Name a single thing women are better at than men and I'll debate you

Name a single thing women are better at than men and I'll debate you.

Should go without saying but it should be something both are at physically capable of doing

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taking money from beta orbiters

Half of the ones doing that are men anyway so doesn't count

wow i win with the first post

>it should be something both are at physically capable of doing
shit standard, there are things that some men can do that other men can't

Physically capable as in at least being able to reasonably attempt it. I only included that cuz I knew some retards would say shit like "giving birth lmao" or something

>Name a single thing women are better at than men and I'll debate you
Using their gender to their advantage and to other's disadvantage
Not giving a fuck about how your actions affect people.
This is generally speaking, of course

crushing my hopes

Threading small things.

>artificial wombs are not being developed
stay bluepilled

Significant less likely to have the shit beaten out of them during a incident like a robbery etc

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Men could use their natural abilities to their advantage if they applied themselves

women are better in everything, sorry to say truth.

But if blows did start they'd get their ass handed to them 95% of the time, where as a man would be far more likely to be able to hold his own

Lying, cheating, stealing, manipulation, and bleeding for 5 days without dying.

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I said gender not natural abilities.
Women use the fact that their women to their advantage. It is near impossible to use the fact that you're a man to your own advantage unless you are attractive

for a second i thought you are talking about guys but then you mentioned bleeding

Yeah, that's why they're always behind men's shadows

I know there's some humor to this but it's also true as heck.

Men are better at all of those including bleeding without dying. Period blood isn't essential to the bloodflow. It's literally just waste from shedding excess flesh. It's pretty different from being actually wounded, which most women couldn't handle

Never developing any useful skills or a personality but still being treated like a perfect angel by everyone around them.



>Lying, cheating, stealing, manipulation
The true masters of these crafts sit in Politics, Media, Banking, Economy etc and are almost all male except diversity hires. Also, how long you can bleed for is correlated to how much blood you lose per second and how much you have in total. Since men have more blood in average, women would bleed out quicker at the same flow rate.

There are in fact differences in blood flow between the sexes

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Your point being? Based on that image I would assume women would be at far greater risk of bleeding out as it seems they have a lot more bloodflow to the arms, which are at higher risk of getting injured

Other way around, they have less blood flow in limbs so their hands are colder

Bitching and whining

>Name a single thing women are better at than men
at single handedly destroying their image.

women are much, much better at emotional manipulation than men.

I dunno I think Jow Forums has that shit on lock.

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That's a minority of men and even then robots aren't as bad as most girls.

As in women destroying their own image or them destroying men's image?

Incorrect, women just like to think that these small games they play are worth shit.

On average they're better at reading emotions and theyre also more intuitive and paranoid on average.
And before you say something like "uhm well this one guy was the most intuitive person alive" that was one guy and he doesn't represent men as a whole

They're better at stealing money from men

men do this all the time outside of the west

Drawing cutesy art and gymnastics.

I think that men and women are generally equally good at art with more men taking the genius spot, and more women taken the very good spot so it balances out but women are more inclined to draw cutesy stuff and seem to have a better knack for it than men. You might respond by posting ugly calarts stuff drawn mostly by women, and beautiful art drawn by master artist men but I think that doesn't really count and would be cherry picking as there are more women obsessed with cuteness.
With gymnastics, women are better at the moves that revolve more around flexibility and men are better at the moves that require more power. The same can be said for ballet.
Another thing that women seem to be better at is fostering kittens, their maternal instincts are probably the cause for that. Also, their softer voices and smaller hands tend to be more agile and careful.
For similar reasons, women are on average better at things like embroidery and sewing in general. I am not sure if it is true, but some saw that women see a slighter broader spectrum of color so I am sure that helps.

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I disagree about the kitten part. Men are more likely to raise a kitten with the level of independence cats need. Women would be more likely to raise a cat to be a lazy fat fuck that dies 5 years before its supposed to.

>Name a single thing women are better at than men and I'll debate you.
Definitely empathy.

I would disagree, but at this point I think we are just comparing anecdotal evidence anyway so it would be hard to prove. I am not necessarily talking about any woman that adopts a kitten though, I mean actual rescuers/foster "mothers" for infant kittens with no other option but to be hand raised.
I will agree, more women have fatcats but I think that's because more women have cats in general and there for there are lots of women that are good cat owners and lots that are bad cat owners. That said, I think post people shouldn't have pets.

Long distance swimming because more body fat

Winning arguments without using logic.

kek not at all. Women are fucking cruel without even having a reason

They are more likely to get raped though, and that can lead to them getting the shit beat out of them if they resist hard enough.

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I don't know, dude. I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but a man with empathy seems extremely rare. This website demonstrates that perfectly.

