Do you think you would be a good fuck?

Do you think you would be a good fuck?

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Well I made a hambeast come 3 times before but thats nothing to be proud of.

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I know I'm a good fuck

you can use my boipussy all you want

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Nope. Can't keep my dick up because of too much porn and bipolar meds. It sucks because I get horny quite a bit but know that sex is going to suck. Plus I'm fat.

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For what I know im good at fingering girls, but mediocre at actual sex.

if i stuck into a wall? doubt it

Got an 8x6 dick and I'm strong so I can toss girls around easy but my stamina sucks so I'm average I guess

I know I would... if only someone would give me a chance!

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A few years back I dated a Stacey who suffers from nymphomania. I did things you can't think of. Sex these days is just dull. Also most women are bad at sex.

Yes, I am a good fuck. I am hung and the one time I had sex I made her cum at least 3 times before cumming myself.

Apparently so? Only time I ever got to bang, by chance, was a lesbian and she got off.

why are there so many gays/trannies on this board now? is this a psyop?

Spotted the cucks. Who cares if they cum? They're there to take dick and make you cum. That's their role. Being a good fuck is making sure that you enjoy yourself. They might enjoy it too, but that's irrelevant. You're there to plant your seed and have your fun. That's all that matters.

I have never had sex but I can move my hips pretty fast so I would be good a jackhammering and my dick is a little bit above average too hopefully I can use it on a girl one of these days

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>make a girl cum
>she lays there in ecstasy long enough for you to get hard
>seed her again, make her cum again
>she starts to associate pleasure with getting bred by you
this is how you be a good fuck

Nah, I have a small dick.
I'm fit though, so if there into that, I guess that would be cool

In my head I think so, but then I remember how fucking lazy I am. I'd rather them be on top.

Most likely not.
I'll try to get fit and be a bottom so maybe I can at least bring joy to someone else

OP asked if they were a good fuck, being able to make someone come when fucking makes them decent at it, at least. He didn't say if they had the right morality and intentions during sex you fucking spastic retard, kill yourself illiterate faggot.

Probably no. I think I'd be too gentle, as I'm not a very aggressive person. My dick is supposedly big, but I've never put it in anyone, and I doubt I ever will. Also, what's with all the sex/porn related threads?