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>just found out I missed an online test worth 25% of my overall grade for a course that was supposed to be a bird

How is everyone doing?

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good. final semester and only one real serious course, the rest are 100s so ive been playing a lot of etrian odyssey and drinking lately

Got a group project that's going to absolute shit, bros. Started with a group of 4 (myself included). One of the fuckers dropped out without telling any of us in advance so his share of the work got dumped on us. Another guy is just completely ghosting us; he reads everything in the group chat but never responds or does any of his share of the work. The only other guy besides me does do his fair share, but he's thick as shit so I end up having to correct/edit most of what he does.

This is such bullshit. College meme is absolutely not worth it.

Just apologize to your professor and ask if you can take it for partial credit or if there's something you can do for extra credit.

I thought about telling him I was very sick over the weekend (which I was, and still am), but he'd surely ask for a doctor's note (which I don't have).

None of the girls here are worth a long-term commitment and idk what to do

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>tfw probably got a 19-20 on the ACT because brainlet

Looks like I'll never be a unifag anons.

What's the real reason you didn't take it? Did you just forget? Don't feel like you have to bullshit people. It's probably not that big of a deal for him to let you take. Uni professors in general don't really give a fuck.

Don't worry lad. Most of us going to uni go because of familial pressure anyway. There's plenty of good opportunities in the trades. If all else fails just use your brainletism as an excuse for sweet and comfy neetbux

Just say you're Native American. You could be president one day.

Go to a business school, so obv all the girls are pretty (and gold diggers).

My autism and my inability to talk to them makes me reeeeeeeeee

Can you post more uni wojaks?

It's not 2010-2014 anymore lad
Trades got mobbed and suffer the same issue of too many people now along with boomers holding onto their positions until death

Which stem majors have the most girls? Anything else than bio?
CS and physics are sausagefests

>mfw I just found out that all my classes are cancelled tommorow.

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I have zero native American ancestry. I think you need proof of ancestry.

Most Trades are a meme and you still need to be decently smart for decent trades like electrician. I might be able to get NEETbux because I have autism (asperger's) and ADHD. But I have no employment history and have a wealthy family so I'm not sure. Neet or minimum wage is probably the only option for someone like me.

Psychology is full of women, which says quite a bit about the field.

It's not stem though

Shit, you're right. Psychfags always get mad when you tell them that.

>have an exam tomorrow
>can't bring myself to study for it

>What's the real reason you didn't take it?
It's pretty stupid honestly, but its because I didn't know it was due last night. I received an email about it on Friday, but I didn't check. I also haven't attended the last 4 lectures.
>Don't feel like you have to bullshit people
I spent all of high school bullshitting my teachers, but I'll try to break away from that habit.

>exam about IR, NMR and Mass spectroscopy in 14 hours
>asked a girl in my course for advice
>discovered that I did all 90 exercises our professor gave us without knowing 80% of the intervals
>Anxiety rising by the minute

I am slowly dying with anxiety
the girl I asked out said no
I guess at least I asked her out so theres that

>continuing to apply for grad school
>interview for a program
>it can take 10-12 people a year
>11 of us show up to the 1 interview day
>I didn't get in
God fucking damnit if you could only imagine the rage right now.

It can be. There's science-psychology which is more statistics oriented and social-science-psychology which is more "Freudian" and patholigizing Conservatives oriented.

About ready to kill myself. Haven't had any meaningful human contact since last semester. The only thing holding me back is that my frat would look bad

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>tfw semester is starting in a week
I don't want to go back, bros. This time was bad enough, I went home in the middle of the exam period and have to retake every course from last semester because of this. I just want it to be over.

I'm so unhappy here. I don't know why the fuck I picked this path.
>sleep schedule is fucked beyond repair
>eating habits and hygiene destroyed
>always anxious about assignments
>classes are unbearably difficult and I can't grasp hardly any of the material, yet everyone else gets by with ease
>I only have one year left and then that's my degree, despite having learned nothing
>can't get an internship because I always am so awkward with the interviewers
>maybe 2-3 good friends, spent the last 2 years with no friends
>miss my parents every day
I hate it so much. I'm not gonna make it in this life.

>taking bare minimum credit hours for full time since I'm graduating in the Spring
>need to do a paper due at midnight for something I have almost negative interest in
>been completely burned out since winter exams, still haven't found a job for when I leave this place since I have no interest in grad school
>literally did a double major because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, still have no idea what I want to do. the closest thing to an idea is getting a comfy bank job
>no friends or references, everyone had their friend groups after a week and a half into the first semester at my dorms. moved out and into an apartment starting my junior year
fuck me. i'd consider grad school but imo it's just an excuse to not work for another 3-7 years and slave away at schoolwork. the few people I've talked to about that either feel the same way or are clearly hiding it, considering that the salary gains vs loan costs aren't anywhere near worth it

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I wish I was uni all my classes are only avaiable online and my professors are cunts that wont answer their emails

>Be me
>typical r9k shut-in
>Have to do basic math assignment with partner
>He tells me to meet him at 530 to work on it
>He is late, so invites me to dining hall for dinner first
>Bumps into like 4 people he knows on the way there, we end up eating together with all of them
>The socialization physically exhausts me by the end of a 30 minute meal
How do normies do this every day?

