I want to find someone serious who is willing to take me in and make me into a perfect cocksucking femboy...

I want to find someone serious who is willing to take me in and make me into a perfect cocksucking femboy. I don't want to be a girl, I don't want to be a tranny... I just want to be a cute, submissive, and obedient femboy cocksucker. Does anyone here know what I have to do to make this happen? What should I do on my own and how do I find someone who is willing to use/train me??
>Red Hair
>Blue Eyes
>Slim Build
>6' tall

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Would you be okay with sharing my cock with my gf?

Mmmm, maybe.. but wouldn't that be kind of weird?

>6ft tall
only faulter
post face thicc boi

>mid twenties
too much hair for cute submissive femboy build sorry

Damn until you said 6 i was gonna do it Unless you have a huge dick or a really small one its a deal breaker gl

She's cool with it. You'd just be our sub. Well,both of you would be my sub, but obviously you wouldn't have to eat her out or fuck her. I get to do that. You might just get to worship me when I want someone to suck me off. Both of you at the same time if you're willing.

Yeah, I'm not short, but I keep thinking it won't really matter if I'm on my knees sucking cock all the time. Can't post face, user! >:(

>red hair
>blue eyes
don't waste this what sounds like amazing looks on that roastie

how big is your dick?

Plewse be in Texas

That actually sounds fucking great...!

No, I love her. I'm also a degenerate and want a personal cockslave.

this af

post dick size

Uhh, soft, I guess like 3-4 inches? mabey 6.5 erect, maybe?

Would you be okay being caged and only having your boybutt played with to orgasm?

I'm in Chicago, but I'm literally willing to move if I find someone serious..

> 3-4 inches? mabey 6.5 erect, maybe?
i wanna fuck your ass

post dick picks oregano


I would love that!! And you could pull my hair and spank me while I moan! :)

I'm not currently smooth, but you guys want pics so here. Obviously, I'd be completely smooth if someone was using me!

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You're as long soft as I am hard, feels weird man.

I'd even be willing to bleach my boihole, wear a cage or whatever else they wanted too!

Cute butt. Would finger while you choked on my cock

Again, remember I haven't used my Nads cream in months, but I would be completely smooth and all :D

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my dick is skyhigh

just shave or Brazilian wax and you'd be perfect femboy

i do suggest brazilian wax as that would be a lot more beneficial in the long run

And I would fucking love every second of it, no shit. I'd fucking worship the shit out of whoever was willing to train me. I can be very submissive and kinky I'm into whatever tf you want!

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I used to be completely smooth! I always used "Nads" cream, it works great! :D

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Idk, how to find someone serious though. Like, where tf does anyone find anyone willing to do this and train a cocksucker to be a fem/sissy cocksucker and hole for them to use and fuck??

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Im in the Midwest tryna talk a bit?

Oh, yeah, I'm uncut too, if that matters? I didn't think it would but...

why not magic powder

albeit if i was a fag and had an active sex life i would buy an ipl, braun silk or something (don't use on your face btw, it's not effective for it)

Id give you hella back shots if you cute

get circumsized get your mid riff more femanine and work on your glutes and upper thighs/upper leg
get your calfs reasonably thin
gotta be thicc
your ass is nice but your mid riff looks to manly to me

Sure! Post contact!

? Idk what that is, user? Back shots, I mean?

also post vid of you jacking off

See this is why I want someone who will train me! Make me slimmer, more cute, feminine/weaker, submissive and obedient, all that jazz!

Sorry you already have a dad bod, it's too late for u

What you got? I got snap and discord but cant use disc right now

cosplaying might mask it
if you have any cosplay dresses post pics of you wearing those or cosplay outfits in general

aww, I don't think I'm that chubby... In any case I could slim up easy. I mean, I only weigh 170 pounds!

not OP but i just deleted mine
kind of done with internet friends after today
today was going great till those fuckers started talking about CP
I fucking hate pedos and want them all to burn on a cross

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>"Slim Build"


I don't have snap, maybe kik? Gotta_be_believer

is it not, user?? What would you guys call that, cause I mean, I'm not fat? I only say slim because I'm not fat, but I don't have muscles and shit either?

his build is too muscular

kek, you see, femboy is just another name for a tranny, it's tranny lite, that's why so many of them take hrt, on Jow Forums it's often simply bicalutamide wihout e (a mild tit growth and doesn't make infertile) or something

some of the changes to your body you could be stopped or can be induced only with hrt, dunno if you can get hips wider by now it's probably too late but it could help with some curves. to get curves... well without hrt you can only help to train your ass with squats and lounges

it is??
orignially of course

that's a slim build tho
he is about bmi 19-20 or so

Where can I get a tranner pet to take in that I will cuddle, order around and make my cock slut?

*your body could be stopped

Wha-!!! Right here, user!! >:(

Yes go look up pictures of femboys
their bodys are more lean
and focus on showing off curvature

go look at soc for christ sake

19-20bmi is fat, I'm 17bmi that's a slim build.

>mid twenties
>6' tall

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>Right here, user!! >:(
Are you actually a qt tranner?

Part of the appeal is that I can be kind of a build-your-own-fem-bitch.. Tell me what you want, make me eat what I'm allowed, and mold me into exactly what you like while training me to serve you and suck your cock the perfect way!


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17 bmi is anorexia tier

they usually pose for them tho
a direct pic from the front they are usually like that too unless they started hrt early because that fridge shape is mostly created by tfw narrow hips

this stuff is impossible without hrt, some intersex condition or something external (maybe a corset lol)

>stuff is impossible without hrt,
but if the hrt is successful
is just makes you a fucking succubus