What's it like having foreskin? Is it gooey or smelly?

What's it like having foreskin? Is it gooey or smelly?

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Smells bad underneath if you don't clean it daily. But only retards are incapable of doing that.

As for the feeling, it's really sensitive and feels so good. I think I could cum just stimulating my foreskin alone

Its does not smell, but it could end up that way if you dont wash your dick and its not gooey but it is soft.

Having a foreskin secured me a slut girlfriend in college just because I had one. Stayed with me for two years, she was my first one night stand. I was a robot my freshman year to sophmore. Random lab partner turns first hookup turns college gf. Because of a foreskin.

I want to experience an uncut dick but all American guys are cut...

Not all, and the practice is losing popularity in the states fast

Sluts of Jow Forums, I don't care if you are fags or roasties, what is it like to experience cut dick vs uncut dick? If you have any experience, what is it like to experience the dick of someone who has regrown their foreskin?

answer my virgin questions.

i'm half-circumcised
pretty easy to jack off
not really gooey or smelly
more like soft skin thats very loose
if that makes sense

Feels good knowing I was never mutilated, being able to fap dry because it's easier, feel tons more than cutfags with their dry desensitized heads

Infant circumcision should be illegal but isn't because of you know who

I've only had cut and there needed to be lots of lube(with condom on). maybe I just wasn't turned on enough to produce enough personal lube but it was not comfortable at least with the big cut dude. it wasn't nearly as bad with the average/slightly above average bfs.

>another foreskin thread
>be circumjewed
why do i keep entering these threads?

>I will NEVER have a foreskin
Blood can only be repaid in blood.

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Why is it so popular in America, again? Legit the jews?

some guy back in the 1800s shilled it to everyone

Some Jewish guys back in the 1800s shilled it to everyone, and their descendants keep it going to break our minds and put it in beauty cream.

>mfw burger with foreskin

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>stayed with me for two years
>one night stand
Pick one.

It basically always smell besides 5 min after you wash it. Not a bad smell. Aren't supposed to wash your head with soap because it dries out, you want some dick oils in their so your foreskin rolls back smoother. The head was really sensitive when I was a kid touching it would hurt. But it loses sensitivity over time. I don't think I'd ever be able to cut if I was cut I'm too used to the foreskin

It gets smegma easily, but its not hard to wash, mines pretty sensitive and feels really nice to play with, i feel sorry for cutbros

Never had the rabbi giver me the ol' snipper-roo, and I'm American.

That said, I'm a dual citizen, sharing Mexican and American passports. Don't know if that matters. Regardless, both myself, nor my brother are circumcised.

I really hope that there is a declining regularity to this purely perceived abomination.

I really do hate looking at circumcised trap when I download trap porn.

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Neck yourself shitskin

I have never peeled my foreskin. I'm 18. Is that a problem? I don't have phimosis, nigger.

I'm cut but my brother isn't, my foreskin is even in a scrapbook, I have no idea what my parents were thinking beyond "Well, I had it and my dad had it" but why would you grab a hold of your baby's dead flesh and put it in a book? Both of my parents are Americans too so it's not like it's some weird non-American third-world thing.

haha, I got dubs.

Someone pls notice me.

Anyway, as far as how it feels, it's pretty cool.

So long as the head of my dick is contained within the skin, it's fairly easy to ignore an errection. However, if it gets to rubbin' and any sort of friction, it gets hot and bothered.

To me, that seems to be the one benefit. Whilst, in general terms, having the raw head rubbing against the whatever (clothes, skin, other skin, etc...), it can be too arousing; however, knowing that the same head has been forming scar tissue means that it cannot be the same as mine that has been rubbing against a very smooth and lubricated skin jattached to it.

To me, the coolest feeling is getting a fucking raging hard-on and getting to push it aroudn so that my head gets to rub against the foreskin, which is usually lubed by the best pre-cum/weird natural lube.

Putting it in a condom feels fucking weird and I don't think I'd use it much.. I do out of necessity, but it fucks shit up. It's almost as if they were designed for use without a foreskin. Granted, the foreskin will retract back for about 65% of intercourse, but it still plays a magnificent part of sexual gratitude.

Anyway. Sorry if you've been visited by your local Mohel and you've not had time to come to terms with your disfigurement. I assure you that I'm not whatver skin tone that you assert that I am, if somehow that'd lessen your mutilation.

Best of luck to you, sir!

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I did that one time after 32 days of nofap. It just sorta happened. I had a rubberband around the skin cause I was bored.
if you're not LARPing then yes. if you're like 12 then no, it only separates from the head during puberty

Why would i larp?
Im still going through puberty?

John Harvey Kellogg
Google him

its the pride of a continent