Say hypothetically a fembot and a robot live nearby to one another...

Say hypothetically a fembot and a robot live nearby to one another, what is stopping them from going on a date on valentines day and testing if they like one another?

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even loser robots have standards

The size of his penis and how autistic he is, robots are better off to go on Grindr and find a boiwife

Depends on the fembot and robot. Sometimes nothing, sometimes everything.

spot the tranner

>Say hypothetically a fembot and a robot live nearby to one another
That's it.
If a femanon lived nearby, I would first talk to her on some other platform and if she's cool, I wouldn't mind hanging with her, maybe more.
Same for a guy (without the "maybe more, I ain't gay).
Neck yourself, abomination.

Nothing, which is how I ended up with a fembot.

I'd love to go on a date on Valentine's Day with a robot but no one lives near me.

Where is that? An island in the east siberian sea?


Might as weIl be.

Sounds like you want to get TOPPED user

There's a girl that wants me to take her out, I've already slept with her so we would that night too, but I can't deal with life currently. I'd rather just sit in alone and drink.

Well I guess it can be so remote that you wouldnt say less you doxxed yourself there are so few people there

Shut up with the faggotry, why won't you stay in your containment thread?
A 6'6 manly guy like me can't be topped.

Not him but anyone can be topped

It sounds like a challenge! :)

i would gladly take a fembot out on a valentine's date. I've literally never been out on one. Willing to drive out a little ways to do it too (no more than 75 minutes).

Damn shame I live in a remote corner of new england with no hope of a fembot in driving distance.

>what is stopping them

The entire DSM, and their entire lives to date

>caring about valentines day
piss off and go back wherever the shithole you crawled from.

I'm in NorCal but as of yet haven't seen anyone here from the Bay.

Not a strong independent straight user who need no faggotry.
Try it and I will rape the gay out of you.

6'6 and you prob have a feminine penis that needs to be locked up in chastity

Cute, you don't want to be TOPPED but you are willing to TOP, nothing wrong with boicunt 8======D~~~~ O:

Is this a joke? That's a heavily populated area there are probably tons there

Lots of sissies in Ncal

There are no fembots in between chicago and greenbay
I would be down, but i would just probably get catfished or someshit

I would literally kill if I can't ejaculate thrice a day. I've been doing it since I was 10.
Call me when you'll have a womb and could be impregnated and I'll even marry you user. Meanwhile, I'll stay straight.

Nice penis senpai lmao

If there were any femanons in eastern WA I'd love to go on a date with them

Probably the robot being a little bitch and not asking her

>implying fembots are worse than robots

Nothing really, although I don't see why even a fembot would accept a date with me

Are you a closet homosexual? You know you can come out right?

This, nothing better than a cute short boy topping a tall manly guy

Well, if there are any girls in Florida i would at least want to try

You robots from the USA/UK have it so good, if you really wanted to meet a robot you wouldve already since 90% of the r9k population lives there.
Imagine being from a 3rd world country in south america where you dont have a chance to meet other robots so you can only stay friendless forever

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I have met fembots from chile, peru, colombia and brazil. I have never met one from my own state

i live within a few hours of the most populated cities on the east coast but i've never met a fembot from Jow Forums

Oh yeah? well i dont believe you one bit because its not true, first because fembots dont exist and second because woman from 3rd world countries (specially south america) barely know what a Jow Forums is (and that is if youre lucky)

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I live in chicago but im fucking ugly and fat, i dont think itd be fun for u

All a woman needs to do to have a bf is not be fat, why do you break this rule?

new england fembots dont exist

Fembots dont exist anywhere and this thread proves it

my gf is in a monogamous relationship with me
wonder how long before she dumps me lol
i'm hoping she's damaged enough to think i'm the best she can get even though she has a stable job and i don't...

>my gf is in a monogamous relationship with me
Has society stooped so low one has to announce the fact a relationship is monogamous?

Robots should date other robots not fembots

i didnt say that but im not gonna lie im into flagpoles
your probably being over critical though

Yeah, it's like UNO. If you don't call it out, she gets to go out and get railed as much as she wants.

Well the weird part was the user felt like he needed to announce the fact like people would assume it wasnt

it was her idea to be monogamous, i told her she can do whatever she wants and this is my first gf at 24 so what can i do lol

>i told her she can do whatever she wants

>it was her idea to be monogamous, i told her she can do whatever she wants
>i told her she can do whatever she wants

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Theyr autism.

Are there any femanons in or near Kansas City that want a Valentine's date?

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Yeah I know what you meant. What I'm saying is that if you ever get a gf, you gotta make sure she knows you have monogamous intentions otherwise she has a free pass to fuck whoever she feels like and you can't say shit about it because you never said that it was supposed to be a monogamous relationship.

