Why are they bullying us so much?

Why are they bullying us so much?

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i don't know i've never hurt anyone in my entire life, i just want companionship

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Because you focus so much on worthless objects

They are just using incels as a distraction so Joe Q Public wont look too far into his government. Same reason why they are overhypeing terrorism.

jim jefferies found out he was autistic when he was like 29

i still like his stand up even though he sounds 200% autistic

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you need to go back, reddinigger.

To feel better about themselves by picking on a beaten dog. Especially when it's one where they can fabricate their own strawman version of reality or cherry pick a small minority of those with extreme views or have done terrible things and think it constitutes the whole of a label they've created.

>incels are unfuckable
Hence the meaning involuntary celibate?

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Because it's socially acceptable, I realized years ago as a kid that most media and songs is just 24/7 blast of sex sex sex .woe is me my partner broke up with me. I love you let's have sex. And a million other variations of the same thing especially with the queers coming out enmass. It drives our society, it drives all societys, it even drives animals, have you ever seen how dogs interact in heat? Part of it is also women getting more freedom and so they go with the top percentage of men which is easier due to sexual dynamics

It's like the hate towards neets, they are failures yes but what harm do they do? Draining food and utilities but that's it.

Men have always been expendable and valued only for their work, a pretty woman on the other hand can have no possessions or skills yet still be of great value, it always was that way and still is. Why? Well because that's the way our reproduction works, a guy can impregnate as fast as he can produce sperm, a woman can only produce a kid every 9 months, that's how you end up with absurd extremes like Genghis Khan having 1000 offspring etc

It's also hilarious seeing the results of "equality" in militarys etc when deployment comes around women often become pregnant to escape

Especially with abortions/birth control/enormous populations their value is redundant yet people still insist on putting them on a pedestal

If you really want to redpill someone just point out the endless examples of surveys on dating sites etc on how most women find most men "below average" on attractiveness and so they have to compensate with resources, there's even birds that do this stuff with finding shiny/bright objects to put in nests etc

Surprising this is original

>Hey poor people don't have a lot so they are entitled to the money of rich people. Sure they did nothing to earn the money that is taken, but they still deserve it because they don't have it.
>You want human affection, but can't get it so you are angry. Fuck you creep, learn to play the guitar.

Also there's this tendency to assume the people of the past were just morons and evil, they weren't, it's not all that many generations ago, not nearly enough, you really gotta wonder why women were treated the way they were across civilizations, generations, cultures, races continents beyond "stoopid" men kept them down, hell there was even a video of a first contact with a tribe in New Guinea, the men crossed a log across a river to go over to the strangers while the women stayed on the other side with the kids, hard to blame society for that when they were a handful of isolated tribals

>nerds and geeks are the social pariahs
>nerd culture becomes socially acceptable and the geeks and nerds are pushed to the wayside
>nerds go back their refuges on the internet and are hounded, once again, by those that kicked them out of their original hobbies
>the geeks and nerds now call themselves robots and incels and are the new class of social pariah

wow as if we didnt already know that thanks jimbo, i had no idea i was unfuckable and am a virgin at 24 for being ugly thanks dude nice amd epic fucking insight you fucking boomer cunt i want to tear out his throat with my teeth and smear his blood on my face

Fuck off with that reddit shit

>gun nut struggles for attention
go back to your penal colony jeff

this image is more true than ever

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Society shames men in any way it can. We are expendable nobody gives a fuck about us. By definition anybody who's single is an incel

Finally have a opportunity for this "Chad" image lol

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You've just described what Jow Forums does to black people.

>being celibate becomes the hip new thing to do
>droves of normalfaggots end their normalfaggy bloodline
>the robots rise from their ashes and take all the free girls who have to have us because we're the only ones left
A man can dream, but normalfags lack dedication, so they'll be celibate for a few weeks before frothing at the mouth.

Would it even be possible to make a "Revenge of the Incels" movie a la Revenge of the Nerds that doesn't entail a shooting spree?


This really is a crux of the issue. The mainstream always takes male complaints about a total lack of intimacy and turns it into an implied demand/threat to be provided that intimacy. Jim manages to strike this combative, righteous tone, but all the air goes out of it when you realize that most "incels" have the exact same assessment of their situation, that they're "unfuckable," they have no leverage to use on women and those lacks are the cause of their misery.

