Tell me about your best friend

Tell me about your best friend.

It could be a friend now, or a friend from the past. What made your relationship so special?

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>tfw never had a best friend to go on fun adventures with

That's a shame man, you never, say, had a sleepover as a kid?

Jimmy ain't my best friend. He's like my brother. Sure, he's a 18 year old anarchist drug dealer from Chicago who got me into Antifa for a few weeks and got shot in New York 4 ish months ago, but he's still my brother, and if society collapses, there is no one I'd rather have by my side.

Know him for a decade and a half, only dude who knows who actually am and accepts me for it.

He is kind of cold tho, he probably wouldnt risk a lot for me, and in return I wouldnt either. Still he was there in hard times, so he isnt a bastard either.

That's an interesting start. What makes your relationship special?

What sort of things do you think people risk in other relationships that you seem to believe are lacking in your friendship? Who are you and what about yourself makes it hard for other people to accept you? How does he accept you for it?

He's exactly as retarded and argumentative as I am, so we'll just argue for hours about whether or not dark souls or something.
Pretty sure he's an actual faggot.

How do you feel about his faggotry? What makes your relationship special?

Well, when I met him, he saved my life, and I have saved his. But there's more than that. For 2 years, we were joined at the hip. We share the same broad worldview, smoke the same weed, walk the same streets. He led the little gang of misfits who went around the Suburbia we hated. He knows who I am, and I know who he is, and we trust each other fully.

>He saved my life
How so?

>And I saved his.
How so?

>How do you feel about his faggotry?
He's a faggot because he fucks trannies and thinks traps aren't gay, so I mostly just make fun of him.
>What makes your relationship special?
He's the only one of my friends who can actually get me pissed me off in an argument about videogames. That takes a truly special talent.

It doesn't sound like you think the relationship is special, rather that it is unique.

Well, I was being an idiot and almost got hit by a car. He was being an idiot and almost OD'd on opiates.I was with him when he was high, and he was with me when I was drunk, and we will both be with each other when society turns inside out, and we will be laughing.

What's the difference?

Something special has value. Something unique is simply different.

I am my own best friend. We have all the same interests and is always available and reliable. Very smart and funny dude as well. We do everything together. I love myself.

I had a friend who could just read me in every way. I could send him disgusting pictures like pic related and he would find them just as funny. We fucked with people IRL too. Went to PAX West with him and a group of his friends and we blocked hallways, screamed behind live broadcasters, and harrassed the idiots at the diversity booths by pretending to be a diverse bro gangbang squad. It fell apart because he gradually started using me for money, and just being opportunistic and cold. I doubt I will ever meet someone who can read me like that again. It was fun while it lasted.

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my best friend I have know since childhood and our families are quite close. He and me both share the same tastes in music, sports, women, sense of humor, and fashion. We have spent countless our playing video games and just fucking around. We both just understand each other in a subconscious way. Despite all this but we arent really open about our emotions with each other and sometimes we can be self conscious in our interactions. But he really is one of the only people in this world I can be my weird self with. If he was a girl, she would be a perfect soulmate

HS era was my crush. She was short mexican emo chick. She was really shy and cute. We spenta lot of time sitting together and laughing none stop. I dont really remember much since its been so long

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It has value to me.

You need to learn to respond to a conversation, not to just a single post.

That isn't your best friend, that's some girl you had a crush on.

What makes it so special?

J.S. She was my high-school crush from halfway through freshman year to halfway through sophomore year. My awful, over-emotional, narcissistic mother failed to teach me how to live my life and until recently, my dad was never around, so I had nothing for a role model growing up. But J.S., she was that role model. In the year I knew her, she taught me so much about how to function as a human being. Then, out of nowhere, she moved halfway across the country. We never dated, but I'll always love her. I'll always be grateful for everything she did for me. I'll find someone new, I'm sure, but I'll never be able to replace her.


I've known her for 6 years and even though we were 'best friends' for the most part of that, a year ago we really started connecting
I haven't opened up to almost anyone in my life, and I feel awkward/anxious (depending the case and the person) in all 1 on 1 interactions, but she is the one exception, I can talk to her about anything I think or feel, and I know she thinks the same of me
She cries if I cry, and I cry if she cries. We have a lot in common and make each other laugh a lot
We say we love each other, in english you could say "I love you" to family, friends, partner. In spanish there are 2 verbs for it, one you use romantically and with really close people, the other one you use with friends. And we say it in the first way
Now we have taken the last step where there's nothing we couldnt talk about or do together, that step being having sex. We're not in for a romantic relationship and we're both okay with that (I hope)

Actually, she was my best friend first and my crush second. I'd have been friends with her with or without the romantic attraction. My dad is my dad and my friend. People can be more than one thing to other people.

