Varg is so retarded...

Varg is so retarded. Can't wait for his unvaccinated children for the girls to get BLACKED and his sons to die immediately when someone coughs on them lmoa

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what do you not like about him?

>Varg is so retarded
>I hope his children die
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Does anybody here have an idea as to what makes anti-vaxxers do what they do? It's obvious that the 'they cause autism' thing is an excuse that hides their true motive. Do you think it's just some vague distrust of authority thing?

it's ironic because Varg distrusts all authority but expects others to treat him like the #1 authority in everything

Yes, antvaxxers are clearly antisemites who distrust modern medicine because Jews are leading the industry.

I guarantee his first daughter has already been blacked numerous times

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wow i'm sure they have a lot of opportunities to catch diseases living in the middle of nowhere

I know they work just fine, I just don't care for them.

Anti-vaxx is fine if you are an isolationist like Varg though. Can't get diseases from people if you don't interact with them.

That's not his daughter faggot that's an old speculation that's been disproved.

Varg himself has talked about how he had a daughter before all his other kids. And she looks just like him.

Ill admitbtherea a resemblance, link to which video?

Interview on his own website, where he talks about his daughter in 1993

>for the girls to get BLACKED

It's literally inevitable unless he Fritzl's them once they hit puberty.

It's obviously a distrust of authority thing, the autism thing isn't a ploy it's just a bad argument what like you would get from a leftist.

The likelyhood that they catch diseases we vaccinate for, already low, is even lower in a vaccinated society. The worst thing about people not vaccinating is that they're freeloading in a sense.

>It's literally inevitable unless he Fritzl's them once they hit puberty.
Pretty much this, Varg doesn't go far enough, he still lets his kids interact with the public. A mistake. At best you let them meet other kids their age being raised by close friends who also don't let their kids interact with the public ever, then set them up to marry.

Tetanus is in the middle of nowhere

Pagans need to be destroyed.

Did he really not vaccinate his children? I thought that was just a meme holy fucking shit

Why would you be surprised? He's raising 8 children on a farm with no running water and one toilet lmoa.