The incel complaint is that they're not having sex, and it stops there. To the incel it doesn't matter whether he "deserves" or is "entitled" to the sex or not, what matters is that for whatever reason or reasons, it's not happening. If it's not happening because he doesn't deserve sex, that's just as bad, or worse. The mind of a starving homeless man doesn't say "I deserve food," it says "I want food."

But the mainstream must have this spin of incels being "entitled" assholes and it being a perfectly natural and tolerable state of affairs to go your entire life without any sexual intimacy at all, because otherwise they have to face the fact that they are the villains of the incel's life story. Once you accept that fact, you either fuck incels (gross) or be unapologetic about your strength. Just like walking past a homeless man without looking twice. You must decide either that you will end suffering where you see it, or that you have no duty towards the homeless man and it's fine to let him continue suffering.

But why face that demon when you could instead tell the homeless man that you don't owe him money, he's just unemployable?

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you can never have an older male virgin in a positive light anymore, even the 40 year old virgin couldn't get made in today's climate.

Except black people are niggers who commit crimes

Ehh it's already happening, while not "celibate" for all intents and purposes it's the same thing, people are having more sex than ever but simeltaneously less kids due to a variety of reasons, effectively being the equivalent of spinning the wheels but going nowhere, so they are being replaced by other cultures that aren't so pro gay/trans/contraceptive/Feminism etc which all reduces birth rate

90% of them don't commit any crimes at all.

Probably not being celibate, but rejecting the societal normal of banging your brains out the moment you grow your first pube is already catching on.

>implying i owe anyone enough to care about anything they have to say about me, whether it be calling me an incel, basement dweller, anything

Not true even if it was that's worse then any other race

Since you mentioned homeless I should point out that 67% of homeless in the us are men, however there's many more facilities for females than there are males, same thing for news coverage, just now when I was looking up the numbers I found a page stating that the homeless amount of female veterans was going up and was outrageous! However they neglected to mention that they were a mere 8%

There was also media hysteria over female native Americans being murdered in Canada last year, they also neglected to mention that male natives got murdered at eleven times the rate

>13% of the population
>50% of the crime

Because the world is run by normalfags and chads who dont understand us because we dont fit into to their dogmatic mainstream circlejerk of a worldview

In other words; you prove anons point.
Incels are the niggers of the sexual marketplace
A minority of them are terrible, give the rest a bad name. Everyone else acts as if that minority is representative of the rest.
It's amazing how fucking dense and stupid you are.

I don't understand how you can be racist then not understand when other people stereotype you right back.

dunno about homeless but as for natives i am 100% sure that male natives pick fights way more often than females. doesn't mean they still aren't less protected ofc

Wow I didn't know that being involuntarily celibate meant that I was unfuckable. I didn't know, wow.

>muh hypocrisy
you need to go back redditfag

I still think it's funny how normies act like "incels" are a threat when 99.9% are just socially awkward men who have trouble talking to women and probably keep to themselves most of the time

Incels don't bother anybody. People with aids would be the niggers or the sexual marketplace.most niggers even have aids. Fucking nigger lover

>but -I'm- not one of those people who think women owe me sex and that there should be government enforced monogamy!
No it's more like I don't understand how someone who is casual able to stereotype others gets surprised and offended when it happens to them
Like nigga you have first hand experience with how individuality doesn't matter to people and judging populations by the actions of a few (especially in a way that supports your ideology) is appealing.

they think the hyper violent ones that actually attack women are the norm.

>Incels don't bother anybody.
Incels are literally mass shooters, rape women, voted for Trump, and are racist too.

oh god user please tell me you're not trolling

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It's sad. Jefferies used to be the fucking man. Then he pussed out and started saying what the leftists in Hollywood demanded of him. He's a good dog.

>Incels are literally mass shooters, rape women, voted for Trump, and are racist too.

and thank god for these brave individuals to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of mankind. pour out some liquor for our niggas tonight.

Incel just means you are single. Another reason why you're retarded. Niggers do more shootings and rapings

>Incel just means you are single.
lmao imagine being such a cuck desperate to fit into any social circle that you want to be an INCEL

>Hey, look at these horrible people that are the way they are because of being bullied and socially outcasted! Let's bully and socially outcast them, that'll teach them!