>ShE wAs My CrUsH FiRsT

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She was a complete nornie and had alot of friends but something about her was different. She liked me alot we where always there for each other. The part of her that was different ended up dying off and i just kept along because the idea of her was better than what she actually was. 3 months ago she begged me to buy her plan b because she fucked a random dude and was scared. At that moment i knew if i didnt leave her i never will and ill just be stuck thinking im happy with life.
Shes pregnant now and i feel more whole as a person than i ever did.
Anons youll make it someday and i finally did

My old bestfriend was awesome. We had a section of woods near where we both lived and because her dad worked in renovating old properties and stuff we'd always get spare furniture which we used to make a sort of den out there. From about the age of 7 to 16 we spent so much time out there just playing guitar and skipping stones and just having fun. Man I miss those days. Breaks my heart.

Maybe I'm feeding a troll here, but I'm not sure what your endgame is.

I'm not trolling, I just feel disgust for men who have a female for a 'best friend' particularly one they admit to having romantic feelings for. It really defeats the purpose of this particular thread and turns it to yet another
>tfw no gf

I'm not even complaining that we didn't end up dating or that I'm single. She was an awesome friend. Period.

he's just jealous user

Probably. Projection at its finest, eh?

Never had one, i spent 99% of my days from kindergarten to senior year playing video games afterschool by myself. Never regularly hung out with anyone ever. went to like 3 or 4 birthday parties and only one person ever asked me, without thier parents forcing them to invite me.nobody texts me without me texting them first. I always see closest "friends" on social media out together but they never invited me or told me they were planning to meetup.

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The only friend i could consider my best friend was, because we dont talk right now, though, i always remember her and sometimes we send some message back in facebook, we just lost touch because uni and shit (im antisocial as fuck, and she became a feminazi)

We are best friends because we spend a lot of time talking and we get along really fast when we meet, at some point we had phone sex, i send her "fantasies" text to her messenger (what kind of thing would do to her if we were together, to she admited to jerk off with, cool talks about every thing, mostly sex related things (both were always sexual and horny beings), shit was so cash

She have bf, so that is why never really happen, plus I think she didnt like me that much, otherwise I think she would dropped her bf for me.

Haven't had one in years. If I had the choice right now I would choose one close friend over a girlfriend in a heartbeat.

It takes a long time to make an old friend.

So I failed in a higher mathematics class and I didn't know shit about a chapter. I only studied which I could learn by myself. This was the test which if i fail I'd lose 1year and then continue to study again. So I told him how fucked I am and all that. It was 11:45 PM. He was feeling sick but told me that he'd learn remaining chapters and then teach me. Told me to go to sleep. I was exhausted studying whole. Instantly fell asleep. 2AM- he woke me up. He was looking very hammered and a very sick sleep deprived zombie. Yet taught me non linear differential equations. Taught me till last page and then told me he's feeling like vomiting. But didn't vomit and went to bed. I studied till 7AM and went to the test. Came home happily test was smooth! Found this nigga still sleeping. Roommate told me he's been puking since you went to college. next day my boi has diarrhoea and we had to admit to a hospital.
He's from my high school, we grow up in same neighborhood. I knew he was my best friend because he was coolest kid in town but this changed everything. Been frens with him for 19 years now

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Never had one ffs

That's pretty nice that he went through that while helping you.

She was awesome. Was a ex of mine that moved out of state about a month ago. My best and only friend. Just found out yesterday that she passed away. Still can't believe it. Now I'm going to be totally lost and alone. How selfish and pathetic can I get. Man when this all sinks in with the rest of my crap life it's really going to blow. I will miss her every day, many times. She actually cared and looked out for me. She listened when nobody else would. She always did what she was able. I miss my best and only friend... Funny you made this thread

Yeah I basically owe him my career. I'd have been fucked if I had failed with student loan interest on my ass.

I met my bestfriend on minecraft we both came to eachother for support and advice. we told eachother almost everything and had so much fun laughing at current trends and watching shows/movies. Everything changed when they went to college they stopped being responsive and forgot I existed for months. I won't go in-depth but we had a horrible falling out that made me really suicidal. I'm fine now but I miss those comfy days where I would wake up and see "good morning" written by someone I cared about