Hands up neet! This is the end of road for you! Any last words before I take you in?

>Hands up neet! This is the end of road for you! Any last words before I take you in?

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please shoot me, sheriff apu.

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d-do you like my hat?

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i feel like this is another attempt by redditers to lab grow a meme yet an inevitable failure. Because redditors simply can't harness our dark meme magic. I imagine fucking gay as fuck discord fags sitting at their pcs or macs i guess, talking about how this meme is so epic.

tdlr: Back to the drawingboard, faggot.

*quickly reaches for the small of my back to pull up my pants*

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this is a holdup, no way to mistake it
we're men of violence so don't fool around
if you have neetbux we're going to take it
you try and stop us, you'll end underground

don't make meryll! cry !!! he has come all the way to this thread to be nice and you are being rude!

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>muh reddits
What was fefe then? Also stop swearing every other word, it makes people realise how stupid you actually are

You're a fucking faggot retard and your memes are hella gay as shit

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Needs more "nigger" and "tranny" to really be topical

get shitted on, gayboy.
ok you little no life having trolling ass no pussy getting fagbag ass bitch

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>an actually decent original meme is posted
>w-wait its not a variation of pepe, wojak or spurdo, you can't post that!

I'm going to proudly post Merylls for as long as I like just because of spastics like you

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>being nice

no, no. Redditor it has to represent either sadness, autism or hostility. These memes of yours don't work because it's made From a normal perspective. facebook may find it cute but no one here does.

>>an actually decent original meme is posted

It doesn't supply anything new. You need to justify having another "character".

Pepe and Wojak have delimited uses. That is what makes them memes and not just doodles. What is this cunt Meryll FOR, that none of the existing characters are FOR? If you can't answer that, and if the image doesn't convey it in a way that is recognizable, then it's a shit meme and you should feel bad.

Say that about Meryll again motherfucker and see what happens

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>people giving you advice on your shitty meme
>denying it and shitposting

this is as much attention as it's going to get, user. May as well take it. Because you are just going to end up on the failed meme wall of shame like the rest of them. Frail snail, cuckio, joej and a few others that are so insignificant that i don't even remember their names.

you will post this meme for a few weeks or months (and only YOU will be posting it) before faltering and giving up, leaving it entirely.

shut the FUCK up faggot, meryll can do what the FUCK he likes and mean what the FUCK he likes

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boobs. hermhohehehe I just want to say that again... boobs

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It's just a less detailed pepe, even the mouth is the same, the eyes have no expression though, just two black dots

Sometimes all there is to a meme is that some people think it's funny. Do you think memes need to serve some grandiose purpose? Why do you feel the need to police something pointless that makes people happy or minimize its worth if it doesn't stick around very long?

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Come on pepe is that way because he's a frog, what kinda... rodent? Looks like that?

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To be fair, both Wojack and Pepe went through through phases of being used for whatever.

>Do you think memes need to serve some grandiose purpose?

No, but they're supposed to be semiotic. They're supposed to represent a concept. The reason "NPC Wojak" succeeded is because he conveyed a concept. Meryll doesn't convey anything, and she's not funny. So what's the point?

>Sometimes all there is to a meme is that some people think it's funny.
yeah, and they die out in months because they are lifeless. remember john cena? Ugandan knuckles? Your meme is shit.

The lifespan of a meme doesn't make it less of a meme user. If people are having fun with it, even if it is brief, it has served its purpose.