New girl at work

>New girl at work
>She says I look serious/mad all the time
>She always tries to say hi to me whenever we see each other at work
>Today she asked me for my phone number and said we should be friends

We literally have never had a conversation that has lasted for more than 20 seconds so this is kind of strange. If this was me 3 years ago I probably would have got oneitis and become a beta orbiter like I have once in the past. I want to offer my thanks to r9k for changing my perception of the world so that I don't do some cucked shit again.

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She wants to see your angry orgasm face.

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I've seen her with some chad outside of work who I assume was her boyfriend. I don't consider myself to be good looking at all so I doubt it

Make sure to take at least an hour before returning her texts.

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here is what has happened so far

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she thinks you're either going to kill yourself or shoot up your workplace

Just text her back "Okay?"

You are not a slave. You can do whatever the fuck you want.

lol nigga you got a life and other shit to do. dont contact this girl again in person or in about 24 hours.

I can't tell if she's bitching at you or trying to make small talk

Being friends with someone is not doing some "cucked shit". It's okay to not want to bother with someone trying to be friendly with you, but don't be a wishy washy faggot and lead her on. It's so fucking pathetic.

I totally forgot that would be a possibility. I haven't considered that since high school. My brother who was a grade below me told me that his friends all told him that I look and act like one.
I think it is just banter on her part to try to start a conversation but I don't know since I don't talk with normal people very often

Tell her that you arent looking for friends or a relationship but that you only want to fuck

I think she's just trying to hint that she wanted to leave with you or hang out after the shift

I had a similar experience. Girl I was on a project with kept saying I looked sad all the time and we should hang out, thought she might be into me, turns out she had a boyfriend the whole time. I don't fucking get it man.

Probably just wanted attention from you in a way her boyfriend wasn't fulfilling

The cucked shit I did in the past included giving a girl (who had a boyfriend the whole time) about $100 and a laptop.
Not looking to get #MeToo bud
Interesting perspective
I'm not sure if its a savior complex or if they actually want an orbiter

Yea like this guy saidI had multiple girls do this in highschool, they would date some basketball or football guy who would spend time worrying about other shit. I always fell for it, she just wants someone to complain to because he wont listen. Be careful not to get attached to quickly just incase

>I think it is just banter on her part to try to start a conversation but I don't know since I don't talk with normal people very often

A girl has asked for your phone number, initiates contact with you, and is joking around with you. She is either overtly friendly & wants a beta orbiter or "likes" you.

See her just as another person and move on with your life. I wouldn't fuck or date anyone that I worked with, it'll get ugly if you ever breakup and are still working together. Enjoy the inevitable HR complaint.

>Be careful not to get attached to quickly just incase
I already told her to fuck off.

god she's perfect, why is she stuck in such a shit show

Invite her out to shit crack jokes and fuck. If she's basic it should be ez

user she was probably trying to be nice

Yeah, I don't plan on doing anything with her but I am somewhat worried that she will ask me to do something together outside of work (party, etc.) and being the passive beta I am will probably agree to it and have my autism, which I keep partially hidden by not talking much, exposed.
If it was that easy for me I wouldn't be on this board. I'm a 21 y/o khv

Know your heys. She isnt interested.

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Either out of pity or looking for attention. I don't need some hole's pity and I don't have attention to spare.

>giving a girl (who had a boyfriend the whole time) about $100 and a laptop.

So don't. Be aloof, never put all your cards on the table, and understand that you owe her nothing. She'll respect you more, and you might find you make something from it all. It's not really hard not to be a sperg. You already sound like you're not fawning over her. Just be neutral with a hint of goodwill and you're set.

Easier said than done but just give a bullshit excuse and go about your day. Hell the worse the excuse the more likely you will get the idea across that you arent interested. Something like "sorry busy playing video games/watching tv/basically any mundane as fuck task."

You know, from time to time I cant sleep so I come to random Jow Forums boards. Are you all seriosly fucking autiatic here? She wants to bang you dumbass, just text her back that you can go get drinks tomorrow after work, holy shit.

I'm not on a high horse or anything. However you'll stay a khv if you don't try. Don't overthink it and usually works out fine. Also a little tip for talking and when trying to make convo. Give yourself some canned answers like what would I say in this situation. If you start doing that it should help
With the autism. Sorry if it doesn't but I just want to see you win user.

fucking whores have no loyalty. they give their numbers to strangers while having a boyfriend.

U better make sure that's her boyfriend dude. I gave a qt weird girl a bunch of shit for leading me on after I saw her hanging out with an older chad and holding his hand/kissing him on the cheek and it ended up being her very gay brother and i didn't believe her and ruined any chances with her. Long story but yea I fucked up.

Just ask her if she's got a boyfriend, that'll instantly clear things up on both fronts
The chad you saw could've been her brother for all you know

Is this something that they do intentionally?
Thanks for the advice
I think she has a chad bf though so my logic tells me she wants an orbiter
After I turned 21 as a khv I kind of accepted fate. My interest in 3D women and losing my virginity has declined drastically but it still riles me up a bit when a situation like this arises.

All I gotta say is just ask if your future self is gonna care when you had the opportunity but didn't take it.

This is retarded. You're probably just good looking and girls want to bang you regardless of what they're saying, and you're projecting.
That's VERY fucking neutral, especially considering that she's talking about work, and she's NEW.
Shes probably just trying to mildly ingratiate herself with coworkers.

If she has a Chad bf then she probably is looking for an orbiter. There's always a chance that she wants a sensitive guy because her bf isnt emotionally available, but I doubt that leads to sex unless you're already good with women.

I like this OP

Keep posting updates!