A genie arrives and grants three wishes, not including wishing for more wishes

A genie arrives and grants three wishes, not including wishing for more wishes.

Have at 'er, user! Once in a lifetime opportunity. Choose wisely!

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I wish OP would die in a fire

I wish genies couldn't grant wishes for anyone.

I wish that you would not grant this wish.

Wish for more genies to give me wishes

dubs and I get a better mother for a mother

i wish my oneitis would love me like i love her
donate other 2 to charity or something idc as long as i have her

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Everyone ever, can be forgiven and go to heaven. Or get a chance at redemption.

now are you one of the cool genies or one of the trickster devil type that will try his best to grant me something that is as far from what i wanted as it can possibly be

thats what i want to know for my first wish

I want her to come back and realize I was the right one all along, that no one connects like we do

I want to get into my dream education

And I want Dr Pepper to take over as the leading soda in the world instead of Coca Cola

1. Being able to spend as much money as I want without having to worry about crashing the economy or running out of money
2. Have the planets regenerate their resources and decontaminate almost instantly
3. Making my dream girl to exist, be perfect, fall in love with me intensely and be loyal to me no matter what

I wish all life would cease to exist all at once, after I've given my third wish
I wish life had never existed
I wish life would never exist, as all-encompassing as you can muster. I mean really far. Extend this out to any nearby parallel worlds and timelines

to remove my man tits and be lean
never be fat no matter what i eat
unlimited and new vaporwave music everyday

>200 iq
>$1B USD in 2019's worth
>be 6'3"

I wished for lov3 a few times in my lif3 user. The relationships were real and seemed like "love". But true love, that is something that is purely natural. And far and few between. Especially these days. If it is forced or wished in any way it will fail my fren... Just my experience points talking.

Based and anti-natalistpilled

dude not everyone is as big a pussy as you, couldnt you just hang yourself ?

>three wishes
>Once in a lifetime opportunity

based and checked trips might confirm your wish

Lmao you're a retard

1st wish: I wish for all my future wishes to be interpreted only by my intention

2nd wish: I wish for all restrictions on what can and cannot be wished for to be removed

3rd wish: I wish for an arbitrarily large number of wishes

1. I wish for Robbin Williams to still be alive

2. I wish for Robbin Williams to kill Will Smith

3. I wish for Robbin Williams to take over Will Smiths role in the new Aladdin movie

10 million dollars.

forget my past ex gfs.

lose 100 pounds.

based based poster and checked

Fuck ya gonna do avout it faggot you'll be dead and you won't even realize it.
You cling to your pathetic life. Why is your enjoyment more important than other's suffering?
Because you're a filthy fucking human, that's why.

Why they will contract an actor who kill somebody?

thanks for the advice user. i think i know this deep down but i don't want to believe it. but i don't think i believe in true love between two people any more. i think one person truly loves, and the other accepts it. i've tried to be more than friends like four times over the last ten years. i'm so tired.

>Why is your enjoyment more important than other's suffering?
muh chiggra right here.

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FPBP. lol'd irl

I'd wish he would tell me what the stipulations are for him being able to gain his freedom.
Then, depending on whether or not I or anyone else would come to harm, I would choose whether to wish for his freedom or not.
If he insists on giving me the last wish, I'd just wish for him to have all the happiness he could ever want for the remainder of his mortal life.
Because even if I wished myself the perfect life I'd still fuck it all up anyway.

why the fuck is your suffering more important than my enjoyment ? have you become christian all of a sudden ? not very christian to kill everyone dont you think ?

Is it a nice genie or is it the kind that twists your wish and makes you regret?
Well, either way. I want to be the best possible physical version of myself and have all the damage from the domestic violence and neglect in childhood erased.

I want the same for my family.

When i die, whenever that is, i want it to be quick and painless.

Fuck, i should've wished for that.
But i have a better one, fuck your altruism, fuck all other life.

No reincarnation for me, if such a thing exists.

