Why no one wants to talk to me for longer?

Few days ago I've made a post about some of my stuff and one dude messaged me on discord. We've talked for like 4 hours or more, non-stop and I was really happy. Edgy humour and talking about our shitty lifes made me feel like I'm not alone. He had then randomly stopped responding but I didn't think too much of it since it was getting late. Today I've whispered him but the only thing I got from him was him unfriending me on discord without a word. Am I really that shitty of a person? I really though I could become friends with that guy. Why?

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Post your discord OP, we can try to be friends.

I'll be your friend for ever OP, i wont unfriend you or ghost you i know how bad it feels.
Post your discord.

Now I'm scared to it so I'd rather not. Also rules

Its alright i understand broski

oh well, ok i tried

Yeah, thanks guys but it's 3am here and I should be in bed yet I can't fall asleep. I think I'm gonna do stay up for another day to fix my sleeping schedule

we all been through that, clicked really good with a guy, no gay shit. Talked for like 9 hours while having a couple of beers.

That was 3 weeks ago, sad user. Blocked me or ghosts me, i dont know...

Post your butthole. Do it now

i started talking to a euro girl yesterday on discord. we had a good convo here but i feel like shit was going no where there cuz i suck at talking to girls but she was super nice and sweet the whole time and we have some autistic common interests but shes so far away and the time zone is fucked where we'll never be able to talk much.
i kinda wana break it off now but i dont wana be like every other faggot and ghost her. i sent her some shit wishing the shit she had to do today went well but im sure shes asleep. i hope i wake up and she blocks me
i dont wana hurt her feelings and i dont wana get any

maybe he felt the same

I just don't understand why? Do they have too many friends or what? Am I not good enough or something?
Nah mate, I'll pass

That sucks man, maybe you should try to still be friends? Maybe she will help you talk to chicks?
aslo just from curiosity, is she polish?

Post your gross fucking butthole you worthless fairy

I know you are new here but go to /b/ for that

i dont really know yet, i just know her time zone and i think she said north central but didnt specify europe and i assumed america when we started talking, not that it really matters but we just wont be able to really talk. i got a hunch shes a wehraboo so id be surprised if shes polish

no u buttslut

Nah this guy kept telling he had no friends and an alc, but we had quite the same interests and stuff. I dont know why he dissapeared, its a bit sad. I dont click with people in general. I hold on to the very few i have that i dont even live close to...

>shes a wehraboo so id be surprised if shes polish
You would be suprised my man. Ask her if she is from Szczecin (Stettin) or close to Warsaw
>I hold on to the very few i have that i dont even live close to...
Yeah same for me lol, I really get lonely. I've used have old wow friends but they never talk first to me, ask me how I'm doing etc. There were times when we haven't talked for months and no one from them cared. It's always me who has to reach out. I'm not blaming them, I just know they don't think of me as I have of them

>You would be suprised my man. Ask her if she is from Szczecin (Stettin) or close to Warsaw
its not you is it....

I dont keep daily contact with them, but its a couple of calls a month. I dont know what i would do without these fellas. We have something all in common, that we are struggling everyday, addiction, jobless, depressions. I hope you will find someone else to talk too.

so this kurwa is thriving on cucking robots?

No, I just want to know if I happened to chat with her before. I don't know why but my gut tells me that and most of the time it's right.
Thanks bro. Good friends are priceless, or at least that's what I've been told. Still If they keep you going stick with them even for those few calls a month. It doesn't mean you shouldn't reach out more to similar people on boards like this one

Ive tried reaching out to others there but i dont fit in general. Im just a extremely failed normie wagecucking. The people speak with are either robots, druggies, depressed or normies. I accept everyone as long as we click and can be personal. Listen to eachother. Without them i would feel so lonely, maybe not alive. I dont know. I wish you good luck, you deserve it.

she prefers girls so maybe, i dont wana drop anything else its already fucking obvious, dont fuck me over

what this fembot is listening to right now

Was her name Aleksandra?

Fuck this shit, lets go POPEK youtube.com/watch?v=INOUfRXNYKw

Sorry dudes I was playing apex
Thanks user, keep up your will to live
Meh, it's probably someone else then

i only know her discord name and some other shit. now your making me second guess myself, i kinda wouldnt be surprised if its a dude fucking with me now given the games she plays

damn, user don't scare me

lol, I'll tell you what. Here is what happend to me. They guy I was talking about isn't really a dude. At leas that's what came out in the middle of our chatting. I've made a post on Jow Forums about being lonely, acting like a faggot etc. In the thread, polish poster told me to be his friend. We added each other on discord and it came out from the start she is a chin. We just didn't click + I was an emo cunt that day. From the same thread a new pole added me on discord the following day. We've chatted for some time as mentioned in the OP but half way he told me he isn't really a dude but a chick. I was really suprised and thought he is trolling me with some of his friends making shit up for me to open up. I was ready to fuck off but she told me she knew I'd react like that etc etc. She told me aswell that she prefers to act like a guy to not stick out on polish versions of Jow Forums. I don't buy it but it didn't matter to me since it was nice to chat with him/her about random neet topics. We've talk like normal after that until she randomly has stopped responding. The rest I posted in op. I don't know what to think, I'm pretty sure some dude was toying with and I've send that right away. Still we have talked for HOURS and in no other way the convos felt forced, scripted or anything like that.

That sounds quite fucked up in general. Like whats the point?

Oh ok I was scared that I actually know her, also polish with Alexandra name

Yes, im trying my best thank you, wish i could have helped you somehow. But i know the rules here.

It was a shitty discopolo song that ive shitposted here

thanks for making my anxiety worse lol
fuck you polish "girls"!!1!

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nobody wants to talk to you forever all day thats just silly nobody wants to talk to anybody for that long

and second of all you both used eachother for emotional release by sharing shit life stories then never talked again, had the same thing happen when i was quitting drugs ended up meeting a guy randomly and doing MDMA all night

>turned out to be meth

happily sober now though 1 year and 4 months

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I guess to not feel special on a website full of guys? Felt fishy as fuck to me too
Fuck it dude, JohnEast#9112
but as I've said I've been up on my feet for long now and I plan to stay up for more than 24h. My english is shit as it is but when I feel tired and after 4+ coffee mugs you won't understand shit from my chaotic whispers. Add me and let's talk on wednesday mate
I mean what do you expect from here user? Do you really think there are many chicks posting their lifes away for nothing?

Sounds like something I would do when I'm drunk. I'll open up and be social and then the next day I'd be back to my shut-in antisocial self and just ghost people ... until I'm drunk again.

i just want a shy autist e-friend on discord

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Keep it up my dude, stay away from that crap. Maybe you are riight but as I've said - I didn't care that much when she/he had stopped responding that night - it's normal. I just don't understand why would he/she delete me from friends. When we talked we were both pretty straight forward. I love to talk that way without bs.
Just make throwaway discord account and talk like you don't care. Why ghost folks for no reason?

Post discord and I'll add you user

Well, it also doesn't help that I don't use discord regularly. I just forget about it. Discord as a whole is cancer.

guy probably unfriended you because he was super beat up about his crap life and just spent 4 hours talking about it and got that 1 day long boost of "im gunna change stuff around" and deleted you because his only memory of you is sharing poor memories together

thats what i think but probably wrong

autists only

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I have it open when I talk with someone. Other than that I check if I got any messages via my phone.
Nah, it would not say so. He'she acted more emo than me, I was the one more optimistic.

Like how autistic? Only weaaboo shit?