How does it feel like to cuddle with a girl?

How does it feel like to cuddle with a girl?

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The same as cuddling a sissy ot twink

so soft uwu

>The same as cuddling a sissy ot twink

That's actually not true.

>Source: Have done both.

Can confirm
My mom says God loves gay people too

Is that a girl she's kinda tipping my gaydar.

leik dis

Yes she is a girl (male) I would suck her dick shes cute

Whats the difference between a twink and an overtime twink?

Like a big bag of sandd

Warm, soft, smells good. Hearing the soft sighs of your girl is pretty comfy too.

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Not him but what is a candy twink never heard of over time twink?

I've only paid for girls. But man it feels awesome. I've made friends of whores and they are normal people with problems and defects. And it feels great to feel a warmth body next to yours. Talking to them without any pressure of fucking up. Mind you, the girls I picked never hurried me up or anything but I heard some just want to make you cum and be done. I'm thankful for my luck until now.

Soft, heavy, warm, some of them smell really nice.

Fake and gay

Me too, twinks and traps have their own particular smell, testicles gave a manly smell, drowned in a estrogen overload in hrt traps, faint but the man scent is still there.

Stroking a clean shaved feminine dick is nicer than a moist hole tho.

It's good except she puts off too much body heat

I bet she puts lotion on her penis to keep it soft and feminine

It is the same not as cuddly when their prick gets hard but a quick suck and it goes away :)

go away faggot, no one asked you how much cock you suck

Like heaven. It felt like physicality and time ceased to exist. I've relived it every day every since then whenever I'm in my bed because the warm reminds me of it.

Then again I am over emotional and that was my oneitis of 7 years.

They're really soft and warm and you just feel like a fucking man. Been too long

tfw schizo only into vore
still maybe want to experience this

>she's warm
>she smells so good
>you try to stop yourself from inhaling too hard, not to weird her out, but it proves impossible
>you can feel every little moves she make, you can even feel her heartbeat
>which makes you self-conscious about your own and about your breathing
>are you breathing too hard? can she feel how fast your heart is pounding?
>oh god she's tightening her hug
>you have to force yourself not to let out an effeminate cry
>oh shit where are you touching her
>can you do that?!
>is she going to be mad
>why isn't she saying anything

lol ur fucking gay what the shit

>It felt like physicality and time ceased to exist
If you're in love with them, it's this.

If you're not, it's still pretty fucking sweet.

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I appreciate this, this captures some of it.

Ignore that other philistine douche taking issue with this comment

shitty, unlike a pillow they have bones everywhere

>not having a chubby asian gf

cuddling is better than sex

I hate everyone who replies to this thread.

I was rock hard the whole time, till I feel asleep.
fact, you can't share a bed with a girl without being rock hard, or craving to fuck her.

>ywn lie down and use a cute girl's butt as a pillow
Why even live?

Kind of squishy. But also obnoxiously heavy. And depending on the season it can get really hot temperature wise too.

I wish anime aesthetic was a real trend among women.

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It is honestly the best. Heck, even if your little spoon you feel good. Like safe and stuff. I highly recommend it bros.

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>Implying I cuddle with women


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She's a girl but the fags here are actively trying to make you gay so they'll tell you otherwise

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It's boring. Sex is good. Cuddling is boring. You're not missing anything.

Based and Fag Pilled

maybe you're just attracted to children?

There are websites where you can cuddle girls.
There's a place in Oregon or Washington state where you can do that.

I know because I have done it.

Do you have a link to the site?

Cuddlecompanions just google it.
Your mileage may vary.

They hug for 2 seconds and it's never enough, but you don't have the guts to say it

your mom is lying to you user

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t. pscho
t. sex addict

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I was not ready for this feel

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Let me alieve that feel.

God I hate having to say something whenever I want to post. Pic related, though.

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soft, relaxing and heartwarming. very nice, i'd guess better than sex.

fuck you all and this thread

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Good stuff as described above but if your arm is under her you get a dead arm after a while :/

How the fuck do these bitches get away with charging $90 an hour to cuddle

kinda bullshit isnt it, i was expecting free cuddling and its just whores that dont fuck, hekc probably more expensive than whores that do fuck
making fuckin cuddle addicts and taking advanatge of the lonely and traumatised

Does that mean you hate yourself user? And me? I've never cuddled with a girl that wasn't my sister, mother or cousin.

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Don't be sad user. I'm here. You aren't alone in being alone and cuddleless.

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It probably feels like being judged

pretty good if she's not fat

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Put it under her neck/head with your forearm down across her chest. This rotates the upper arm to protect the brachial artery and prevent dead arm.

Also you can usually grope some boob.

feels good even if she's a 5'0" skellygirl
just make sure her hair is not in your face and your arm doesn't lose circulation

Imagine being an objective 8.5/10 and deciding to do porn.
Atleast she hasn't taken a dick yet.

feels like your money will be wasted on her.

Really nice. Especially when it's snowing outside.

I've never cuddled with a girl but I think you captured my future experiences perfectly with that comment. (hopefully said experience does actually happen)

I've never cuddled with a girl but if it ever happens I'm afraid I'll get an erection. To any user who has cuddled, how is this kind of stuff handled?

Its a girls you sick fucks her name is esseare on instagram

How does it feel to have a girl rub her smooth, soft soles in your face?

>It's a roast

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