Here's your government-assigned gf, citizen

Here's your government-assigned gf, citizen.

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Eh, I had a fling with a girl much uglier.

Desu if she's willing to play table top games and / or be my wingman on flight sims I'd be ok.

still has more tinder matches than you, incel

Wanting a government assigned gf is communist faggotry. Everyone who lives in a country that can afford food should know the solution is to legalize prostitution and let the free market sort it out.

Hmm, I must have checked off the MtF box accidentally.

Which government agency do I contact to remedy this situation, again?

>is communist faggotry
No. We used to sell and own people. We need to go back to that.

-rape face
Might not be so bad

that's a bio girl tho

You wouldn't own her faggot, the government would. Same as the first three feet of your front lawn.

shut the fuck up you homosexual retard faggot.

Aw, is someone upset that the government isn't just a replacement mommy?

Will she listen to Death Metal and believe that it makes me intelligent?

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Only power metal.

>doesn't deny that he's a faggot homosexual.
confirmed for faggot homosexual.

>doesn't deny that he wants the government to be his replacement mommy
confirmed wants the government to be his replacement mommy

>confirmed wants the government to be his replacement mommy
you say that like it's a bad thing. They already pay for my house and food, why stop there?

>Flight ops with your gf
holy shit I want this so bad

we're lucky enough to live in a time where realistic sex robots are just a few years on the horizon. I can wait.

I love her and wish to marry her and learn about her autistic self-loathing ways.

Only if you listen to intelligent death metal

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