Do fembots ever fantasise about being impregnated?

So do you ever imagine just letting a guy cum in you and knocking you up?

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Already did it but fantasize about it again.

Last night i had a dream that I was pregnant and due to give birth that day
i have fantasies about guys cumming in me and telling me im going to get pregnant but I dont actually want to have my own kids

You have a kid? Wow

Had a kid, don't have a kid.

What happened? Why dont you have it anymore?

I was acting as a surrogate, I had the baby for someone else.

Oh well thats nice of you. Is the kid ok. Did you enjoy the experience?

The kid is fine and being raised well. I did it for the money but wasn't looking forward to the experience, but ended up loving it and enjoying the whole time. Would gladly do it again.

Was it your egg or someone elses?

My egg, his sperm, he impregnated me. The option was there to go through a clinic for all this but I asked if we did it the normal way I could have the extra money for what the clinic would cost and they were alright with that.

What race were you both and why didnt the woman do it herself?

How much money did you get in total by the end of it all?

We're all white, she was sterile so incapable.

They're covering my college expenses.

Sounds like the perfect story. How old were you? And did your family disapprove? Do you want your own baby someday?

Well it was convenient and I didn't mind helping them since she's my friend. We started trying while I was 20 and I had the baby by 21. My family were on the fence but if spun it to them like I was doing it to help a friend and they came to accept it. But they do get on my case for not having my own kids now that I already had one. I would very much love to have my own baby, would love several in fact. Now that I know I can handle pregnancy and in fact enjoyed it, I don't have any of that worry to keep me from wanting it.

Well thats an extremely interesting story. Thanks for sharing that with me. How old are you now. Also I hope you find someone to settle down with and have lots of babies

I'm 22 now. And yeah if I can find the right guy I hope to make a big family together.

Oh. I remember you. We talked once like a year ago. Are you still in contacts with your friends? Don't you ever see the kid and feel bad about giving him away?

I do post on here, and talk about it when there's relevant threads so that makes sense. I'm still in contact with them yes and still meet and spend time with them on a regular basis. I feel a little bad about the kid, some personal longing but I always knew going in what the situation was and that hasn't changed. I'm his mother, but he's their son.

Was it your egg?

You still don't think there's anything deeply dysfunctional about the whole arrangement?

If they asked you to make another baby, would you accept?

You still have sexual fantasies about your friend's husband?

It's me the right guy.

If you met a guy you really liked and told about how you were a surrogate would you tell him you had sex with her husband or would you just omit that part?

Yes it was my egg.

I'm not sure what you mean by dysfunctional. It's not normal but to what extent you mean...

If they asked for another kid and were willing to pay again, and I was single with no relationship prospects, I would accept. In fact I think they might want another kid before long anyway. As for her husband, there's always going to be some feelings there but I'm bigger than to let that get the better of me or ruin anything.

Is that so?

If I really liked him I'd be honest with him about it. I'd also hope that if he's ok with me having a baby for someone else, it's not that much more a stretch to ask him to be ok with having sex to conceive. Most people these days are ok with their partners having past relationships anyway or being single parents.

I know so user

Mfw a literal fucking whore takes over the thread

Wait your friend's husband fucked you?
What the fuck?

If you read through I already said, we considered using a clinic to do it all through a lab but when I saw the costs I asked if I could just have that extra money and instead we do it the normal way. They discussed it and accepted it so we conceived through sex instead.

>to what extent you mean...
Don't you see how fucking your best friend's husband is a red flag? If I recall correctly he fucked you a couple more times when you were already pregnant as well. Not to mention you're still close to them and you suppress your feelings for him. Come on.

I'm just still a lot shocked anyone would cuck themselves like this
She must have been really baby hungry to not only raise someone else's kid but let her husband fuck someone else

How did it happen? Did you fuck one day while she was away?
Just seems so weird

It's role-play and what the thread wanted but ok dumb ass.

No we only ever did anything trying to conceive and that was it. I don't think the situation is all peaches but it's just how it happened. And the feelings I have for him are more complicated than that, they're not suppressed they're just not realistic and I recognize and accept that.

