Reminder that if you are white or have high white admixture you arent meant to transition because you will most likely...

Reminder that if you are white or have high white admixture you arent meant to transition because you will most likely become a hon and look like a rapist crossdresser who just wants an excuse to go into the womens bathroom.
Trasitioning should only be reserved for people with mongoloid blood because they will pass most of the time due to being short and more neotenous

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very confusing. must investigate further

Whats so confusing about asian bois being meant to become sissies

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i worked 1 afternoon at a family doctors office in a scruffy part of town
saw 3 trannies
1 was like Dan from roseanne
2 were like a borderline homeless couple of autistic 60yo men who dressed as 60yo grannies

im falling further into confusion

Ive seen plenty of trannies like that too, its really sad that they believe they can pass as women
Just take the pink pill asian boi

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idk dude. i see myself as the man in these sissy pictures

Reminder that if your attracted to any sort of guy dressed as a girl your attracted to a guy which is gay.

> no bf to drain my boiveries

its probably hella gay irl. but in pictures idk lad lol

I guess you are one of the few asians who arent fem

Its not gay if you are the top so its ok

you sound -so- disappointed. of course im fem, i wanna wear skirts, wear make up, clean shave my face and all my body hair (not alot!) and have men use meh

Post pics that are totally not you

ok. these are not me. ive been im very "feminine" down there desu. looks exactly like op's

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asians have such feminine ones, clearly meant to be traps.

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Your erect penis is not feminine.
Give me something better

its very feminine, get your eyes checked.

Didnt you say that was you hapa friends penis last time

ya its his. hes the one that told me this joke.

why are White women called "snow bunnies" by ethnic men?

because White women like to get on top first and do bunny hops, before they get on their backs to submit to a deep fucking.

hes a mad lad.

penis is masculine
vagina is feminine

It would be if you wore something cute

owo. i dont have anything. yet

Just shave and show off your boipuss then

Like I care. I'm fine being a man.

would a man's touch feel the same as a woman's? only a women's hands and tongue has ever been there. uwu

>I'm fine being a man.
Good. White men arent meant to be trannies

post more asian sisses! rawr :3

You should strive to look like this

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a little jaw surgery and shes perfect.

>ultra-feminised Asian bois have a larger benis than me

What the fuck man, how did it come to this

The pics stor posted arent his. The penis looks white

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA thats a White lookin penis LMFAO

look at this needle dic asian boi putting it in that pink

from this angle both genitals look brown a huehuehue

what if NE asians have very distant Ginger blood, u chucklefucks

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