What did you get on the act/sat and what are you doing now in life?

What did you get on the act/sat and what are you doing now in life?

>tfw got a 20 ACT
>comfy NEET with rich parents
>tfw too dumb for a job.

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32 act
2100 sat

I could've scored higher on both if I had studied like all my teachers said but I wasn't trying to get into an Ivy league school or anything.

>what are you doing now in life
decaying in my apartment while life passes me by, underachieving at a state university and working part time at home depot

Scored an A+. It was a school record.

30 ACT
1340 SAT(out of 1600)

Never even applied to a college lol. Joined the muhreens infantry with and went overseas to shoot some sandniggers instead. Since then I've been working oil rigs/commercial fishing.

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20 act
never took the SAT.
College drop out,
no friends and I hate my family
Work min wage retail job

1470 out of 1600 - was selected to take the test in 8th grade (prior to them changing it to the new format)

2170 - when they changed it to be out of 2400

Never took the ACT

Basically doing data entry for a science organization. Hate it. Ruined my transcripts in college due to not attending class, nearly failing out, and withdrawing from a semester. University was a large state university where even your advisors wouldn't give you the time of day. Professors didn't speak English at all. Became disillusioned and withdrawn and grades suffered. Eventually returned and finished (did much better), but graduated without relevant working experience and a useless stem degree (w/o grad school at least). Kind of stuck, as I can't really use this job as working experience for ones that I want and cannot afford nor get into a decent grad school due to past transcripts.

36 ACT
2250 SAT

got degree in art history, now I build frames. Thinking about going back to school for engineering

>36 ACT
>Wasted it on a history degree

You should've just done CS or nuclear/petrol engineering to start out with and you would be making 200k+ by now. You high I Q fags are so lucky.

33 ACT
Mechanical engineer

>34 ACT
>never bothered with SAT, suck my dick
>community college because I didnt get into the school I wanted to and I didnt like the other schools I got into

Feels kinda bad

That's why I'm going back my man. I've been happy to spend my early 20's working with my hands and studying humanities but I'm ready to start thinking about a future and a family to provide for

sat 1060
act 20

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1560 outta 1600


what was your ASVAB score?

Got a 33 on the act with zero preparation, I would say it feels pretty nice

Knew a guy who had been shit faced the night before and was so hung over he was barely conscious. He got a 14, when his parents made him retake it he got a 12

98 ASVAB, 136 GT

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i got the highest scores out of my high school of 450+

32 ACT
2070 SAT (700 on math & reading, 670 on writing)

didn't even study

i got scholarships because of it and went to the top ranked university in my state, and graduated

right now, i am basically a NEET and nobody will hire me. this is despite that on my resume it says i have 5 years work experience [web development] and am still employed

34 ACT, 1440 SAT.
3rd time was the charm for me, though I still didnt get into any of my top schools.

What state even? 32 would get you laughed at in the best school here (Duke).

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out of all the replies only like 3 answers aren't in the top 90%. threads like this and IQ scores are full of so many larps.

i got a 25

>What state even?
florida, i went to UF, which, according to wiki:

>In its 2019 edition, U.S. News & World Report (USN&WR) ranked the University of Florida as tied for the 8th-best public university in the United States,[13] and tied for 35th overall among all national universities, public and private.[63]

>32 would get you laughed at in the best school here (Duke).

>The average ACT score composite at Duke is a 33. The 25th percentile ACT score is 31, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 34. In other words, a 31 places you below average, while a 34 will move you up to above average.

i think it also helped that i was highest ranked in my whole school (ergo, compared to other people who had the same environment/teachers), and also had top 1% in terms of GPA

Average SAT score at my high school is: 952

They just barely started adding AP classes. it was a totally garbage school

32 ACT
Investment banking

35 ACT
Wasting away on a full ride scholarship, thinking that I picked the wrong major for me

fuck i was proud of my 2000/2400 sat score, you guys are smart

UF is pretty good.
Got rejected from Duke with a 34 though.
Pretty sure the info doesnt account for demographics (i.e. affirmative action) and may be outdated.

don't worry user, you should compare it to the other students in your school, really

pic related, you can see people between 1300-1600 (using only 2 tests) can have genius level IQ.