Women are more emotionally intelligent and empathetic.

well women are physically weaker then men so they have to be manipulative to avoid physical harm.

I'll give you gymnastics. As far as art, it depends on how you categorize it. Sure I guess more women are good at cutesy stuff, since more of them draw it, but I wouldn't consider cutesy stuff on the same level as more legitimate art, which men seem to dominate

You need to get out more then. I'm not saying men much better in this regard but women are equally as cruel. Men and women have both been unnaturally cruel and ruined my life in equal amounts. Women pretend to care for a minute to goad you into doing what they want, then cast you aside without another thought. Men are at least more upfront about it usually.

Females have zero empathy
They can only demonstrate sympathy in a way that they can apply to themselves. If a female can't imagine a particular misfortune happening to her personally then she doesn't really give a fuck.
Why do you think they cannot understand in the least how shItty it is to be non-chad male in the dating world

men have been killing themselves for years after a divorce and I never saw empathy from women. society only has empathy for women because now people care about the divorce laws effecting women.

Male gymnastics is more impressive than female gymnastics though. There are just a hell of a lot more female gymnasts.
Go watch some youtube of gymnastic competitions and then tell me that men are not actually better

I mean if we're being fair just saying that could be considered bitching and whining desu

cocksucking of course

Receiving Child Support

doubt it


Women have better color acuity than men, are on average far more flexible, often better at language skills, higher emotional intelligence and social cognition

Good arguments. You 3 cats are alright.

Women on average are better at being sympatheric.I'd dare say they're more fashion inclined. Also can throw that ass back like men can't

That's fair, it's pretty subjective anyway. I wouldn't consider it not to be legitimate though, just more contemporary.
But your criteria of what's better is entirely subjective. The fact of the matter is that women are capable of greater amounts of flexibility. It's fine if you are more impressed by power based gymnastics, but that doesn't disprove my point.

The best fashion and interior designers are/were men. Bell curve effect

Men's fashion is better by a mile. Women have more options but don't really know how to use them. Men take what little they have to work with and make it fucking kino

Talking about the best of the best is kind of irrelevant, the average woman tends to be more coordinated in their dress than the average man.

I like how so many examples of women being better at something include ""ON AVERAGE""
With the exception of like 4 things (which I can't think of at the moment) men invariably make up most I'd not all of the top 10% of said thing.

>The fact of the matter is that women are capable of greater amounts of flexibility
But they really aren't
They are more flexible on average but at the end of the day the most flexible men are no less flexible than the most flexible women

Whining, also this

They aren't just more flexible on average, they have greater potential flexibility as well. If you would like to look at them, I can find some sources to back up my claim. If you do the same, I will read your sources as well.

Wasn't there something about them having more highly developed langbrain on avg? Meanwhile males are better at spatial thinking.
Lower crimerate as well, although I suppose you could attribute that to social conditioning.

That's subjecive,the fashion industry is female dominated. Women are less practical than men and like to be creative. I know so many men who could give a fuck what they're wearing. Yet know so many women who would breakdown if their fit isn't how they want it. Also since you're using the best of the best. Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time. So women are better at tennis.

Social conditioning and lower testosterone, thus resulting in higher impulse control. Also much lower strength, so they know not to do risky shit.

I like how "On average" suddenly is an irrelevant point because it doesn't fit your narrative.

In order to not say "on average" there would have to be something that every single woman that has ever existed can do better than a man. Aside from physiological capabilities, which OP has already discounted, there is nothing that fits this even in the reverse. Even a simple statement like men are stronger than women fails unless you use averages, because there are outliers of weak men and strong women.

It's not suddenly irrelevant. It always has been irrelevant. It's lIke saying women are better at makeup because 90% of women use it daily while only a minority of men use it at all. Meanwhile the top 10% of makeup artists in the world are quite likely disproportionately men.

So painfully hard to accept that the best of the best at pretty much everything are men even if it's something the vast majority men don't do while most women do.

FUCK YOU OP, I just want a world where men are the weaker physical sex and women are the breadwinners. Fucking reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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The only greater potential flexibility women have is pic related. It's the one thing MOST women could do that MOST men would never be capable of. Wider hips, so....
There are still some men who can do it and some women who cant. Beyond that one thing men and women are equally as capable when it comes to flexibility

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Women live longer

Being a mother. Can't argue with that unless you bring up some type of degenerate faggotry

Single fathers raise better kids then single mothers, so no. A man can't physically be a mother either retard

women are better at rockclimbing.

Now THIS is the old r9gay that I remember. Pure homosexual posts. Women are shit

What does that mean?

>certainly you're not talking about literally climbing rocks

Being manipulative cunts.
And before you say it, jews don't count as people