It's cruel to expect me to keep living at this point

It's cruel to expect me to keep living at this point.

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Round of you user, just remember that suicide make every problem and worry disappear and that regret is impossible

If it fails and you end up as a vegetable sure.

You can do it user, I believe in you
Livestream it

taking some time off, friendo?

elaborate on your unbearable situation user

About to turn 25, student debt, no degree, financially cut off. Basically all I have to look forward to is menial labor until I die.

Talk to parents? If you have any. Utilize psychological tricks and guilt tripping into helping you or some shit.

Honestly. I have wanted to die for past 5 years i have had depression but I'm too much of a pussy to take action. I just live my day to day life going with the flow. Perhaps as time goes on and you get that menial labor job you might meet some people to help you? Co workers and college friends are the most useful resources you can get.

But you do you, it's your choice after all.

What do you think "financially cut off" means?

I already have a menial job. I'm not that much of pussy that I'm incapable of surviving. But why just survive?

What? You want someone to magically hand you a cushy life? Work for it, struggle and overcome your challenges. Nobody ever got successful without failing, you survive until you figure something out.

I was on track for the life I wanted, but now it's derailed, this time for good.

no hinata
nardo loves you

If you're going to end it at least go into the hood and kill as many hoodrats as possible beforehand

Yeah, I'll get right on that. Fuckin dumbass.

you can't fail getting beheaded by a train

You have a gun? Just go st it till you're shot up.
You might make the news and you'll be doing a public good, probably the only one in your entire life you fuckup

People who want to kill themselves are selfish. Its a selfish, cowardly act. Just in making this post, op is simply wanting attention. That's why suicidal people react so angrily when you suggest for them to die in a selfless way, because they are selfish faggots and want to die that way.

Yeah because what that freak wants is "selfless", you people are fucking deranged.

>implying its selfish to go out in a blazing gunfight with drug dealing degenerate niggers

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PayPal me money bro, you dont need it right?

a table spoon of sodium nitrite will end your life fast and easy :)

>deranged nonsense

Thats just regular table salt?

Yeah it'll dehydrate you so bad your head will turn into a raisin.

no sodium chloride is table salt

Do you think raisins are bad or something?

don't make the wrong choice

Ok raisin head.

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you might end up with a drawn out death if you don't crush your brain properly. Also you're still conscious after a beheading and beheading by train isn't instant so it's very painful even for a few minutes.

Yeah no, it's lights out after a beheading.

you're still alive for a good 10-30 seconds after a beheading. Death by train beheading is extremely painful.