Zoomers are now posting nostalgia on social media for the Era Where Everything Went to Shit (2007-2012)

Zoomers are now posting nostalgia on social media for the Era Where Everything Went to Shit (2007-2012).

Those "if u remember Bieber and Angry birds ur childhood was awesome" shitposts from 2011 came true in the end.

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but nostalgia from any age group is pathetic

Who the fuck cares about what people feel nostalgic about you gay nigger

now you know how millennials look like getting nostalgic over the late 90s early 2000s

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>the era where everything went to shit is around the time I became an adult
wow what a strange coincidence

What about older millennials who are nostalgic for the early-mid 90s

If you vividly remember the early 90s you were probably gen x or some whit

What I don't get is how ANYBODY remembers ANYTHING that isn't the internet after about 1998.

Who fucking watches TV? I don't even really understand people who watch YouTube. Like, what's the fucking point?

>best video games generation (ps2, n64)
>best toys (yugioh, beyblades,)
>best anime (cowboy bebop)
>be tv (sopranos)
Tell me again how we look stupid? I will wait and don't make it a pointless reply.

Justin Bieber was the best era until we got lil peep and trippie redd

Your generation had dog shit for entertainment. You listed nothing even remotely interesting

Honestly peep isn't that bad desu

>he thinks the nes or snes was better than ps2
>he thinks his shit toys with no movement were great
>he thinks he man and transformers were better than dbz
Next time give me a proper reply or don't even bother. Tell me what was better from your generation?

Your generation had awful entertainment lets just be honest for one second.

You still haven't provided an argument so the only one being honest is me. You know I'm right and thanks for proving it.

other then minecraft and the ds, as an 18 yr old zoomer i dont relate to any of these things

You know that youre wrong and you look foolish by mentioning ps2 and beyblades lol

Nostalgia wasn't always bad, why I remember when I was young and we had some GOOD nostalgia. Beautiful stuff, like homesteading, the gold rush, slavery- *crack* *sip* yup

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No I'm right go fuck a tractor fag

>he thinks his shit toys with no movement were great
We had Lego Technic you dumb nigger, not fucking tin soldiers.

not that user tho

>People who were kids once are nostalgic for things they experienced as kids

You're terrible at baiting. You have been btfo

Fucking hell. We all had lego ye mong. Only better thing your generation had was music.

Bitch ATLA was kino. Sit down.

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Avatar came out in 2005 zoomer. It says 2007-2012.

>night rider was the real shit son

>he thinks he had lego

Lulz at all the underage sensitivefags in this thread pretending that they know shit about the early 2000s

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