>Started uni today
>Got an email saying i must work as a trainee for at least two years in order to graduate
>Live in the fuck of middle of nowhere villa
>The nearest school is 3km away

How the fuck i am going to work as a trainee in a fucking school that is 3 kilometers away from my fucked up house

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Did you do any internships user? If so you could ask the professors you researched with for some connections. They sometimes are a ton more connected than they look

Just say you were sick and therefore forgot about the test. Apologize for missing it and ask if there's any way to get at least partial credit. If he says no, then you're just back to where you started, so you have nothing to lose.

Start treating Uni like a job. Get on a consistent routine, eat right, sleep well, go to the gym, wake up early and crank out 8hrs a day and then chill. Stop procrastinating and letting the whole rigmarole of uncertainty stress you out. Stop tying your self worth to your grades, positive feedback and recognition by others. Focus on being better in mind and body a little everyday. Focus on getting educated and skilled. Fuck thots and be ascetic. Make it a mission to graduate in 4 years. Don't let procrastination be an option. Have a core focus but also a breadth and depth of knowledge outside your chosen area. Don't downplay writing skills and other non-STEM subjects such as philosophy, history and classics. I did literally the opposite of this and I am warning you.


Im proving to myself that im a failure. I had three weeks to right a 5 page paper and i have 4 days left. Why did i think i was cut out for uni. Why are all the great careers locked behind a stupid degree.

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I've started this, 3rd year. It's never too late

How are you in a frat and have no human contact?

If your college has an english tutoring center go there. Legit they get half your shit done for you because they have to deal with all the illiterate jocks

Are there any comfy, brain-dead jobs I can get with a CS degree?

I'm considering doing something like this once I graduate. I don't care if I have a salary much lower than the average CS graduate, I'm just not very ambitious

I tried to get internships but failed at that. That was the issue I was having before, so now I'm just saying fuck it and trying to find a job. There is a required "career course" for one of my majors that I took a year ago, but it was completely fucking useless. Some of the speakers gave conflicted advice, and honestly I'm probably just going to go to my uni's career center later.

It did nothing but piss me the fuck off because of how those assignments were structured. One assignment had you turn in your resume, and you'd get criticism/improvements that you could make to it, and everyone just got bitched at. One of the "Criticisms" that a classmate had was that she didn't have enough workplace references or past job experience, despite the fact that she was an international student that fled north korea or some other shithole like that when the assignment was for how to get a temp job in town at a place like McDicks.

Fuck team taught courses. I have no idea why the fuck my uni thought it was a good idea to have some courses have 7+ professors for a class like this, since it's a fucking meme idea that only works for certain gen-eds where having that many professors could actually be helpful.

the university reddit had people bitching about it once and it got swept under the rug by mods, and you bet your ass that a lot of us reported that class come evaluations.

>3-5" of snow forecast tomorrow at a commuter school
>"lol no notifications on the website until tomorrow at 6am, we're closely monitoring the situation :^)"
>other schools already getting delayed opening til noon or closed
>first class isn't until 11am

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>Information doesn't get stuck in my brain unless I study everything daily
>4 out of the 7 days of the week I'm busy as fuck and can't afford to do it without losing a ton of sleep
>The remaining 3 days is just studying if I want to break even
I should had never listened to my parents and just stayed in trades

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Thank ypu for the advice. Ill try it.

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>3 to 5 inches
>close down schools
what the fuck are you talking about and where in the hell do you live that you get classes canceled over that little snow? unless you fucking typo'd that and meant feet, and even then that's not that much
>t. midwest

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it's not a lot and shit didn't use to close down when i was in school for that little unless we were getting at least a foot. but they've fucked up things with insurances, injuries, and school buses so they close earlier now. i just want to be able to sleep in more.

it's an urban area and things get really fucked up for parking and traffic, 15 minute ride taking 3+ hours just to get back home. i'd prefer to avoid that if i can.

I relate so much, user.

Just apologize and admit you fucked up. Nobody is perfect and taking ownership will give you the best chances.

>would be my last semester but i skipped a class all semester and ended up dropping it because I'm lazy af
Now i have to go another semester for 1 fucking class... I prefer school to working full-time so its w/e.

