He still believes in democracy

>he still believes in democracy

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i do. its a political arena. competition breeds strength.

The only reason democracy doesn't work is because people are morons

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SIKE, it just makes a game of who can decieve the public best.

contest of wits and power

if democracy was good enough for ancient greeks its good enuf for mee

contest of money and also more money

new filter, nice

>who can decieve the public best.
Essentially, equality is a false god and peoples views no matter how close in ideology are incompatible. There is no "good" political ideology where everyone wins, someone somewhere suffers.


I don't like challenge, I only do what is necessary.

>He still believes

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But there is a diference between actualy doing something helpfull for the country or just wanting to sit in that confy presidential chair pretending to be for (insert popular country ideology here)

How about Anarcho-Syndicalist democracy?

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There are certainly ideologies that are more efficient than others from a civilization point of view.

There is no such thing as systematic anarchy. That's like saying there is ordered chaos.

Beyond rejecting any form of left wing ideology, I view politics very lightly these days. All this demonization of the white man and the pure fucking liar reporters fill me with hate.

Well, you see, if you have bi-weekly voting on all decisions made by a temporary executive officer, and have no state affairs other than that, then I would say that state is small enough to be considered anarchic

give me one reason why I should listen to the opinions of someone who doesn't think their opinions should matter to their society

>what is switzerland

wtf anarchy isnt synonymous with chaos

>the skills needed to effectively win majority rule are the same skills needed to effectively rule the majority

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As long as democracies are ruling in the west, we'll never truly progress.

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