What are the most kino states to live in? Not factoring in any politics unless it fundamentally affects everyday life

What are the most kino states to live in? Not factoring in any politics unless it fundamentally affects everyday life

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minnesota. the city people aren't obnoxious coastal elites and the rural people aren't cousin fucking simpletons, plus there's a fuck ton of nature and places to camp

new jersey/new york by nyc/pennsylvania by philly. high rises, beautiful walkable downtown areas, crumbling industry, trains everywhere, just truly aesthetic af especially when it snows like it will tonight. thousands of people living on top of one another, tons of people across the country dream of moving here, nearly everyone here dreams of moving away. blocks of abject poverty across the avenue from blocks of glittering wealth. someone is getting proposed to on the street. constantly sirens in the distance. idk i just love it here.

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This. Midwest in general is god-tier. Has that nice quasi-rural lifestyle without the sheer retardation of the south and the insufferable superiority complex of coasties and canacucks. Just some decent, level headed hardworking folk

Yea its pretty beautiful unless youre actually a poor faggot here. I agree with most of that honestly. Just gotta say, if youre not middle class or higher dont even bother coming to New York. Over populated and pretty gross if you actually live here. Great for a stay tho

i live in new jersey
i used to defend this state but after having traveled around it, it's indefensible, it fucks sucks. i live in bergen county, which is extremely nice and a kino place to live if you can afford it, so i was just sheltered to the horrors of the rest of the state.

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totally correct. before i got a comfy civil service job i was renting a room in a house that was basically the house from the movie Mouse Hunt, probably 20 kids living there, u could see the living room thru a hole in the second floor landing floor. $800/month. shit's fucked
>bergen county
t. aristocrat

Rural Illinois is pretty nice. Most of the cities blow dick though

Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's almost like Finland. However, stay in the Eastern (Danish) part of the U.P. because the Western, Finnish side of the State will is very leery of outlanders and whilst you may be able to emulate how the Danish side says, "Oh, jah, ay?" you will never emulate the Finnish side's "OH, Jo-Ah, Ehy?" and we will never trust you.

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As much as Ohio gets memed on its pretty fuckin kino in my opinion. Has a lot of nice areas and even the run down parts are at least good for the aesthetic

I've only lived in one state, so I couldn't tell you about any good ones. I can for sure tell you which to avoid though.


>dumping ground for the injuns
You didn't need to tell me to avoid it user

>midwest is god tier
>tornado comes by and destroys everything

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Tornados don't really do shit. It's fairly easy to rebuild after them and its rare anyone ever dies by them. I'll take tornados over hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and floods any fuckin day

I've never seen a tornado, but Ohio is so far East some people don't even consider it midwest to be fair.

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Midwest gets off easy as far as natural disasters cuz we're God's chosen people in North America

Always thought about moving to Boston. Can anyone vouch for its kino-hood?

hello fellow oklahoman what part of this shithole do you live in? rogers county here please kill me i wish i was dead

This. Just don't stray too close to the other states borders.
Fargo is literally hell on earth

Texas. A gun store called shotgun blasters is only 2 miles away from me so if i ever want to an hero i can do it easily. The gun laws here are so lax it's incredible. It's not just shotguns in there, they have Aks, pistols and all kinds of shit.

Nevada and Texas