Romantic fantasies

Anyone want to share their romantic fantasies? Not anything sexual, just romantic, cute stuff. I think this might help the robots who are gonna be lonely this Valentine's Day.

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sailing across the ocean to see a long-distance gf rather than taking a plan

I dont know. I just want a cutesy introverted latina gf to be my muse and cuddle with me.

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I want to meet a grill who wants to learn to make knives. I'd love to take her under my wing in my shop and teach her safety and the art of becoming a culter.

My fantasy is that this develops into friendship and then maybe a romantic relationship and we become a great duo of knife makers.

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Thats pretty cool and comfy, I hope you realise it user

I saw this one scene from the anime movie "In this corner of the world" (good movie, very comfy) where the protagonist's husband came home and went to sit next to her and started pointing st the different types of ships in the nearby harbor
I feel I'd kind of want something like that

that's the closest an anime character's looked like me

Ha you bought that fake fireplace heater too? I wanted ambience for reading books and didnt even intend to use the heater portion, pretty autistic. Resold it for profit

I want a girl that has a serious ambition, or a dream or a goal and I wanna work towards my own with that kind of person at my side so we can motivate each other to do those things and be mutually supportive

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Having her fall asleep with her head on my chest.. gently stroking and parting her hair..
Waking up and watching the sunrise together.. maybe sharing a joint.
Wow, that sounds 100% gay now that I type it..That's always been my thing, I wanted to share a bed with a woman and I never really had the opportunity to do so except with a landwhale and a nigger.. fml

I pretty much my only have one fantasy since I'm 31 and an everything virgin. I have some farmland that I'd like to build a house and workshop for myself and my loved one where we can live in seclusion. I'd love to get up early and do chores and come back for breakfast where we talk about what we got planned (it's a farm, there's always something to do). Mending fences, getting ready for planting/harvest, scouting, fixing equipment, it doesn't matter. Once the sun sets and I'm done with daily chores I'd come back and we would have supper then unwind by playing music together (pic related) or just enjoy being in the company of ourselves. Afterwards, we'd put something on and do some slow dancing together, cuddle around the stove, watch old, bad movies, maybe go out and sit in rocking chairs or by the bonfire. A high fantasy, I know, but 31 years alone is not something a normal person should undergo. I think an ideal night for me would be to go out in the fields in my pickup with a mattress and stargaze all night under a blanket.

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My dream relationship is to be in that kind of relationship where when you wake up you just gaze into each others eyes and just giggle out of excitement. You can cuddle for hours on end just talking about life, and when you hop in the car, go on beautiful drives and sing songs at the top of your lungs. That's all I could ever ask for out of someone

Oh, man, I was given that "fireplace" for free because my neighbor saw me wearing cold weather gear and thought it would be helpful. Couldn't use it. It never really heated the place, and drew 1500 watts which blows my 20 amp breaker if I use a tool at the time.

I switched to a propane heater which works great on days where it's over 30 F but the valve freezes shut below that.

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yeah that thing used a shitton of power which is why I never used it as intended.
>but the valve freezes shut below that
interesting, I sometimes question whether or not I'm jealous of those who get to experience true cold. Btw what's pic-related?

I've really always wanted a gf who wouldn't leave soon as she figured out im not larping and yes the voices have more power than she does. And no they arnt their all the time.

>I sometimes question whether or not I'm jealous of those who get to experience true cold
I worked on an ambulance for years. The nature of the job meant if you were outside, in the cold with proper cold weather gear, you risked overheating. Activity is critical to staying warm. The stationary nature of knife making makes the super cold (let's say 15 F) become difficult.

Pic related is a knife sheath. This was what it looked liked when finished.

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Thats asking alot. I mean it'll be like that at first but. It won't last like that. If you can't spend every day of your life with a person it's going to end before death. And considering the odds for a moment your most likely going to find the hardway just how difficult thst would be.
The price of loving someone is that invetible ending.

Someone can work with their hands.

Without the miserable and dark lows of rejection, fading feelings, or death, there is no high you can look back to

looks dope, you do ambulance towards firefighting?

Whats the point of the high if it's constantly threatened.
Id much rather live in a neutral platou rather than a constant wave of ups and downs.
Dating before 25 is overrated

Thank you. I actually really love that "Tommi" puukko but can't find a home for it. Americans are not fond of knives without finger guards, but this style is popular in Finland for general "utility" work that involves cutting and pulling. It's not intended to be a 'stabber.'

