Khorne= Jow Forums

Khorne= Jow Forums
Slaanesh= faggots/tumblr//lgbt/
Tzeentch= people who run psyops, anyone who uses lies and deception

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There is literally no reason not to worship nurgle, prove me wrong.

add Jow Forums to khorne, praise the murder Jow Forumsube

ave nex alea

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This is gay as fuck and the names sound like words you make up as you gargle horse jizz while stuffing a 3 foot dragon dildo in your arse.
Just saying.

he doesn't know the glorious 40k universe,
back to plebbit zoomer

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also tripfag, can he get anyworse, fucking niggers invading my board, the fuck is wrong with youth

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Sounds like you have tons of experience with that.

I hate 40k, such a cringey setting. Fucking Golarion is better than this gay shit

I've been on this board since its original incarnation. You pussies are the invaders.

>Slaanesh is true lust and unbound attraction
>/lgbt/ is Slaanesh
Being a faggot isn't the idea of Slaanesh, the whole concept is a highly taboo and completely unnatural attraction to strange things.
Being gay is just sexual attraction to same sex, which is natural and not perverted in a universal sense (though some cultures find it obscene).

Slaanesh worshipers would be vore fags and necrophiliacs, pedos and autoerotic autophagia. Not a dude sucking a dick. Nigg3r.

(Also pol is full of manchildren mutts, that's just an insult to Khorne)

>duhhh you don't know about this retarded bullshit I spend to much time on and are therefore inferior

all praise Papa Nurgle
also Peryite is a p r9k god

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You are begging for exterminatus.

No faggot, no one is buying it. Gay men are widely known to be insane fetishistic sex maniacs.

absolute fucking heresy, also you are a faggot

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Chaos is gay as hell, only faggots under the age of 16 AND owners of horse dildos like chaos


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not liking warhammer is ULTRA MEGA HERESY, even worse than a chaos cultist!

>Being gay is just sexual attraction to same sex, which is natural and not perverted
literally kys faggot

good thing i like the tau

commie spotted, dispatch inquistion to the fish lover

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I do agree with you. I also think 4cuck is gay as hell

dude I'm gonna go play oblivion right now now

Have fun, user, dont let the daedra bite.

Who is peryite

Daedric prince of cannabilism and diseases if I'm remembering right

>Daedric prince of cannabilism
that's Namira you fucking newfag

Well shit you expect me to keep track of 16 minor deities besides the primary eight?

>primary eight
don't you mean NINE

Nah senpai. Elvish superiority for life

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fuck you and all elves motherfuckers

Slaanesh = Jow Forums going prison gay

Jow Forums is a Nurgle cult corrupted by Slanesh.

Khorne= School shooters of r9k, pol doesn't fit well
Nurgle= ugly people on r9k

Get the fuck out of here you knife eared bastard!

Incels and actual normie haters/school shooters are also Khorne, yes. Jow Forums also has a lot of Tzeentch worshippers. But i still think that Jow Forums is Khorne because they're mostly motivated by anger and their general spirit is more about destroying those they hate than bringing about some kind of change

No, fuck off faggot. We dont want you, stop trying to be our friend.

praise be unto the Jow Forumsube brother

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imagine being this delusional

no one, and i mean NO ONE, on this board sides with any of you faggots. But, because we're all anons here, you THINK there are more people getting brainwashed into your degenerate lifestyle when its just the same 5 faggots circlejerking about cocks and such all day long
fag exterminatus when?

100% agreed. Its literally just a handful of people, if we didnt have useless mods this wouldnt even be a problem
>fag exterminatus when?
Cant be soon enough, thats for sure

>Being gay is just sexual attraction to same sex, which is natural and not perverted in a universal sense
You're just trying to fool yourself fag. Even scat fetishists are more acceptable than literal faggots.


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Pic related is Jow Forums's versions of the Chaos Gods

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Okay incel. Back to your home!

All of the chaos gods seem interesting, except for Khorne. Slaanesh, because I am a degenerate. Nurgle is cool, but I dislike disease. Tzeentch probably has the most to offer since his plans run deepest. Those with an IQ of 9000 side with Tzeentch.


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>Tfw too intelligent to not turn into a chaos spawn

> being the pawn for a giant blue bird in space that plays the longest JUST AS PLANNED! game on the galaxy

Only ambitious retards would join tzeetch.

orcs are legitimately the best warhammer race and if you can't stop worshipping your kike chaos gods ur a phaggot

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is there any world building worth shit in warhammer besides all the "cool" soldiers and video game units? a hyperbolic, ridiculous edgy mess will still be as bland as plain white bread if that's all there is to it

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>he hasn't read the warhammer fluff

Warhammer is silly and overtop as hell, its basically a dark comedy, and any retard that takes it seriously should neck himself.

Sounds smarter than siding with the god of bloodlust or Slaanesh (Slaanesh is arguably a decent choice since he derives his power from corrupting, but you are still a senseless slave). Tzeentch is biding his time for the grand finale.

you know, i almost went on about how you all Always react with "fucking incels!" the MOMENT someone goes against your little psyops


>links subreddit i didn't even know existed

that alone says more than i ever could, now fuck off back to that cesspool of gonorrhea and mental illness you call a discord server and thank the fucking gods above that there are actual laws preventing people from hunting you faggots down.

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The thing is that he is the God of change: there cant be an end to all the plotting and backstabbing, it needs to keep going and going for all eternity to keep him fed.
Also its really shitty if you consider that in average, he is gonna drop his followers like a used toy once you have done your part.

Slanesh sounds fun at the start (it wouldnt be surprising if she had the largest number of cultist), but it quickly becomes the worst nightmare you can imagine because after pleasure and excess, pain follows.

Khorne is alien to us because he a god aimed at warrior, killers and murderous psycopaths, but he becomes a good option if you have a deep desire to just let the world burn and kill all the fuckers you always hated (of course it ends up with you going berserk and killing just anything that moves and its at your reach).

Nurgle is a solid option, but only if you accept that you will look and smell like a giant rotting corpse filled with shit. He gives peace and happiness to those who accept him, and he is very paternal with his followers. Its a very holesome, if twisted, god.

I think a lot of people here would be Khorne cultists if there was no law stopping them

lol i like the pic

Normies? In my Jow Forums? It's more likely than you think.

Bump for good and nice thread