I want a Jow Forums meme girl visual novel

I want a Jow Forums meme girl visual novel.

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Can I get a link to sunny's channel? Lost the link :(

Replace b****** with kennedi

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imagine orbiting some ugly camwhore this hard

Hmmm. I smell a toastie roastie.

katawa shoujo
you're welcome faggot

I'm not very good at writing but I kind of want to write the frame work for an r9kfu vn. You'd have to narrow down the waifus though

For sure Ciara, Agatha, Kelly, and Muffy. Maybe Brooke for some diversity.

I reeeeeaallly dislike ciara, and I don't think brooke should be on the list. Why not a classic like rose?

I'm just thinking who could make the most diverse routes. Rose would be cool too.

The Kennedi ones never look like her :(

You kinda right actually. Brooke could be like a gyaru thot which would make for a definite contrast with Agatha

Kennedi has a really unique face. She's so pretty but it's an unconventional type of pretty that perplexes me. Really hard to accurately draw too. But the generated 2d waifu of her is pretty good. Would like a game of them where Kennedi stutters and blushes when I ask her about John Maus or synthesizers or whatever the fuck

Can we make it kino?

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Can boxxy play the best friend

Is there any new orbiting Discord servers anymore? Lol

boxxy is 52yo now nigger

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I don't know who these girls are but too left is cutest

could make the art desu.

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normie tbqh desu-ka

She's in her 30s at most.
No penises in my vn.