SAT is a mix of intelligence + education, so it's not a strict IQ test, so actual school quality matters much more than an IQ test score does

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1420 on SAT and 35 on ACT. am currently a computer engineer.

Nice score. Wish I could be that good.

i got a 33 ACT, only thanks to perfect reading and writing scores. now pursuing useless meme degree. got a full ride thanks to my PSAT score though.

>1850 on the SAT
>Never applied for college figuring I wouldn't get in with my shitty score and grades
>Working two jobs and trying to save up to finally move out

I know, right? I was hoping there'd at least be a couple people on here with a lower score than mine.

>UF is pretty good.
it was the best choice for me. i'm debt-free and got in-state scholarships. i paid off all my student loans within 1 year of graduating (they were only like $4000 total)

>Got rejected from Duke with a 34 though.
>Pretty sure the info doesnt account for demographics (i.e. affirmative action) and may be outdated.

perhaps. did you have a good GPA? did you do extracurriculars? my parents used to force me to do sports that i hated in high school

they said "colleges want to see that you're a team player!"

unlike UF, duke is a private university. also UF has 3-4x as many people.

the funniest part is: i skipped 90% of my classes and still graduated.
i kept saying "damn, i just barely scraped by this semester. next semester i have to actually wake up early and go to class"
i would do it for the first week or 2... and then i would wake up early and feel tired as fuck and say "well, damn, i just want to go back to sleep. one time won't hurt"
then i kept getting away with it

i even showed up for an open-book exam once, without the book KEK. it was 1/3 of the grade

i used to take speed and cram super hard 1 week before all the exams

i was an economics (business) degree, so it wasn't really hard at all

2000 SAT
couldn't make it past first semester of college and wasted the last few years of my life doing fuck all
i'm a worthless human

30 and 1800. Now a specialist in biotech making more money than I can spend at 28

GPA was 4.something since I had a metric shitload of college credits and I ran a nonprofit on the side while playing in an orchestra. Only did sports for a semester though.
My guess is shitty essays or too many applicants from where I live.

well, how old are you and do you have a job?

Still in uni, though I am employed.

what uni?

and employed doing what?

ultimately, the SAT/ACT only is good to get you into a uni. you don't put it on your job resume

lmao. I barely prepared, did absolutely average and had zero concept of the importance of the SAT at that time of my life. Applied to one mediocre state University in New England in Biology and later switched to CS and now make $85k+. SAT is a meme, clearly.

34 ACT
Never took full SAT only took subject tests for subjects I was good at, 800 on both

Guess I forgot to mention Im finishing my undergrad for mechanical engineering

36 ACT
2100 SAT
Currently working towards a Nuclear Engineering degree in one of the best programs in the country.
>hate my life
>barely motivated enough to do my schoolwork
>not motivated enough to change anything
I'm going to live a long dissatisfied life.

they're just larping though. they most likely did average or slightly above average but are just going to lie about it.

>Got into every school I applied.
>told them my great-grandmother was Hispanic, lol
>Free ride just because I checked a box.

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33.25 super score on act. Didn't even try applying anywhere except for the best instate school so not like it mattered

I don't remember the exact overall score but I got a perfect on the reading/grammar section, and did pretty good on the math. It was something in the 1500's. My father brought home a study book one day and told me to go through it before the test, so I did well.

I also barely graduated high school and didn't go to college for a while(was NEET). Currently finishing undergrad in EE this semester and am starting the graduate program in the fall.