They both wanted a kid very much, enough to do this but I know that the situation did hurt her emotionally and she had to cope with it. But they're happy together as a family so obviously she did learn to accept it.

It wasn't behind her back or anything it was discussed openly between us and agreed upon. So she knew and was aware, and just gave us some privacy those months when it was right in my cycle. The most convenient obviously when she wasn't around.

When I'm with my bf yea, it's just this sorta animal feeling that I want it to happen.
Also no, you can't feel it like your hentais
So you had sex with the husband and the wife was alright with it? That's cool
Are you still involved with the family?

They're my friends so I still get to see and spend time with them, get to see the kid too so I can know if he's being raised well.

>It's role-play
That's disappointing. As unrealistic as it was I wanted to believe your story.

I have a lot of money. I'll impregnate you and take the kid for myself.

>No we only ever did anything trying to conceive and that was it
I clearly remember you said he fucked you at least once in the last months of your pregnancy because you were feeling ugly and his wife though it would be a good idea.
>they're not suppressed they're just not realistic and I recognize and accept that.
That's even worse. How do you plan to tell your future husband that you had a kid with someone else and you are in love with him but it's totally okay because you accept you will never be with him?

>So she knew and was aware, and just gave us some privacy those months when it was right in my cycle. The most convenient obviously when she wasn't around.
My fetish
Thats good, glad you had a positive experience

Is this the ultimate cuckery for a woman?

If a guy you really liked accepted it but just was uncomfortable with you still being in contact with her husband would you respect that or would you cut it off?

The first time I've ever wanted fucking context for an R9K thread image. I'm assuming porn, but what in the actual God damn am I witnessing

It wasn't just about the money it was also to help out a friend. I'd want a husband to have kids with, plus if he's well off but I'm not just running a baby-making service.

I have no idea what you're talking about with that, are you sure that was me responding to? I've posted before but it's not like I always stick around. Wouldn't be the first time someone took over to troll. Like the last thread I talked about it a month or so ago, I went out to eat and came back to find someone as me saying I had done this multiple times with other people.

As for my feelings I never said I'm in-love with him, I just have inherent feelings of love for him since we created a baby together. Not like my heart is tearing apart with longing to be with him, I just have loving feelings towards him for that special bond we share. It's like an instinct thing not an active feelings thing.

I actually felt kind of bad about it throughout because I could see how it hurt her somewhat, like times when she cried to me about it. It was more that I think she felt inadequate to be able to give her husband children which is why it wasn't so much about him and me going together but the pregnancy itself and even nursing after having the baby. Something she tried to but couldn't so I just did as well. It really tore her up inside even though she was also so happy for it and to be able to have a kid to call her own.

I would do as my husband wished no doubt. If he wanted me to cut contact with them, even my friend, I would do so. I would hope that he could at least be ok with me still maybe having some kind of contact with the kid and it would be upsetting if he wanted that cut too, but that's his right and I would respect it.

>did it for the money
>not about the money
lmao. I'll just go to the clinic again.

It's not ONLY about the money. I wouldn't just do it for a stranger for many reasons including that I would have no way of knowing if the child was going to be taken care of well. With my friends, I've known them for years and know them ongoing so can tell how the child is doing.

I'm not going to just take some guy's money, and let him disappear with a kid I made.

>are you sure that was me responding to?
It must have been someone else then. You have no reason to lie.
>I just have loving feelings towards him for that special bond we share
And you gave that bond to someone who won't be the father of your children. Your future husband will have to accept you already went through that and no matter how many children he gives you it won't ever be as strong as the first time.

Yea jokes and fetishes aside, honestly not being able to have kids of my own is one of my greatest fears, and to have to get someone else to do it for me would kill me every step of the way. But like you said, she has a kid now, she just had to go through a bit more trouble than others

Man that whole sotuation just sounds kind of fucked. How do you expect the kid to be able to accept his mother figure actually has no relation to him at all and his biological mother has little to no involvment in his life?

If you were sterile and a friend were willing to be a surrogate mother would you be cheap and let your husband fucks her or you would go to a clinic?

How do people who are adopted, or were born from a surrogate situation, normally deal with it?