I wish i was never born and that, if there are souls, my soul is erased as if it never existed and it is never to exist again.

1. Total knowledge of how the universe and all its laws work and function
2.the power to edit the probability of anything subject i want to happen
3.immortality via eternal youth

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I only ask for 2 things.

I wish to meet her and find that she reciprocates my love.
She loves me in the way that she'd bear with me and help me through the hard times. Just like I would do for her. That she'd forgive me for the state I'm in from low self esteem and distrust of others and myself. She'd help me heal and show me that that kind of love I feel for her is true. The kind of love that instead of judgement there is understanding. This love is not artificial. I don't want to hurt her in anyway or cause her to feel I've used her or taken from her. I wish I was enough for her.

I wish I can repay my parents for the love and support they have given me in a material way. They don't expect anything of me and say my words and feelings are enough. I need to do more and deserve their love.

Wish I had parents like yours. Your lucky

>all human life to cease besides mine
>200 tons of mayonaise dumped into the english channel
My lifes purpose shall be complete

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ik this feel all too well, user. I'm in the same boat. I wish your oneitis will love you, too.

I wish everyone I've ever loved would live fulfilling and meaningful lives they enjoy.
I wish that, if there weren't an afterlife, that one be created, even if it was a brief experience, wherein I could meet all of the pets I've ever had, either for a moment or forever.
I wish I was dead.

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that's genial

>can have anything in existence or outside of it
>still wish for death
Everything okay there, user?

Ill av a large coke, a big mac and medium fries

This but 6'4"

what is the limit for those wishes tho
even the original arabian genie refused to bring the eggs of the roc

Wish #1: One superpower or special ability ,i get to decide what it does and how it works.
Wish #2: 100k on my bank account every month
Wish #3: World Peace

Not today, demon.

>Wish #3: World Peace

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I wish this dude's oneitis gets cancer and dies.

desu that would probably simplify things for me

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Probably these 3
1. Power to make my own wishes to come true anytime without limitations
2. Chip bags aren't half full of air
3. Have my oneitis love me back

Sorry if these wishes kinda seem faggoty but that's really what i want rn

1 against the rules
2 enjoy crushed chips
3 even he isnt THAT powerfull

>ability to freeze time for me and any people or objects I like
>during frozen time not only do not age but actively heal
>all trannies teleport to pluto instantly and end the plague.

>I wish to use my remaining two wishes in the best ways possible, in accordance with my own personal values.
I don't trust myself enough to deal with that monkey's paw shit directly.

I wish you didn't want to die

1. I wish to be physically healthy for the rest of my life.
2. I wish to be mentally healthy for the rest of my life.
3. I wish that an user will finally be happy.

>why the fuck is your suffering more important than my enjoyment ?
Its not, its a matter of principal you lower-thinking-shit.
If one person should have to suffer than everyone should. It's not even about me. If you think life is anything but brutal and a scourge on all who live it, then you're shelterrd away like the rest of fucking humanity, within the confines of our "hyper-evolved" brain, dumb as it's stupid.

just as you have your believes, so do others. you think yours is the only true one, so do others. have fun because life will happen over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

I hate le edgy fuck you over with wishes shit

I wish for my dream ideal body that is seen as ideal by a majority.
I wish for my love to be mutualand everlasting.
I wish for financial success so my healthy children and partner may have all their needs met.

Health, Wealth and Happiness

Robin Williams would never work again for disney though.

I would like only two wishes
1. next time I fall asleep I'll be trapped in a nice never-ending lucid dream where I live a new life shaped around all of my desires. basically my own paradise
2. even after my death the dream will continue forever and absolutely nothing will stop it

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You should read Feersum Enjin user it's kind of that

Wish for 100 billion dollars

Wish for a big uncut cock

Wish for teleportsfion power

Omnipotence and omniscience. With the third wish I wish to set the genie free.