>28 ACT
>1750 SAT (Basically got 600 on everything)
>Having to go back to school for a second degree because my first one was worthless

Never took it

>34 ACT
>attending an elite university
Why is this board so smart? I thought I'd have the highest score but there are a bunch of 35s and 36s here

>23 ACT
>1220 SAT (out of 1600)

I'm wasting away in my parent's basement since I got kicked out for drinking

>28 ACT
>2010 SAT
Currently going to school for CS at a comfy private school

>28 ACT
>1400 SAT (/1600)

Got a degree and didn't like my career prospects, in law school now.

>1900. I just remember i did well on the writing and just ok on everything else.
>accountant working 60 hours a week making shit pay.
>all jobs are shit im gonna anhero one of these days

Only did SAT. Got a 128- highest after some studying. I feel like I should of taken it a bit more seriously since I kept falling asleep in every English section. Got accepted to an Engineering school somehow despite my shitty grades but due to lack of moneys I ended up in community. Hopefully I can do something but for now I just want to get a fucking career set.

30 ACT
Never took the SAT
Bout ten minutes away from an hero at any given moment

tfw brain not big enough

2310 SAT

2 years after getting my bachelor's I work at a call center and contemplate suicide

1940/2400 SAT
Didn't study. Went to a state university for boneheads so it hardly mattered.

Now I'm a schizophrenic NEET with no future.

1530/1600 sat
Parents don't want to pay for college
Can't get a decent college to give me scholarship yet

based, u must be at stanford

apply to UAlabama

Is it true? Did they even check?

>32 ACT

Life is acceptable

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1080 /1600 (if i'm remembering it right).
my score on the math part seriously brought it down. i'm a total brainlet for math and didn't study it at all.

27, 1750 on old SAT system

Idk I'm doing OK I guess I clean teeth and don't have any student debt or loans.

i forgot the second part of OP.
i'm just a neet right now.

>30 ACT
>1400 SAT

Graduated from a school where my roommate had an 8 on the ACT, because I like to always be the smartest person in the room.
Terrible experience interacting with brainlets all the time, not sure what I expected.

Now in pharmacy school, not that difficult but I realize that most pharmacists fucking hate being pharmacists

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1260 SAT (new)

Never took the ACT

getting ready to start college in Fall

28 ACT
hs dropout
decaying in a storm drain down the road

Got a 20 in 7th grade becuz I got accepted into "muh duke program" but haven't taken it since

basically me, but I don't even work. I think I'm addicted to netflix. I haven't gained a ton of weight, but I've become quite gelatinous. I can't even do a pullup anymore. I'm just smoking, drinking, and waiting to die at this point.

Wtf everyone has a high ass score i got like 960/2400 im fucking retarded. If you guys are so smart why the fuck are you here? If you make 80k a year you couldnt possibly be a robot

I got a 26. I had a few friends that I went to school with until 6th grade that I always did better than in most subjects. Then I moved to a shitty rural school and all of them got 30 or better. So I'm still slightly bitter

did you all do really well or am i just a retard
31 act but took it 4 times

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31 is a good score user. I've never met a normie who cleared 30. I was the highest in my (admittedly small) class at 34

It is a meme. It's just a standardized test that allows an equal comparison between different people. It just shows you can read moderately well and are able to do very, very simple math.

Those don't guarantee success at college, as there are a lot of other factors that start coming into play then. They most certainly don't guarantee success in life.

>35 act
>Computer science
>150k starting at big 4 tech when I graduate

Feels average here at uni...

35 act

1100 SATs and still in uni for logistics

How did all of you score so high or is it just lies?

pharmacists are the biggest cucks of all time
>have a doctorate
>nobody calls them "doctor" because it would be too confusing when they work closely with real doctors
>they themselves have to refer to others as "doctor"
>make half as much as real doctors

35 ACT
Tyler Durden: How's that working out for you?
Narrator: What?
Tyler Durden: Being clever.
Narrator: ... Great.

22 ACT.
1380/1600 SAT.

Life's not good boyos.

>physical therapist

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Most of them are just lying for the lulz m8.