Found ants on my masturbation tool

>be me
>masturbate with two highlighters
>oh shit gotta fuckn blast
>quickly rinse them off and dip
>drive mom somewhere
>come back 5 hours later
>see pic related
Are ants attracted to vagina?

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>Are ants attracted to vagina?
totally not a virgin here, but I hear vaginas taste like sweet musky honey bunches of oats.

Mfw btw

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i guess we learned something today.

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Vaginas can taste like a wide range of things son.I still did not expect ants to be there.

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The ants were actually inside your vagina, your pussy is an ant mound.

Ants are attracted to anything organic, they're retarded and think it's something they can eat now. But you should really clean your fucking room, also us my cock instead of a highlighter next time

I am staying away from cocc until the right guy

They were definitelynot in my pussy, if they were I would burn my crotch with acid

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Follow the ants to find where they are coming from then place poison

Where are you from? I dont want to spend another valentines day alone and Im sure you dont want to spend it with a green and yellow highlighter and some insects

I think they came from behind the mirror

ants are retarded and will eat anything they find lying around especially if it's indoors
just keep it in a harder to reach place or clean it more often

I know that if your sugar levels are really high your piss/shit will atract ants, maybe it works the same, or you shoved those in you backdoor and have pretty sweet shits. Eat better and go get a blood check. You unironicaly could have diabetes .

> Reuse the same fap tissues for weeks in a row
> Be more eco friendly I guess, but mostly just too lazy to get more
> Goes mouldy
> Starts smelling like vagina
> MFW I'm basically cumming on a vagina

later virgins

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If a vagina smells mouldy something wrong

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east coast though I already like someone from online that I met so my heart is taken

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if this is not a larp, I fucking hate girls like you.

That's the thing, it doesn't really smell mouldy like it normally does. It smells just like how people describe vagina.

You haven't met me yet I'll steal you from him c:

>too poor to get a proper dildo
>too ugly to get a proper dick
i remember my ex telling me stories of using am electric tooth brush in an empty carboard toilet roll.
Two highlighters is fucking nothing, i've fisted girls

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Grim, you are even in the same area (despite the fact the coast is 100s of miles long) Remember to clean up your ant infestation before you have him over

Not too poor or ugly, just too young

Ofc Im not making this mistake again

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I dont know many girls who had this happen

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>girl gets herself off with pens
>ants come for the scent of that
>while there and used to the scent, they follow it elsewhere
>end up following it to the girl while she's asleep
>ants crawl in her hoo-haa
>she wakes up and might freak out and get them off but otherwise think nothing of it
>9 months later tho
>she births a human-ant hybrid

wouldn't that be fucked up can you even imagine haha

You might have diabetes

Thats p hot user....

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Are you sticking the highlighters back in your ant hill now?

underage B& sooon

Thanks for the concern but I definitely dont have diabetes. Im thinking it was the protein or something since all bodily fluids are just chemicals

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Nah but I was thinking that if I ever get the urge to feed ants I should just masturbate over an anthill

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I saw this happen once in a documentary, I believe it was called: "Richard & Mortimer"

No fucking way a daddy donovan poster has a vagina, stop roleplaying

>girls with taste are taken by another guy online and ants irl
I'm actually loling heartily

you do not have to be male to like berserk baka. I am usually a casca poster

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I swear I do not remember writing baka I want to kms

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>i'm usually braindead
You were asking for this roast

Casca is a beautiful girl. Please do not insult her

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Unless you post vagina I'm not believing this for a moment. Even if you are a roleplayer you have my respect for liking Berserk

originalioni origano

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give me your discord and I will vc you as proof.

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no, give it here

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VC isn't anything, user, only thing that I'm sure can't be faked is vagina.

k.. chica#5617

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yes it is. I wont be fooled by your conniving ways hehe thats because my bushido is honesty

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Can user confirm this is a roastie?

I meant a picture of your cunt here, mate.

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then no can do it would be illegal and gay and I am definitely not a faggot

Dont waste my time then, you underaged fucking roastie, also kys

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I wont be killing myself. Stay toasty

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Wait, underage? Absolutely disgusting

ants are only attracted to literal roasties vaginas. this wouldnt have happened if you had an innie

t. ant

but it was the fluid dummy
t. not dummy

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the new ant man movie sounds fuckin lit

ants can smell roastie, so can humans
t. level 23 virgin

How did u fall for the penetration masturbation meme
This is either a larp or u need to get to know ur body a lot better

One time I replied to a guy on here and I put desu in my post reflexively. It makes one want to die horribly, I know.

But OP has a boipussy

i wanna get to know you more OP, you seem like a cool girl

did you originally take this pic with a drone?

If your anus smells like vagina you have an infection and should see a doctor.

no, give it here. give it here to me, girl.

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Ant is my nickname and id say yeah we're attracted to vagina.

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Fell asleep, sorry boys

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Your juice must have seeped inside the pens better clean them up from inside. Lmao

tits and timestamp or GTFO
(or vagina for that matter)