where were you when meryll became the next big thing?

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memes must be organic you moron, unless you have a whole unit it wont work
i miss jeffle, i really miss him

Dont force meryll.

don't forgot to wear your hat tonight user:)

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Wats a Meryl what's the idea behind ?

I might actually make some meryllposts tomorrow.

I also like this image too can you turn this into a meme
Inb4 I do not like you please go away

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I do not like you pIease go away

I like you please stay

make sure ur wearing ur hat at all times!

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Oh great, another shitty, forced wannabe Pepe. Surely we didn't have enough of those already. Atleast this one looks more pleasing than Fresco

What did you just say pal?

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meryll is his own man, do not be so rude you are making him cry!!

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fresco a shit. cum fite me irl

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dont cry meryll, you are the bestest!

Do you have a plain Meryll png we can use please?

here you go fren!
thank you :)

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>another forced character
at least its not another wojak of the week

meryll is just a friend who wants to make sure u have ur hat on! nothing more!!

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Thank you friend. Here is Baja Blast Meryll.

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very impressive !!! keep it up!

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Haha, i think that meryll looks funny in a good way, make sure Baja Blast meryll gets his baja blast!

could you post the plain version of that special meryll so I can make some meryll's of my own?

I'm convinced that only one person is posting this shit

Here you go sir.

There are at least two of us!

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>mfw meryll is one of the best posts on Jow Forums at the moment
atleast meryll is a decent meme but this board is basically gone

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Meryll shall save r9k!

excellent! this is meryll enjoying a nice cold siiiiip

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Boomer meryll is a great guy who mows his lawn and i would love to meet him again

thank you for the kind words fren

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Smart meryll, you can tell he is smart because he has glasses.

I like where this is going meryll poster

Meryll shall bring glorious revolution.
Other meryll posters, give meryll an AK47 because he is gonna revolt.
(no violence though)

Coincidentally I just made that!

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Great minds think alike, meryllposter friend.

an excited meryll!

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Can Meryll be the new Pepe? He is untouched by the normalfags and Jow Forumstards touch.

This is totally me when i get excited

he certainly can fren, just post him where you see fit and show the world how great he is!

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I think this is my favorite Meryll so far!! Excellent!

Yes, i agree, it is certainly my favourite meryll too!

meryll has a cool hat!

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Thats a cool hat Meryll, you have a cool collection of hats.

Haha, nice new meme fellow memers
But, uh, aren't we forgetting somebody?

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meryll columbine edit when.

Probably tomorrow if someone submits this thread to r/Jow Forums

Meryll is a hedgehog

yes, and he is based off grahm the car crash dummy.

When will redditors stop forcing their unfunny memes

shut up, I suppose endless variations on wojak and pepe are much better, right?

Can you really not see how this is exactly the fucking same as Pepe?

pepe is green retard what color do you think this is

I like to call him Merv. Meryll isn't a memeable name. Its good to know Apu has a retarded little buddy who can understand him and engage him at his level.

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I bet they have great fun pissing in their pants together
Jk, this stupid nigger groundhog will never be a meme

Meryll loves tendies

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Why do you hate memes?

fresco is too uncanny to be a meme. Nobody wants to post a character with a realistic nose.

Now someone, ditch the monocle and turn it into one of those infinitely recurring gifs!

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anyone who doubts this meme, really doesn't know their memes. I can tell this little fucker is going far.

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