Yeah I live near a fembot, and she's also my gf, we gonna meet after tomorrow and will spend valentine's with her, will be nice and surely 100% she's gonna stop being a fembot to be just a femanon, if you get what I'm tryna say

HER autism. ... Maybe his but more likely hers. Fixed dat 4 yuh

I wish, it's hard when your Uni is in the middle of nowhere in SoCal anyway.

>why yes, there is not a single fembot in the most populous state in the USA

Does anybody else remember those thread with the map online and you would post your general location and see if any robots/femanons were nearby is it just me

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The idea of meeting a girl from here on valentines day sounds nice in theory. The real world looks different though. Chances are I'd get stood up or mugged. Besides, it's 5 am over here. Nobody from here should be awake at this hour

Her bf or the guy she is interested on

Zeemaps is the name of the site. And yeah, several were made over the years.

What different? Unless you like about your appearance or personality, it will be normal, I'm meeting my gf for valentine's so I hope it goes fine and such

it's also 5 am here lol, where are you from?

Yes and there was not a single fembot nearby despite the fact I lived in a top 5 metropolitan area of the US

Fuck off normal nigger. Fembots don't exist. There are girls here but they have just as high standards as Stacy and wouldn't give a robot a chance.

Well my fembot gf is virgin and with a vagina, thought fembots needed to be at least virgins to be called fembots, anyways shes not gonna be fembot anymore if you get me pal

bet you these girls will be sucking dick on valentines to whatever guy has been giving them the most attention just to feel the void.

I went on one once and there was one I could find and that's it but even then they were probably lying

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krautland. Eh, another issue is me not having any kind of mobility. No car and all that. The chances of someone being from the area nearby is very small

and she decided monogamous, what's the problem?

>Well my fembot gf is virgin and with a vagina,
No she isn't you're a cuck go humble brag somewhere else. Your mom should have aborted you

That you gave her the option to cuck you troll

650 anonny!

Lying how? Like catfishin u mean?
Oh wow I'm going there soon lol, is it cold? She said it was rly i hope so since i love that weather, yeah but I mean if you meet a fembot here in Europe you could fly over and stuff, I can't drive so...
Tss snitch

>posted my info once along with contact in a Zeemap thread
>actually get a reply
>talk for awhile, it's going well
>plan to go on a date
>day before our date
>"btw i'm actually trans teehee hope that's OK"
Not sure what else I expected

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Massachusetts robot here

pls be near me future fembot gf

brother's in alameda i'm a bit east

a/s/l? :^)

i did that to see if she would actually have a dialogue about it, instead she went directly to "we are monogamous"

Depends on the area in question. Where I am it's pretty mild.

We should have a zeemap thread for valentines day.
You know like the good old days (although it wasnt that long ago)

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>dialogue about it
Are you a liberal or did you just pick up their terminology through cuck osmosis?

Zeemap threads were deleted, it's considered /soc/ and not allowed

Well, did you at least give her a blowjob?

she is a democrat who voted for hillary but hates bernie for being a commie and i am a person who does not care but enjoyed the trump memes during the election and would have voted for him if i actually left my house, other than that i could care less what the government does as long as they fuck off and leave me alone

Oh so thats why they stopped being a thing, is almost like Jannies want everyone to stay friendless and also trannies, i hope you kikes burn in hell

Also zeemaps doesnt allow for 100+ maps anymore that arent paid for so it's impossible to view

>almost like Jannies want everyone to stay friendless and also trannies
Hell. Who do you think the controls the jannies?

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Fuck jannies, fuck trannies and fuck gookmoot for allowing them to shill their mental illness.

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Well, she's gonna be happy the next election when Hillary becomes president. Let her know some fag on Jow Forums knew it was going to happen before she even announced that she was running again. Trump drops out of the race, so you're not going to be able to vote for him unless you write him in.

HOW DO WE STOP (((THEM))) FUCK. JANNIES ARE WORKING WITH THOSE DEGENERATES AND THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT??? REALLYY?? i know this is old news but every once in a while this pisses me off for some reason.

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Lol, you can't. That's literally the whole point. You are powerless.

We can. the power is always on the consumer if you think about it, we could just go to wizchan where the jannies are actually competent but no, we cant be organized for shit, thats exactly why this board has been infested with faggotry for years, we are so useless that we cant just show repulsion because we are so lazy, also we want ez (you)s so theres that.
dont forget the """"fembot"""" baits also

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If I ever win the lottery I'm buying Jow Forums and making all tranny threads outside of /lgbt/ auto prune + ban, like ponies and /mlp/

I mean, I am a fembot, I am just way too socially awkward to go meet anyone. Staying in my dorm and going on this website is all I have going for me.

If only you did not live on the wrong coast

Actually screw it, do you want to have an edate on valentines day?

i'm holding you to your word on this m8