The sheath is leather with a pine scabbard inside it, hand stitched and dyed. The knife is 80CrV2 steel hardened and tempered to 58 Rockwell and the handle is Curly Maple and Purpleheart with a copper bolster.

It's a labor of love.

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I've come close, and even that little taste made desperate me lust for a second half. I have never felt affection the way I've always wanted to

I drifted towards medical. Eventually became a surgeon's assistant specializing in orthopedics (knee/hip replacement and trauma hardware). Became a surgical liaison for a manufacturer (think: pharmacy rep) and eventually was downsized.

Reminds me of my own opinel no 8 but it's handle is smaller

And your not gonna. Life is miserable and the sooner you realize that the better. Cause then you can do something about it.

I like Opinel knives. Don't own one, but they have unique characteristics that make them nice.

Way to be an optimist, guy

Going out and having a great time in the city,
Watching the sunset while having dinner.
Falling asleep in each other's arms.


Long road trip, deep good conversation, maybe stopping to enjoy the scenery.
Exploring somewhere neither of us have ever seen.

>Anyone want to share their romantic fantasies?
>nothing sexual
does it count if I'm not the one having sex?

watching a woman who is madly in love with me get fucked right in front of me. The sheer pleasure in her knowing that the object of her passion yours truly doesn't see her as anything more than an object to be denigrated and used for his whims and sexual hedonism fills me with a great warm qt feeling.

I think that is pretty romantic in its own way.

>thinking being a cuck is empowering

I don't think that's the same as being a cuck.

A cuck watches the woman gets rammed. This guy wants to treat a woman who is in love with him that he feels nothing for like shit and pimp her out.

It's still pretty gay though.

I just really, really want to go on nature walks with a girl and share our spiritual energy

Pretty much like pic related

>being in home, since is my free day from my wagecuck job
>really nice since is rainy day, really chill day
>receive text from gf "going to your place after work"
>put the place nice for her, make good food for her, something she likes maybe
>in the afternoon she arrives
>as soon I open the door she runs at me and hugs me
> "I really wanted to see you, to hug you"
> I ask why
>she had a really bad day with her coworkers and work in general, tells me everything
> I think Im a logic wise ass, so tell her what to do to deal with that
> she calms after what I told her, she wants to eat now
>we eat, she loved the food I make for her
>We go to a comfy couch I have in front of a window looking to the backyard, watching the storm falling
>we cuddle in there while we talk about stuff
>i make her laugh, I always love make her laugh, she really understands my dumb weird humor and likes it; and I love her for that
> she tells me cute things time to time, and gives me little kisses all over my face, I love that
>without knowing we get sleep in there, wake up hours later when is getting dark
> As always I wake up first and see her sleeping, what a beauty, what a good day
>Little later I wake up and see her, she wakes up
>with the last natural light remaining see her beautiful big eyes look at me
>she streches and snuggle close to me, and gives me a soft kiss in the lips

>I think this might help the robots who are gonna be lonely this Valentine's Day.
You getting the fuck out would help the most instead of tearing wounds open over and over again. Delete your thread

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I want to cuddle with a girl or twink, I don't discriminate , hold their hand, smooch, do romantic shit
That's all I ever wanted
I don't even want to get laid, just feel physical love that every else gets to experience

>my grandfather got married to my grandmother in Hong Kong
>they had been displaced by the commies after the war
>he came to New York on a ship and had very little to work with
>had to go across all of Southern Asia, through the routes north of Africa and south of Europe, then across the Atlantic
>worked in a garment factory, slept on church pew for the first few months
>finally met up with his sister and she told him to forget about his wife
>he never gave up on her
>in a few months he was able to bring her over on another boat
>I can't imagine the happiness they shared then
>they lived an amazing life

You think this fantasy bullshit is gonna help me for Valentine's Day? I'm literally sitting here gripping this handgun hoping I have the conviction to fucking do it before this gay ass meme holiday comes up and destroys my life.

>get married in a tiny chapel on the seaside
>kiss her for the first time when the priest says the line
>have as many children as we can
>grow old together and watch our children and grandchildren find success and happiness
I'm a simple man OP
there's one particular bay I picture, too
used to live in the town and go to the bay every weekend

Basically this as the dude

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>you will never have a relationship with a girl like this

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Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. I just ate bath salts and your face looks tasty.

You're all mentally deficient and would have greatly benefited from more beatings while you were kids.