Is it wrong to want a housewife?

Is it wrong to want a housewife?

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Yeah. As it turns out, it is.

Alright im listening, convince me

That's essentially wanting a pet. There's nothing wrong with wanting a pet but when that pet's a human being that complicates things, mostly in the way of it being an affront to that person's dignity. Women are recognized as humans these days and are no longer personal property.

>That's essentially wanting a pet
What the fuck? I think we may have different definitions of the word

god I just want a mother for my children at this point
just do the chores and give love to my kids and spend the rest of the time shitposting on facebook or whatever while I spend my life working my ass off to pay the bills

i kind of get why women don't want to be housewives now. everything they used to do 100+ years ago to make a home has become so easy with modern stuff that there just isn't much reward in it. all they really have left are cooking and raising kids

There's literally nothing wrong with it.

Whats so hard about getting a hobby? Id love to be a NEET housewife but instead I was born a man so I gotta wageslave till death

>raising a family and taking care of the family home while the husband works for a paycheck makes you a pet
user pls

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I wish my dogs would do the chores while I'm at work desu

That's literally what housewives were here in the US. They became the property of the man, taking his surname to show ownership. They were second class citizens and weren't allowed to vote. They just stayed in the house, kept it clean, and wagged their tails when hubby came home, showering him with food and kisses.

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you mean they did their part in the relationship while the sir was wasting his life away to pay for it?
they're not treated like 'second class citizens' anymore, they can vote and they have less work than ever, maybe two to four hours a day tops, so what's their excuse?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a housewife. Some people will insist it's dehumanizing or MUHSOGGYKNEESTIC or whatever else but they're just flinging buzzwords. As long as she wants to be a housewife, who cares? Let people do as they wish, and there are absolutely women out there who'd be content to be housewives.

a hobby is just a hobby. it's just something to waste some time on. i'm just going to use this as an example, but video games can be a hobby. most people who don't have anything to do and just play video games all day are quite miserable.

>taking his surname implies ownership
You're assigning traditions from past millennia onto 20th-century practices. Throughout burger history, women and even wives have had a lot of autonomy. We owned slaves, sure, but wives? Domestic violence and abusive relationships are exceptions, not the law or culture.
>not allowed to vote
They were second class citizens, but that doesn't mean they were property. There was a time when only landowners could vote, I don't think that means anyone who doesn't own land is property.
>wagged their tails when hubby came home
The stereotype of the nagging wife who won't allow her husband a moment's rest is one of the few stereotypes that has evolved independently in every culture on earth that was smart enough to invent the wheel.

What's your point desu, other than just making up facts and looking silly? Is this a fetish for you?

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What country are you talking about? All men (who were not colored) could vote in the US.

There are women who would rather take the Great American Challenge for $50 and claim to be independent then be a housewife.

Read your history again, faggot. It was up to the states for a long time (now CA still thinks it's up to them, and lets illegals vote twice). Maryland once even banned Catholics from voting. Virginia was one state that once required property ownership, as well.

I'm constantly appalled at the state of education in the current year, I know people who attended public burger schools who know that slavery ended "somewhere between the 1400s and the 1900s." They'll believe anything some rapper says on Twitter, though.

>you will never be an user's housewife(male)

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If it came down to a state-by-state basis, that means you're just as wrong as anyone else with your umbrella statements.

Yeah I'm sure they're soooo miserable not having to wageslave every day

Wow, you're right, if you retroactively move the goalposts to where you kicked the ball, it turns out you actually won the game! You're a genius, user, please have sex with my wife.

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You make weird habits out of being a hypocrite and I'm certain you don't realize it. Enjoy those Japanese cartoons though.

You said that all non-colored men could vote in the US. I said that was false and gave examples. You changed the goalposts to say that in SOME states non-landowners could vote, which neither proves your point nor refutes mine.
I'll enjoy my Japanese cartoons, you keep enjoying your cuckold pornography.

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i want to be a housewife...

why wouldn't you rather have a housewife?

But that's only because they have nothing to show for it. If they dedicated themselves to learning an instrument or a craft, they'd feel a sense of accomplishment due to the fact that they'd created something.