Last semester I got a C in my Speech class bc I missed the midterm and 2 journal entries out of forgetfulness. My GPA for that semester would've been closer to 4.0 had I done those assignments.

I will always regret.

Every year I just lose my will to continue the university, may drop the next year and finaly I will try to find a damn job

If shits bad, stay in. No need to risk your life over some basket-weaving course. I go to a regional campus, and everytime it snows they don't cancel, because the dumb fucks at HQ say "lol, what snow?". Fucking dumb.

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it's a shame because any time it's below 20 or you have to clean off your car, all the riff raff don't show up lol

Don't go to uni for women.

seconding I should add though that it is highly dependent on where you are looking. If you are going out to clubs to try and find a gf, you're going to find nothing but barsluts and trashy whores. That said, there is no guarantee that the quiet girl in the library isn't a whore either, but you get the idea.

Women should always be second to whatever your interests are.
e.g. If you go to a rock climbing club or DnD club or w/e because you enjoy it, then it's that much easier to find people that are worth your time.

>all this talk of classes canceling
>classes at my uni have only been canceled once in the entire time i've been attending, and it was a few weeks ago when it was -40 outside
reminds me of the time I visited florida and saw that everyone was fucking crying at 50 degree weather

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>Have dorm mates with a sleep schedule different from mine.
>Have to wake up at 7 while they get to sleep in
>One of them always does their work at like 1-3 in the morning
>Whenever they take power naps during this they leave their bright ass lamp on making it difficult to sleep.
>Always wake up feeling like shit because of it.

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Just roaming the campus like a ghost. So a normal semester...

Fucking awful, my semester started on January FUCKING 2nd and got a shit load of homework from the very first day so I stopped attending 2 different classes and essentially failed because my stupid fucking uni won't let me deregister/remove any classes until I'm in 5th semester and my major is full of self important little shits as teachers who want to make everything a problem to gain something or fuck over students and are constantly infighting and my classmates are all marxists who romantizice poverty even though they are poor themselves and I'm not 100% integrated because I come from a high end high-school and I hate it here and I can't even choose my teachers yet. Worst part is that I'm in a fucking meme degree because it's the only thing I can moderately do well in and I sort of like and STEM is extremely out of reach because I'm a brainlet and math and logic is beyond boring for me.

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Dude 4 days is more then enough for a 5 page paper. I'm assuming double spaced, so its even easier.

environmental engineering lad

if they're being cunts about it then tell em to at least turn off the lamp.
if they need to use a PC for online work then make them get an RGB keyboard or any other backlit keyboard.
if they won't stop fucking your life up you can get your RA involved

you can do it user, I just bs'd a 3 page paper in only a little under 2 hours despite freaking out about it earlier. you just have to work yourself into the zone

2nded, bitches love flowers and shit

Without winter tires in an area where people aren't used to driving on ice/snow it's a big problem. Seriously winter tires make all the difference in the world.

Kinda makes me wish I hadnt done AAE which is 99% autistic men

psychology or biology if you don't think psych is a real stem

it depends on the school and type of psychology. There's cognitive psychology focused on the nervous system/physical body which is pretty close to medical shit, and then there's psychology focused on disorders and what usually causes them, and how people live with them. The only bullshit "psychology" if you can even call it that is shit like sociology and social work and even that depends; Social work and therapy can be a real science but the problem is that 99% of dumbfucks that do it aren't properly certified, which is why there are so many memes about people here going to a psychologist and getting nothing out of it.

then again I go to a based school where we learn proper psychology. I had one professor that got pissed anytime he saw people reference meme statistics like IQ and myers-briggs tests (aka 16personalities/ISTJwhateverthefuckyouare), since those are some of the biggest examples of bullshit psychology our there. They're practically horoscope tier with how bad they are.

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Just stopping by to let you all know I finished my graduate degree and never have to post in these threads ever again

>philosophy, history, and classics
philosophy is a bunch of airheaded prattle, history is written by the winners, classics are mostly boring but i guess they wouldn't be around so long if they completely sucked

Fuck, user. Every single point except the one about internships applies to me. What are you studing? Math here.

pick one originally

I have nightmares about this

Have you seen the MBTI threads on here? Shits hilarious.

don't go to university if you're getting a useless degree and you don't even enjoy it

not that user i did math and i learned nothing. i learned a bit more in compsci but not really much.

What's AAE?

I hold retail in a much lesser regard and below me. I'm probably going to kms.

It can be, just don't expect a high pay. I work in a newsagents type of shop, 5 hours per day and half the time I'm sitting on my ass phoneposting here with you guys.

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>I had one professor that got pissed anytime he saw people reference meme statistics like IQ
Lmao you go to a meme school user. IQ is incredibly supported by the scientific evidence.