Yeah it was hard to see how much it hurt her because I felt for her but also felt some weird superiority feelings on a deep level, but never let those on. Hard to handle such joyful feelings through the process but seeing and knowing how much it really pained her. She's thankful for it in the end though and I'm glad to have helped and given her that help.

>it won't ever be as strong as the first time

I disagree on that, and don't see why it wouldn't be stronger for a man I loved. And that's like saying that any woman who acts as a surrogate regardless of how the process is done, is somehow broken for any men except that first father.

What did you do with the milk?

I don't know, but it's kind of different from those situations because your contact isn't all the time but it's also still happening. I just can't see this kid growing up without a madonna-whore complex or something

Yes but I'd never do it though.

>How do people who are adopted, or were born from a surrogate situation, normally deal with it?
Badly. Some deal with it better than others but it's not a reason of joy for any of them and in many it's a cause of trauma and a sense of inadequacy they have to carry their entire lives.

This, pretty much. You've essentially split the affectionate and sexual currents of his life right down the middle.

I nursed the baby, she tried but couldn't so I had to do that as well. The rest I just kept in the fridge in case I wasn't around to nurse the baby.

I don't expect it will be forever though since it's not like I can live within distance of my friends forever. If either of us moves, that's it. If I find a guy and get married, that's it.

Anything can happen right but the kid is being raised lovingly and very well. And besides, his dad is still his father at the end of the day. Their feelings are it wasn't something they were going to hide from the kid only to find out decades later as an adult and have their world shattered.

I've already seen my bday have sex with other girls. Like I said it's my fetish
My issue with the situation is more being unable to produce a child of my own. I'd be left just feeling a failure of a human and a woman. It's just something I'd have to get over
Yea, in the end you did a good thing

>Like I said it's my fetish
What you like about that?

>I felt for her but also felt some weird superiority feelings on a deep level,

Pretty hot and this sounds like it was turning you on, was this your fetish or did this bring it out of you if it did?

Also can't imagine how bad she felt, do you think you could've stomached this if you were in her shoes?

Is this an episode of that feminist show?

Constantly. It's my dream to be like constantly pregnant for my husband. Probably stems from the fact I'm the oldest of 8 siblings and have seen my mom pregnant for most of my life.

I think sex without the full consummation sounds boring and dumb. I've never had it but i don't even crave kissing or hugging as I do the raw finality of being cummed in. I find it derogatory kind of, which is what's hot about it to me.

You may think that not keeping it a secret will help but I think that it could only result in a slow and gradual growing of resentment, the mother figure will subconsciously always know the child is not hers and the child will know this too, and I think he might feel very conflicted about your role in his life eventually. Is mother the pure infertile woman who shows him unconditional love, or the sexual creature who produced him under intercourse with his father and is distant from him?

I have 9 siblings want to give our future kid 10? Save the white race and what not

Is your mother catholic? How old are you?

>Like I said it's my fetish

a- a... female cuckold?

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I never want to have children. It's like tanking your credit score for 18 years of total and utter commitment that results in little pay-off. I'll live comfortably alone, doing the things I want to do and not having to worry about food or money.

Not really a fetish thing more like some weird instinctive primal thing. Being honest there was some fetish appeal to the conceiving but that was only a short while and not the same situation.

It was through the pregnancy though and even after where it felt like this strange innate emotion of superiority to her emotions of inferiority. It's hard to explain and it was a very uncomfortable and guilty feeling but it was such a strong emotion that I couldn't understand. Again not a fetish but a very primal thing, an instinct. Like seeing her in pain and anguish and her letting me know and sharing that with me, compared with the pride and joy I felt of it all. She was hurt for feeling like an inferior woman which made me feel superior to her, like this weird feeling of power. Smug superiority if you can imagine it, when we're sitting together and she's crying on my shoulder about the pain of it all, and I'm sitting there with my hands on my belly and her man's baby inside me instead of her, doing and giving him what she couldn't. Same with nursing after the baby was born, how badly she tried to lactate to feed her own baby but couldn't so I just took over and breastfed her own baby because she wasn't able. And all of this while I always did my best to be a good friend and support and listen to her and talk and help her through those tough emotions and times.