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Wish 1: disposable income for free
Wish 2: build a huge tower somewhere on the equator that extends into space, so the earth just whacks the living fuck out of all the other planets
Wish 3: I wish for unlimited genies to grant me wishes

>immortal until all humans except for me is dead.
>$50 000 worth of currency a month for the rest of my life (based on today's value).
>the power to turn things and beings into styrofoam.

>Physical Immortality
>Pain nullification
>The power to hop between parallel universes
Find a parallel universe where I haven't met the genie so I can make more wishes.

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1. Godlike powers
Saving the other two until after I test out #1

1.Complete control of matter
2.Complete control of energy
3.Complete control of time
With control of matter i would be able atoms and turn any material into a different one.
With control of energy i would control light,heat, movement energy and a number of others.
With control of time i would just make myself never age as well as various other things
I could wish for Omnipotence but i feel like thats kind of a cheat.
but if i could get a couple more wishes i would wish to know everything and the intelligence to comprehend the information.

based and eternal return pilled

1. I wish to have all of the powers of the average Super Saiyan were they to exist.
2. I wish to be immortal.
3. I wish for a bigger PENIS

My waifu is real
My waifu lives in my home
My waifu loves me as much as I love her

Literally perfect life

>Make me an astronaut
>Give me enormous knowledge about how the universe works
>A comfortable house in a, far from society, snowy place

I wish for every person who thinks they're clever for wishing for more wishes when asked the hypothetical question of what they'd wish for with 3 wishes to die painfully.

>Smartest man of all time.
>See above.
>See above.

I wish for this guy to always step on a lego when he least expects it

You already died you can't make a wish.

Omnipotence please.
If not
lots of money
a lot.

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1. I get the ability to just die at will.
2. Everyone with strong beliefs of any kind (ie religion, politics, whatever else) who'd push them onto others gets their beliefs toppled to the ground and lives in misery.
3. Load of drugs and loud speakers.

That was my first wish, cockgoblin.

I wish for your every sexual encounter to involve an unpleasant quantity of sand.

I wish for the genie not to be will smith

More genies, duh


I threw a wish in the well
Don't ask me I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell
And now you're in my way
I'd trade my soul for a wish
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this
But now you're in my way
Your stare was holding
Ripped jeans, skin was showin'
Hot night, wind was blowin'
Where you think you're going baby?
Hey, I just met you and this is crazy
But here's my number, so call me maybe


live forever
able to live out all my fantasies in my head
a hotdog

i wish for more genies please

Paradise after death shaped as the individual desires
Lotsa money

>after dying here you'll be reborn in isekai world
>power to influence probabilities of possible outcomes that also carries over after death
>intuitive sense of your soulmate's current location within any given world, regardless of dying

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1. Be a cute anime girl in her prime
2. Have the events of my new teenage life influenced to a point where they play out like a shoujo manga
3. Not lose to a shitty side chick because my author's a hack
I don't even really have tranny tendencies, just sick of my life at this point desu

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I wish for a perfect aesthetic head that is still recognizably me

I wish for $500,000,000 usd in my bank account

I wish for every nanny state to be overthrown by militant libertarianism.

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I wish to be made a primarch.
I wish for an indestructible suit of terminator armour with a power fist.
I wish for the ability to make people of my choosing into space marines.

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>make me a girl
>make everyone safe and happy forever
>get rid of all evil and unfairness in the world (but not in art games etc so people still know what it is and can appreciate how blessed we are)

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i wish for infinite amount of wishes

> become tall (6,4)
> big dick (8-9 inches)
> lots of money (100 million)

Could wished better, but that would already make my life perfect.

I wish every robot on Jow Forums would be happy. :)

I wish to have a habitat on mars that i can expand apon whit the 3D printer and harvesters
I wish to live in that habitat
I wish for immortality

>Infinite money
>Forever young
>Shapeshift at will
I could ask it to make my autism go away but I grew fond of it.

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>Forever young
>Shapeshift at will
the former follows from the latter