>leave the office after a stressful day of work
>come home to a homecooked meal on the table
>house is clean and your laundry is done
>can literally just kick your feet up and watch TV or read a book until bed
Who the fuck wouldn't want one? Sure, some extra income because your girlfriend/wife works is pretty nice, but you can't put a price on having dinner ready when you walk in the door.

i could have, i'm bi but still i would rather have a man that i could serve

Man I'd be fine with a wife just being a NEET or Hikikomori. she doesn't have to do chores as long as I can come home and fuck her.

Ok but how about this but she cheerfully greets you
Absolute perfection let me tell you

Look, it doesn't matter whether we want one or not. We're incels to begin with, the best thing a man can do is learn to live for himself and attain self-sufficiency. A housewife would be great and if I did marry a girl by some miracle I would then probably be cucked by Chad behind my back.
It's been a long road but lately I'm more at peace for just accepting the fact of no-gf for life.

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>i'm bi
Degenerates don't deserve happiness and certainly not domestic bliss. Most who claim to be "bi" are either lying for attention or lying to themselves, especially women as they don't experience sexuality in the male way which is much more "yes/no." For this reason among others, lesbian relationships have levels of domestic violence and other abuse several times higher than heterosexual relationships.
The purpose of a romantic relationship both socially and psychologically/subconsciously is to raise your own children to be as successful as possible, for this reason people without children are very likely to die single if not widowed at an early age.

user you forget to take your autism pills this morning...

He's right, you should stop while you can. There is no honour in homosex.

But if there isn't any guy who wants me so what's problem?

It's the fact that you welcome it, this is a bad mentality to hold. Become a man and a half instead. Be tough instead of tender, normalcunts are ruthless and you'll need to be strong to beat them should they ever attack you.

I think you still didn't realized that I'm a fembot

Get the fuck out of here you larping faggot. When you tell lies like that I lose all respect for you.

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the idea of your life partner essentially be an indentured servant is really gross to me. Every human has desires and things they want to get out of life. Why should they put their life on permanent hold so i can play le big strong man whos the breadwinner. My ideal situation is a more egalitarian partnership where we better each other and try to advance each others position in the world.

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>lesbian relationships have levels of domestic violence and other abuse several times higher than heterosexual relationships
That is a misrepresented statistic. It is actually that women who are/have been in lesbian are more likely to HAVE BEEN abused in the past. Abuse is lesbian relationships is fairly low compared to other pairings. Their problem is lesbian death bed.

Equality is a false god, women are more suited towards bitch work such as menial chores that anyone can do. Stop being limpwristed.

An unpopular opinion among a lot of my radfem friends and I understand where they are coming from, but I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with being a housewife or wanting one. I think that a women shouldn't put all her eggs into one basket, and should still try to get some form of education/training so that she can support herself and her family if things truly take a turn for the worse. That said, if you can find someone that you truly feel you can trust to support you, I don't think it is wrong to be a housewife at all. A househusband either, for that matter.

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I just wish women would learn how to do needle work in school like the old days.

I think basic needlework would be a valuable skill for anyone to learn. My middle school had a "home ec" type class that was mandatory for everyone where we learned how to sew by hand and also with a machine, and how to follow recipes and cook.

video games are not a hobby. They are a pastime. Something you do to pass the time. Or for fun with friends once in a while. But not a hobby.
A hobby must have creative, intellectual, or physical aspects to it.
For example: reading books can be a hobby because it expands your intellect, and many books require you to already be fairly learned from previous reading in order to understand. Watching movies however, is not a hobby because it does not require mental discipline nor does it teach you anything. you are only vegging out and eating popcorn on the couch. UNLESS, however, you get really fucking into film analysis and shit, like frame composition. I have a friend who, when we were watching a movie at his house, kept pausing it and pointing out stuff about which quadrants of the screen different characters were on in different shots. For him, watching a movie isn't a lazy, turn-your-brain-off, relaxing time. He is always engaged. This aspect of his life has developed him into a more interesting person. You say that a hobby is just something to waste time on, but in reality, it is only a hobby if you are not wasting your time.

It's perfectly normal to want a housewife. It's the natural order. Most women want to be housewives too but they won't admit it because society has forced them to think they want some unfulfilling career
Being a mother is the most fulfilling thing a woman can do, of course it's normal to want one and to want to be one

Can you still do needlework?

an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

based neologism poster

Just because nothing of value is produced doesn't mean it's not a hobby. Say I go for a cycle, the improvement from it is negligible.

why? do you not possess the same arms and legs that she uses to do "bitch" work?