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what do you know about the lewd side of your mother?

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I fucked your mother you bald headed faggot

what an original fucking respone

Holy fucking /thread

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basado y rojoempastillado

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I know that brother Chad gets to see her lewd side

>hot headed incel

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i dont get the Brother Chad concept
its like you want to enjoy cuckoldry but ashamed to accept it, hence keeping it within family lmao.

There's these two anons that post on this board who have fucked their mums. It sounds hot but also awkward.

Mommy has a favorite son who she's attracted to, and it's not user.

i once overheard her talking to her friend and she said she doesn't like doggy. i did not want to hear that. i want to remove that from my brain.

Only a broken man regressing back to boyhood and whithering testicularly would broach such a subject.

i am just 19 dude

>tfw i'm 21 and i still want to fuck my mom
I can never go back

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i wanted to pound her since first boner

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Her father raped her and her brother(this brother also ended up raping their younger brother and his children) and her mom beat her and kept her from going to school most of the time.

Same,at first i though it was just hormones and that it would stop after puberty but i still furiously jack off thinking of her

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same here.
i thought it was like that because i am attracted to big tits and big ass and am just a kid discovering this stuff. it will go away.
it has certainly not went away.

how hot are your moms?

mine is 8.5/10 with a hot af bod. also she had me at 19.
my dad being super ugly, but with money and huge dick, does not help my jealousy case.

Very,she has a huge ass and she is always wearing skin tight jeans.

i am more curious about what lewd faces mothers can make and what nasty fantasies float in their heads.

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