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How come trannies are sacred to these people but incels get shit on

No, he's serious and most likely a nigger himself.

since when is voting for trump on the same level as mass shooting and rape?

You sound like the desperate cuck who wants to be an incel. If you're single you're celibate. And most people don't choose to be single they are involuntarily doing it. Anyone who is single is an incel.

Reminder that whites cannot be incels or robots.

People are actually having less sex than ever.

>You sound like the desperate cuck who wants to be an incel.
...No he doesn't. And he has a really good point.

Didn't have a point was just an insult. You're desperate for yous I see

No matter how many long, meandering posts you all write, you are utterly incapable of changing or owning up to the fact that your solution involves what essentially boils down to sex slavery.

Nobody has a duty to relieve you of your suffering, because that relief comes by tethering an emotional anchor to people at best, or at the expense of the bodily sovereignty of your "savior" at worst. That is where the accusations of entitlement come in. They have a lot more merit than you think.

The proper way to solve the incel crisis is to just legalize prostitution.

How do I respond to someone who already knows they're in the wrong? Damn.

I'm down with that, though some will quickly learn that sex without the emotional connection doesn't fill the void and we end right back up at square one.

It is basically legal now. Nobody can afford it. People want love not sex.
Not sex slaves but punish women for being whores.

Hey Jim, anybody who finds you funny is either 15 or has worked the last 15 years at an entry level position in a warehouse.

As terrible as it is there is a long precedent throughout history of those kind of systems, forms of it still exist to this day

no they don't they just act like it so they can bully virgins/fa/losers in a "socially acceptable" way.
it's also a self fulfilling prophesy in a way. they will say that you are an angry bitter incel even if you are just lonely and act calm and actually quite friendly, but they will deny that and keep calling you an angry bitter incel until you snap and yell at them for being an asshole, but then they will use the fact that you defended yourself is proof that you are an incel.

>don't restrict women's sovereignty
>but punish them for expressing their sovereignty

I didn't offer a solution. I presented a problem.

The accusation's only merit is protecting your ego.

Tax them for pre marital sex and ban contraceptives. Youd get less single moms and less lonely men. Everyone would be happier. But society only cares about making money even if we are all miserable in the process

>haha hey fellow 4chaners im like totally a incel, my girlfriend hasnt sucked my dick this week, aha man my life sure is shitty jee wiz

That was the default stance for almost all of history all over the world

>No one has a duty to relieve you of your suffering.
>unless you're a suffering woman of course then it is society's duty to help you.

It would balance out. if your a girl and you want to be a dumb whore you have to work to earn it just like a man does

>posing a problem without presenting a solution

That's your problem. Either you're being a pouty, mopey faggot or you leave other people no choice but to follow your logic to its conclusion and rightfully dismiss you outright.

when did I ever say that, faggot? People should be allowed to fuck up on their own volition regardless of gender. Are you afraid of confronting a reality that you aren't actively being oppressed, you're just being left behind by a world that doesn't need you and probably hardly realizes you exist?

Like it or not that's what the situation is

>you're just being left behind by a world that doesn't need you
Society does need men we do all the work to keep it running. I do feel oppressed I'm constantly told I'm not good enough for a partner unless I become a millionaire meanwhile girls are praised for simply existing

>but to follow your logic to its conclusion

Now you're really reaching. Surely you see how writing your own villifying conclusion onto the end of my post is the definition of a straw man? One can easily imagine the homeless man version of that; if I wrote a post about how it sucks that homeless people have to starve, you'd respond that I'd left others "no choice" but to conclude I want to steal money out of their pockets to feed the homeless.

But you feel compelled to resist the mere presentation of the problem more than anything else, because just accepting that there is anything bad about the incel's situation is to grant him some sympathy.

because you're a bunch of entitled, whiny babies who deserve it. the only person to blame for your inability to get laid is you, either change yourself or learn to accept a life of no sex. women, society, etc don't owe you anything

I'm guessing it's not that he's being mopey but instead is arguing the baseless claim since many "incels" (although this extends outside of just sex, which is why I don't like "incel" since it is based on the sex rather than lack of any intimate relationships) have been and still are treated negatively in their life due to their circumstance. when Incels/fa/robots/losers or whatever you want to call them try to explain why their life may not be what they wished for many people deny the fact that life can be unfair and that it may suck, they deny the fact that some peoples horrible life situations are due to negative experiences from other (whether it be abusive parents, bullies, mean teachers, etc), instead they try to blame the person saying that they deserved it, should stop complaining, and accept that they will be further ostracized within society.

