl taller than me, but I'm 6'2 so that's about impossible
The few girls who have been remotely in to me have been 5'6 brownskins

in freshman year of highschool a 6'1 girl in the same grade as me raped me at a sleepover (friends invited her because they knew she stalked me) and did unspeakable things.
so no i dont, in fact id prefer they were shorter.

You think thats bad faggot? Try sending a girl 200 dollars because she said she will come to Odessa Texas to be with you, then realizing she KEKED you with a NIGGER

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Taller than me? I don't see many, even with heels. The ones I see are usually sticks. I'm not against the idea but since I'm a forever virgin I don't really have an opinion.

>giving e girls money
u deserved it

most girls here are like 5'10 and over (or they are common enough to notice)
the ones that do sports are like 6'-6'2 easily lol
(eastern-south europe, bosnia, serbia etc)

I love them, them being tall is the perfect excuse to bury my face in their neck and breasts when hugging

>be faggOP obsessed with 'tall girls'
>accidentally a tall girl dates him
>eventually she cheats on him
>he's a cuck because he doesn't want to waste his once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to date a tall girl

also, friendly reminder: every woman by 30 hits the fuckin' wall

I want them to wrap their beautiful long legs around me during sex as I plough them for a good 4 mins or so.

5'10'' and up > 5'1" and under >>>>>>>>>>>> 5'2''-5'9''

Yeah I want an amazon big tiddy tall gf to dominate me

>Do you like taII girls?
Yeah. I like them a lot. Shame I'm a manlet though.

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>he doesnt prefer small titty tall GFs

Shit taste faggot

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Stop forcing this ugly ass woman.


Come to Odessa Texas and say that shit to my fucking face you basedboy

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I am 6'4 as well and 5'10 is not a tall girl in my books. My ex is 5'11 and I wouldn't mind her being taller.

Yo, just fyi before you dox anyone else.

I got rid of the red and drew faces in photoshop on this template until I found the pic in 'similar images'.

Next time block more of the face. I'm not going to post anything or ever even look at her page again, was just curious. But still.

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She's ugly homie, give it a rest

You're gonna have to pay me 200 dollars to come there you fuck

Will you then KEK ME WITH A NIGGER like she did?

Usually no because they look too mannish for my tastes - chestlets, no grace, no curves, boyish faces.

you must be a god at recreating faces because I just looked for an embarrassing amount of time and couldnt find shit

teach me your ways you wizard

>a 6'1 girl raped me
God damn, that sounds amazing. I'm hard just thinking about it, what are you complaining about? You're probably a weak ass manlet with a pretty boy face, you deserve to get sodomized by a nigger. Then you can say you got raped.

>be you
>seething manlet incel
>see thread about the rarest and most attractive women
>try to shill mgtow because you want everyone else to be as bitter as you
>uses tfw but is too dense to put a reaction image

also, friendly reminder: you're a fucking loser

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For 200 bucks I'll fuck any ethnicity you want.

Yes. I want them to suffocate me to death with their thick thighs.

>tfw my younger brother is taller than me at 6'2
>I'm 5'11.7
>younger sister is already 5'8 and still going to get taller
Maybe it's because I'm lactose and didn't drink lots of milk growing up

And yeah I wish I could have a girl around the same height. Hugs and cuddling would feel so much better I imagine since my last two relationships they were both 5'6. One was underweight and the other was chubby. I want a slightly chubby tall gf

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You realize 5'11 is still above the average right? Stop bitching. Only 12% of men are 6'0 and up so be happy you're already an anomaly.

>At least 7 feet tall
Thats a fuckin missed opportunity mate

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