I have feelings for a 14 year old girl

i have feelings for a 14 year old girl.

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Do you remember being 14? Remember how much of a dumb faggot you were? That you were a literal child, even if you hit puberty? The only valid feeling you have here is lust.

the fuck i do. i dont talk to people from Jow Forums outside of Jow Forums.

>It's impossible to love a child for reasons other than lust
what are parents?

its not only lust. i genuinely like her, shes pretty, and she looks quite mature for a 14 year old.


not literally of course.

some dudes in their twenties still like teenage girls, i think its common. but men grow out of it when they get laid with women.

>it's not just lust, I'm also attracted to her body

you arent her father

i worded that wrong, i meant so say as in mentally, not only in her body.

how old are you user, if you dont mind me originally asking? :^)

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If you have sexual ones you are gross and malformed. Stop. She doesnt feel the same way you do, and if you keep bothering her she probably never will

but her father loves her too, are you saying that's just lust?

I'm 18, im turning 19 the 18th
She is 14 and my step sisters friend.

wow so you're a child too? You'd have to be retarded to think there's anything wrong with wanting to fuck her.

Wait 4 years and you're good. It will save you the trouble of being ass fucked and shanked in prison.

4 years is 4 years, nothing wrong with that in my opinion, just don't be a spazhammer and fuck it up. (also make sure you actually like her not just for her looks, it helps)

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why would it matter how a parent loves their child when you arent her parent? you pedos are really shit it moving goalposts

arent you named lucid on discord?

how old are you op?

that's not really that bad, I knew people in hs who dated people a lot older than them

You are the one moving the goal posts. It is possible to love a child for reasons other than lust, that's all I'm saying

who the fuck is lucid? my discord is azgun

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some dude i knew on discord, i am banhammerd on discord for talking to my 14 year old crush. his pfp was the photos u posted.

haha nice one lucid

discord is shit anyway, at least public discord is, how do you even get banned off discord? do they even check messages?

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i talked to her a lot, she was on gachaverse servers, and i guess she got tired of me messaging her. so she reported me.

>Remember how much of a dumb faggot you were?
Nope. I've always been mature ever since I was 13. Kind of sad how I havn't changed one bit.

this is why i dont talk to people outside of this site. then again, i wouldnt say no to messaging a 14 yo.

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Don't do it OP.
I'm 27 and a 14 yo has a crush on me as well.
If anything, just groom them until they are legal.

You know user, in some counties in the US there are laws that allow you to act on these feelings. What county do you live in?

uh, i dont wanna say..but i live in colorado.

Near boulder? Because you might be in luck user

>haven't changed one bit since 13

lmao that's even worse

Yes, all fathers want to impregnate their daughters, it's just human nature.

If you want my advice, bury those feelings. Either move on or at least wait until she's past the Age of Consent in your state. Children are very emotional beings, and they typically make rash decisions. All it takes is you pissing her off once and she'll blow you in. At least you'll get to meet all your neighbors from then on though.

I always just assumed being a child still at 14 is part of why I'm an incel

> I've always been mature ever since I was 13
then why are you posting here you stupid young boomer. you should know better

Same. There is nothing wrong with that, they are reproductive females ready to marry and make babies.

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14 is not a child. All women are "emotional" and incapable of making important decisions, that is why they have fathers and husbands to take care of them.

>Tell me about these feelings user?

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i have feelings for a 14 y/o girl too. worst of all its a tripfag here.

>i have feelings for a 14 y/o girl too. worst of all its a tripfag here.
Based and sticcpilled.

she seems so nice man, I wish I knew what her life was like to post so much here as a 14 y/o

Regardless of the "14 is AoC in some places" meme, if you "have feelings" for 14 year olds as an adult then you're emotionally stunted and should seek help for that. It's not about biology, it's about the fact that you feel a connection with someone who is innately immature. That's problematic asf.

I imagine it's pretty dull like my life was when I was posting on Jow Forums every day at 14 y/o.

>it's about the fact that you feel a connection with someone who is innately immature
Literally EVERY SINGLE FEMALE ON THE PLANET is mentally 10 years old.

Sam if you touch my step sister I will remove your dick, without anesthetics

Completely normal. You SHOULD want to fuck 14 year olds, you SHOULD want to fuck 12 year olds. Even 10 year olds. Fuck them. They're sexy and need to be fucked. You'll be popular in prison, involuntary receptive anal sex for you. Sick scumbag.

Even if this retarded generalization was true, there are scales of relativity to female behavior that are undeniable. A 14 year old girl is: a) Most likely not sexually active, b) Unable to form close relationships, c) Irresponsible, and d) Not even fully developed physically/mentally (that won't be at least for another two years)

Setting aside the fact that you're manipulating someone with a power imbalance and taking advantage of innocence, you should self-reflect

If your maturity peaked at 13 you haven't grown up

>Most likely not sexually active
No woman should be sexually active outside of marriage.
>Unable to form close relationships
>Not even fully developed physically/mentally (that won't be at least for another two years)
>at least
The average age puberty ends is 15, so generally 15-16 is the best time to start breeding.

I'm still that same dumb faggot of a 14 year old, even though it's been a decade.

Explain how my points are bullshit

You're the one making claims. Prove they aren't bullshit in the face of the fact that pubescent humans have been getting married for all of human history.