I really hate to say this, but I used to be an incel. Some girl relieved of my misery. I don't obsess about sex and couldn't care anymore.

Some people really do need to get fucked as a rite of passage into adulthood.

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Because you're easy targets that no one in the mainstream is willing to defend.

Bullies run the world....sucks, but it's just the way it is.

your line of thinking is what literally fuels school shooters

gotta upload the best one tho

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It's just a label that media has thrown onto ostracized people in society. The search term didn't really blow up until the Toronto attack, even if it existed in the ether before. The media has just perpetuated this label and shown a spotlight on it since then, as it plays into their identity politics game. They are creating a boogeyman out of some hard to define label/identity.

It's more similar to the focus on police shootings of black people still today and media coverage of it. The media would have you think it is a gigantic threat or common place. Statistics show otherwise (white people are shot in a higher % of police stops that they are involved in comparitively). In the case of niggers, the media does not cover crimes or gang shootings perpetuated by them because it is that it is common place. That boogeyman doesn't scare the easily-convinced viewer as it is a known reality, non-controversial, and old news.

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Incels, listen up

this is literal boomerthink. they say the exact same shit about jobs. "pull yourself by the bootstraps and JUST get a job!"

>You don't deserve love! You don't deserve anything! Society doesn't owe you anything!
Ok then, if that's how it's going to be, we're just going to kill you. We can already see this happening, and you can't stop it. We'll just kill you more and more, eventually going from lone wolves to full terrorist organizations. That's what happens when you endlessly dismiss people's problems, they only have one place to go.
>b-but muh morals! You can't do that!
We can and we will. Morals simply don't factor into the equation.

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"Incel" existed as a term long before the Toronto attack. Its usage exploded because the attacker ran with communities that called themselves incels. To insinuate that it's some made up or malicious term is some outlandish revisionist history.

>"give me sex slave"
>"I will now have to kill you. I am sorry, you have left me no choice."

You expect me to believe that the sad fuck who can't even get laid is going to successfully carry out a terrorist attack? Elliot Rogers failed miserably by his own criteria, Nikolas Cruz only got as far as he did because the school security officers were bigger betas than he was.

>You expect me to believe that the sad fuck who can't even get laid is going to successfully carry out a terrorist attack?
What do you think ISIS is? Radical Islam is just a front ideology in these things, the primary reason people actually join is because they offer pussy.

>cites the group that has been getting slammed and bullied by every group it encounters that isn't composed primarily of women and children
>its rise was mostly a matter of lucky circumstance in the first place
>whether or not it continues to exist as a threat is up to reasonable debate

really not helping your case here.

Yeah because being born into a corrupted dictatorship had nothing to do with it... fucking retard. Goat pussy is free

Incels are like a disease

This is pretty mean to actually unfuckable dudes that are disfigured, disabled or just born ridiculously ugly. The actual incels.

That's a bit edgy. Probably coming from emotion. Doesn't help you or if it is done it doesn't help any future robots. A better way to have normies understand why it's bad to ostracize is to make them realize why our modern world is the way it is. Where countries go for peaceful options instead of war, why China help African nations to build, why most other groups have been accepted now. It makes life better for everyone. The more people that are helped into being happy, valuable, and interactive members of society the better it is. For example if somehow us "incels" grew up as normies our life would be more enjoyable, meaningful, and healthy.

>Ok then, if that's how it's going to be, we're just going to kill you.
You won't do shit, you beta bitch virgin. All talk, no show. Hire a prostitute and shut the fuck up.

Being in a war torn shithole just made telling the government to fuck off easier.

>uses beta bitch virgin as an insult
>is a beta bitch virgin himself
I don't get it

I'm not saying that incels are going to take over the world or anything, but incel terrorists are going to be a big pain in the ass to deal with and a lot of people are going to die, if we don't deal with the issue before it gets out of hand.

No such thing as 'incels' around here
Robots, on the other hand, dont even believe that women owe them sex. They just ruminate a lot over being virgins