Would you date a (nonviolent) yandere?

Would you date a (nonviolent) yandere?

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>basically a girl that will never cheat on you
You need to be stupid or gay to say "No.".

this. yandere girls are the dream for any man

I would date a violent yandere too, but I think I'd be the possessive one in any kind of relationship

You say this but how would you feel if a girl you dumped and flew home showed up in your house the next week begging you to take her back?

of course i would, i would probably date a violent one too

Depends, what was the context of her "fleeing"?

Would you date someone who loves you ?
No because that someone isn't real

I only want to date a girl that will stab me to death, why is this so much to ask?

depends why she did it, if she had sex or talked to any other guys in that time. if she was hot then probably

You just didn't want to be in a relationship with her anymore, no cause or fallout.

I would give her a chance, it clearly was "my fault" (feelings aren't something you can have a blame on but you get the idea). Anyone who left you but didn't cheat on you deserve a second, whenever it's a man or a woman.

Yes. Why would I ever say no to that. Give me a yandere gf even if they're violent.

>threatening suicide at least twice a day over every single thing
>demanding constant 24/7 attention
>blaming everything on me
I am getting really tired lads... I haven't responded to her for three hours now, I am scared to look at my texts.

but this would never happen

Thats not how this works user

what do you mean 'yandere'

If she is violent in a way that I think is cute or funny and she accepts my violence back it would be cool. If she is constantly threatening people I know and work with or threatening suicide then no.

Id love to date a yandere girl

Dumbfucking retort bitch

Been there done that it fucking sucked and was awful when she went through the negative cycles

Made me suicidal

The highs were fucking beautiful though

Also yes I'm still a fucking permavirgin, we were waiting for marriage

Fucking joke