Again it's very fucked up and I didn't really understand it myself, a hard and confusing thing when you get such feelings you can't understand or process. I'm just glad they only lasted during that time and have long since faded. It made me feel very guilty and sad and angry, definitely stuff none of us needed and I'm thankful is dead and gone.

How was the sex with the husband? Boring and purely procreative or it was passionate? Did you liked to think you fucked him better than her or that he was so busy fucking you he had no time to fuck her?

Like I said though it's not like I live with them and am some nanny acting as a second mother to the child. When I visit it's just as a friend, and I don't expect we'll be sharing our lives like this forever. Probably a few more years and either of our lives are going to change.

i hope she never ends up resenting the kid.

>implying I'm white

no, im 21

wh-what race are you, you fluid druid

Kind of boring, nervous and awkward at first but as we got used to each other it became pretty passionate. Not like romantic mind-blowing love making but we had fun. I mean we were intentionally making a baby, naturally it was passionate, enjoyable and fun.

I could imagine him and me did it better which is a nice thought but I can't know if that's the case obviously, but I do feel like him and me enjoyed it differently because we were trying for him to impregnate me. Like it was more special for us because of what we were doing and did. I know at least that she felt left out by it and they changed things up and tried to schedule it so she wasn't around to have to sit through that. But at the same time they both separately admitted to me that their love life was better and stronger than ever because of it, during it. And definitely after I got pregnant and we stopped doing it, I got to know and hear firsthand that their love life was amazing.

>It's my dream to be like constantly pregnant for my husband.
what if the hubby runs out of cum?
wat do then?

That's what KARA BOGA is for

Did you or he ever talk dirty while you fucked?

Do you know the reason for her infertility?

That's Ebony

So I take it your mother didn't have eight children for religious reasons nor were them all from the same father. Are you looking to get pregnant by anyone or you have a racial preference?

Not fembot but femanon here. My guy put me into this and now I say "babies" or "b-but I'm ovulating" and have to think about being bought and impregnated by force by him
I have an IUD so there's no worries

Ebony's famous on r9k for wanting a white man to bleach her

Endometriosis as I recall.

A little back and forth mostly as cringey fun, but I secretly enjoyed it.

way to completely suck all the fun out of the pregnancy fetish, jeez

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If they ask you for another baby will you tell him how much you missed his cock while he fucks you?

I figure that may happen, yes. I know I'll tell him how I missed being pregnant with his baby, because it's true. Well the being pregnant part at least.

Can I get you pregnant instead, user?

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How did you deal with the hormonal changes and being extremely horny without having anyone to fuck?

Not well, worse that I was living with them through the pregnancy, so being there seeing or listening to them be frisky and fuck. A lot of perving on them and getting myself off, I can say as much.

Would you take responsibility? Like I said I'm not running a baby-making service. Ideally I want a man I can love to settle down with, and then give him all the kids he wants. Not just random strangers even for money.

Of course I would, user. I'm not a deadbeat. I want to settle down w/ someone and start a family sometime in the next four years or so.

Did it hurt you that he stopped fucking you once you got pregnant and went back to his wife right away?

Still kinda stranger, where do you live even?

A little rough but I knew that's how it was going to be and had to accept it. Besides, I got the real prize.

I live in the US (Illinois) user, you?

>I got the real prize
The kid you have to give away? It's not like you never fantasized about him leaving her to raise the kid with you. Hardly a big win.

Better than her never having a kid.

More south-east coast for me. I don't like Illinois. I bet you voted for Obama.

Obama wasn't leftist enough for me, take that as you will.

>Better than her never having a kid.
Yes. For her.

Honestly who cares if the kid finds out his mom is a whore, who spreads her legs for money. You really think she would do it if she wasn't getting paid? Who the fuck brings a child into this world and is ok not raising it? The boy will be fine as long as he doesn't have a cuck father figure in his life.

I hope you never have kids. They will be even more miserable than OP's child.

>Who the fuck brings a child into this world and is ok not raising it?

Like 80% of all men would be ok with it.