I graduated with a meme degree, doesn't mean I can't be alumni of the threads as well.

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>try to improve myself
>too fucking lazy sometimes and as a result remain the same piece of shit I always am

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C'mon user. I could easily do 7 pages single spaced in a couple of hours. You just need some motivation and focus. Drink more water and get active. Also listening to music without lyrics works to keep people focused and engaged.

>graduated last May after five years of torture(switched majors after first year)
>find work even harder and more torturous
>would give anything to only care about bullshit school stuff again.

enjoy it while you can unibros.

>enjoy it while you can unibros.
You say that but my degree is worthless versus proper CS degrees. Also I hate programming. As a result I've been wagecucking for 2 years now.

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drive, you broke nigger.

please help there's a guy and a girl sitting next to me and they won't shut the fuck up talking about normie shit like getting drunk i don't even know what a tequila is i'm trying to do my fucking homework but i can't concentrate because of them so instead i'm playing ninja masters HELPPPPPPPPPPP


Try again and more interviewers. For internships it doesn't matter if you're awkward people still get 'em. Do more.
You'll make it.

>tfw dropped out and got a job
seeya, unicucks

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Uh just get a note now, like tomorrow or something. If the doc asks why you didn' come in earlier, say you were too sick or couldnt get a ride to the medical center. Ask the doc to put in you were already sick a few days ago. A lot of docs should be amenable if you just explain your school/workplace requires notes even though you expect to get better alone

Haven't made it to uni yet, thinking about taking one class at a time at community college for a couple years to get my associates while I study cyber security at a certification training facility. Already have a job as a web-developer too. Want to get my masters some day. Is taking college slow the ultimate meme?

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am i the only one that had a heavier workload in highschool than college?
I'm getting consistently 50-100% more sleep than in highschool

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it's my first semester at a shitty local college. i decided to give cs a go, since i didn't really know what else to take. i always figured a deeper understanding of computing would be pretty sweet. intended to do a year here, then transfer to a proper university. however, i feel like i'm dying. i cruised through highschool with honours, without an ounce of actual studying. stayed up late playing video games and shitposting, pretty much every night. now it's really biting me in the ass. always figured i was decent at math but i'm getting my ass handed to me. taking discrete and calculus. in hindsight, i probably overestimated my abilities. also taking english, which i fucking hate. i don't even know why i took it. at least i'm enjoying my introductory programming course, but it's almost too easy. i guess most introductory courses are like that. but fuck, i can't study for shit. easily distracted, always in a haze. never feel like i'm actually learning. I feel like garbage and i'm afraid i won't succeed in anything at this rate. i feel so fucking stupid. its been nothing but anxiety and stress. anyone else feel like this first semester? did the whole routine eventually start falling into place? Fuck.

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your best bet is to set aside a small amount of time per day to working and increasing it every day so that you get better user
you might be able to drop classes if it isn't past the deadline yet.
worst case your school might have a grade replacement program where you can retake the course and the failed course won't count for your GPA

Dropped out recently, fucked up most courses but also didn't like any of them really. Luckily it's only my first year so not too much of a waste. Did throw away a couple years before this though. Have to start looking for a job soon till at least next school year since i moved out of my parent's house. Now I'm just sitting at home all day doing nothing feeling like shit. My last few normie friends were really worried about me drinking a lot (alone) so i promised not to anymore, and keeping to it. Doesn't make me feel better tho. Started a bit of reading recently to fill the time and it helps somewhat. And of course i can browse here all day.

I literally missed three quizzes for one of my Comp Sci courses cause I decided to skip on the days I thought I had nothing. I am barely keeping up because I decided to go ahead and play Resident Evil 2 since release. Hopefully I can get my shit together since tomorrow I have an essay due for some short story i never fucking read.

Can someone explain to me why uni threads get deleted so quickly while the r9gay, imouto, and fucking drugfeels threads last longer than they should? I just want a comfy space of my own. Isn't that the point of this board?

nursing, psychology, and bio are notorious for wymynz

Idk man I lurk here a lot to see other people fucking up like me but its always Asians or foreigners and their absurd uni schedules that make no sense

>I literally missed three quizzes for one of my Comp Sci courses cause I decided to skip on the days I thought I had nothing
why are you ever skipping?

>didn't go to class at all last week because I had to go to the other side of the state for my grandfather's funeral
>e-mail my teacher tonight to tell her that the "LockDown Browser" she made me download for the quiz won't let me log in to canvas
>"sorry should have emailed me earlier because it's due tomorrow"
>tells me that my grandfather's funeral thing was an excuse I made up (it's not)
>failing this class now
>I pay thousands f dollars for this

I'm just so tired of it all. Never go to college

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