FPBP, put it much better than I could

nigger it's natural who cares

>Prove they aren't bullshit in the face of the fact that pubescent humans have been getting married for all of human history

Setting aside the fact that you are now the prosecutor for denying my claims, and the onus of proof has been shifted, this is SO easy. Feudal/medieval societies practiced this because of life expectancy being far shorter, so the saying "If they bleed, they breed" was never more relevant than when one needed to crank out heirs quickly. This says absolutely nothing about the maturity of 14 year old girls, perhaps only as much to say that they aged faster due to the nurturing of the circumstances. We live in a post-Medieval society, and I don't need to back up very accepted claims like "14 year olds are immature," only a retard would actually disagree with that claim, so I'm not going to waste my breath splitting what is essentially a subatomic truth.

how feel when im around her

>Feudal/medieval societies practiced this because of life expectancy being far shorter,
Stopped reading. Done talking to you. You're a drooling retard, life expectancy has been the same for thousands of years, modern medicine hasn't changed it much at all.

You have no idea what you're talking about on any subject and your ignorant opinions mean nothing to me and will not change my reproductive choices in the world. Goodbye, incel whiteknight.

>life expectancy has been the same for thousands of years

Oh--Oh my. This is truly special.

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>peaked in maturity at age fucking 13

you do not know what maturity is and are forever stunted mentally

lmao how much of a loser does a mid 20s man have to be to fall for a girl in her mid teens

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How much of a loser does man have to be to fall in love with a 20 year old Thot who has miles of cock mileage

It's unfair that hardcore criminals get away with their teen gfs but normal hard working productive members of society are barred from fun.

fren, I was poking fun of myself for falling for a 16 year old when I was 26, she is 23 now way past her prime, sad sad.

So you're admitting that you want underage teen pussy? It's "fun" to you? That's not a good look, dude. Have fun in prison being everyone's bitch.

>not a good look
yes it is.

A smart-ass mouth jammed with cocks won't be so smart anymore.

what's your point?

When your 18 you legally an adult, retard.

I said i hated the gays who chose to be gay and then i got banned.

Nigger gooming is meessed the fuck up. Like you really gonna try to emotionaly manipulate a child into loving you so when their of age you can fuck them. Like kys faggot your better off just finding a gf.

There's a whole world outside of america

Grooming actually isn't messed up. It's meant to raise someone to like something rather than abuse them just to please yourself.

Also, fourteen is too old to groom. Terrorists get kids at eleven and younger. Once you hit adolescence you've too much sense usually to make much of a programmable subject.

Stupid normalfaggot.

Also, reminder that robots need virgin gfs and girls start losing their v-cards by HS of which starts at fourteen approx.



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They actually have a clause that often even allows much of the US to fuck within four years under age. While this thread is so triggered, if OP were eighteen she's only four years younger and it's not even (((rape))) even in such a prude nation.

Is this who I think it is? Go to bed, it's late.

The aveage across the world is like 18 not just in the usa.

That's due to westernization though you realize.

>The aveage across the world is like 18 not just in the usa

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Yeah manuiplating a child when their emotionally vunerbale and stupid into being what you want aka their fuck doll isnt messed up at all.

Other countries start treating you as an adult at varying ages regardless of the taboos associated with murikan culture and it's feminism causing backwards behaviors.

But anyway, I think his point was that he's a murikan retard. Here we treat you as a child until you look at least 35.

this is for the betterment of the world, user. if you dont want me to do it, i expect you do it yourself

fucking savages

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Doesnt matter thats still how most countries treat being an adult so its aceaptable to use that as the standard.

>us makes Internet
>FBI witch hunts CP due to hating that hippies got CP legal in the 70s
>rest of world acts like eighteen suddenly pedo out of fear of free market targeting children for porn
>be now
>no one remembers what happened

No one with sense ever cared.

Yes, because once we're nearly done with puberty in our early twenties we become Vulcans. Sure sure.

I said being an adult not the age of consecnt. In japan you can fuck 13 year olds doesnt mean their adults.

>In japan you can fuck 13 year olds
No, you can't. Stop talking about things you know nothing about.

Your gay legal definition of "adult" means nothing. Biological reality and social recognition of ability and right to breed are all that matter.

In japan its 13 in only like a few places, most prefectures have it as 17-18.

most US states are 16. Some are 17. 13 are 18. The whole 18 thing is basically a meme perpetuated by Hollywood. (California's AOC is 18.)

Even bearing the arbitrariness of it all in mind, it's pretty sad that a lot of you guys can't value yourselves highly enough to try and attract someone who's old enough to vote, at the very fucking least. It's not like they're any less "delicious"

You can if your in a sincere realtionship and the parents agree you are.

The age of consent is 10 years old now. You can legally fuck 10 year olds. They can reject you and you have to respect that, no raping or harassing. But it's ok to fuck them. This is the law worldwide.

It's not sad. That's just another standard strategy for opposing someone, call them "sad". It's sad, really.

If you get married, the AoC doesn't exist in the US. Which is based, because sex out of wedlock is degenerate

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The abity to breed does not really matter what matters is mental maturity and 18 is when their gonna be devloped enough to agree to sex with adults.

>mental maturity
All females are mentally 10 years old their entire lives.

I was ready at age 7.

No, it's not as simple as that. You're sad for reasons I can list: a) You can only prey on impressionable young girls with Daddy fetishes to find love, and b) You're gonna get dumped the second she realizes she was being stupid and she's now stuck with a gross asshole who isn't developing in life anymore. This isn't a Trump SAD, this is a real sign of being utterly pathetic.

>hey girl what's happening
>ugh this long division hw is killing me
>maybe I can help you with that and you can help me with some LOGarithms
>lol ok