Fembot here, AMA I guess

Fembot here, AMA I guess.

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>upside down photo
>self posting (read the rules)
>retarded face
>most probably underage
Whoooo boy

what part of having a vagina makes you think you're interesting enough to have an AMA thread? Are females really so desperate for attention?

I'm not underage actually.

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What the fuck are you doing here
Piss off to /soc/

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why is your photo upside down, you retarded or sumthing?

please may I have some coochie m'lady

Why do you have the handwriting of a man?

Can you an hero on cam? If not can you fuck off and never come back?

>could you do both?

This is wrong by 20 minutes according to post time

Because she is a filthy phone poster
Why is your forehead ao big?

Let's see your dick :)

its some idiot stealing pics off /b/

Which distro of linux should I get a live usb for? I already tried puppy linux, and occasionally use TAILS as my Tor browser, but I'm thinking of testing one out to make the transition over from windows.

nevermind, underage retard confirmed.

go hang out to "le edgy" discord server with the rest of the normies

Your hairline makes you so fucking ugly you goblin

Who would win in a fight between Jets and Gil

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breaking the rules too if that's really her

What's wrong with it?

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fucking larpers man...
timestamp or gtfo

nice filenam retard, enjoy ur ban laper faggot.
nah just check the filenames


ha ha hah ha nice meme faggot X D !

yea hide your tower sized forhead you attention whore, also can a women be a robot? of course not you sloot

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cool larp faggot

love you sweety.

vid related is what you deserve ;)

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YoU CaNt PoSt PiCs oF yOuRSelF

definitely seen this face before. you play a lot of tf2 right?

How does it feel to have such a inferiority complex to the stacies that you go on r9k and do AMA's to get attention?

guys relax, t's a larp, op took the photos from /b/

Were tits posted?

Your a cute larper
Why are you doing this? you know most fags here hate women

I reverse image searched with both google and yadex and found nothing, though.