Liberty is a concept most don't understand

Normies seek liberty from the outside world, thus ironically enslaving it to their whims. But true liberty is the one you gain in your mind as it only affects you.

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Good afternoon, Eyeball-sensei!! What happened to your eye? Is it fixed?

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So do you just sit here all day, making shitty thread after shitty thread with your shitty avatar? Can't you just make a shitcord and leave already?

Isn't it late already? Go to sleep, Eye-chan.

Good afternoon (although it's past midnight here). No it hasn't been fixed, but at times it works better than others.

Sleep is not something I need much of.
No, my mission is not done yet.

Have a lullaby for when you need it.

Liberty will come after the collapse. It will come when the bastards at the top pay for all they did to Joe Average. It will come when the shackles of society have been broken and we no longer need to act a certain way in order to be seen as "normal". On that day, there will be true freedom, not the freedom to obey.

Keep fighting the good fight, Eye-chan.

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Yes, though the problem is even deeper that that. Every person caries the programming to be a slaver, it's just that most don't have the means to do so on a large scale. Everyone's minds must be cleared to achieve true freedom.

Sounds like utopian garbage.
>something will happen that will fix everything, I swear!

You're somewhat right. Freedom is a skill that needs to be developed by everyone over time.

when are you gonna kys you sperg? you're the worst poster ever

The collapse won't fit everything. It will be really hard for most people to avoid shit like the government trying to restore order and lack of basic supplies, not to mention all of the riots that will take place

But I think it's worth it to get away from the society that I despise. I think that to be outside of the control of some omnipresent influence *and* to be free in your mind is true freedom. You cannot have one without remaining a slave to society. You cannot live without breathing. And the collapse of the current state of affairs will happen. It happened to every society and empire before, and it will happen again. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but it will happen.

But, user, even if the collapse happens, the same people, with the same mindset will restore everything as they have numerous times before. Now I agree that freedom of mind and the collapse of society aren't mutually exclusive, it's just not really a main focus of mine. Whatever goal you have is fine as long as you have the mindset.

*they* will restore it, and I will let them restore it. But God help them if they try to get to me, my friends, and the rest of us, for we will resist as long as one of us is left alive. Through our resistance, we will inspire them. We will show them that there is a better way.

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What's your mission again?
Can you make it your mission to have my children?

They must be either liberated or eliminated in the long run. Gradually the world's minds will be purified and the cycle of slavery will end
My mission is liberty for everyone's minds. I can't have children as I'm too mentally unstable for that.

When your mind is liberated and enlightened you'll be in the perfect stable mindset for children
Also you can't liberate everyone. Trust me I tried, most people fight tooth and nail to stay in their cave
What you can do is find someone nice, raise some kids with them and those kids will have a headstart on liberation and enlightenment

Change does not come all at once, not in our lifetimes, but if we play our cards right change will be inevitable for our efforts

And what prevents this argument from applying to my potential children? They to can wait, and their children etc. And anyways, I'd just pass my mental issues to them just like my mom did to me. I might as well just sacrifice myself in this battle.

Our children would be liberated, we'd have done our jobs right and raised them so, then they'd do the same for our grandkids and so on and so forth
Even if none of us or our descendants ever convince anyone else of liberation the number of liberated people in the world would still be growing
Also I'm pretty sure our kids would have my mental issues not yours

Sorry, but I just can't. My genetic line must end with me. The fact is, I'm only going to get worse even with a free mind. I will fight the good fight before I die, but after that, I must leave no legacy.

>trying to court some mentally ill person on an anonymous imageboard

I don't think they're mentally ill, no more than I am
Sad and misguided but not completely crazy

I don't believe it has to be that way

It's pretty rude to try to court me and call me misguided at the same time. I may be delusional, but I'm not stupid.

I'm being honest with you, and it seems you are as well
Misguided and delusional are synonyms, but it's rude for me to say one and not for you to say the other?
But yes, misguided, it's a noble goal to try and bring liberation and enlightenment to everyone in the world but better people than you or I have tried and failed.
But there is still much good that can be done, and I want to do good with you

Well one of my main tenets is that it doesn't really matter how much you achieve as long as you systematically move forward in your chosen direction. I don't care if I die having liberated no one, it's the process that matters.

Again that's a very noble position to take and this is why I think you would do well to ensure there are people like you who will adopt these tenets even after you are gone
If nothing else we can contact each other and you can try to liberate and enlighten me