I am drunk and listening to sad music. Ask me anything, anons

I am drunk and listening to sad music. Ask me anything, anons.

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Are you listening to Pet Sounds? If not, listen to Pet Sounds. Things will get better, ok, user? Why not talk it out instead, bro.

I am listening to Assemble 23. youtu.be/8Ampn-5hcZg
This song makes me sad because that's what I want to be for someone and I'll never get to.

who is that

Jordan McEwen. She's exquisite. It hurts knowing there are girls like that out there and they'd never even look at me.

Listen to Pet Sounds instead.

Never heard of them. Recommend me a good song.

Its an album by The Beach Boys. For you I recommend:
>Dont Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
>God Only Knows

Have you tried vegan diet?

I have not. I like meat and dairy too much. Vegans are insufferable faggots anyway.

Jordan is a beautiful angle from heaven!

Im vegan.

Everyday i eat 1 apples,2 carrots and 1 oranage.
I alternate between lentil soup and potatoes. I mostly eat rice.

Once i make more money, i'll eat all kinds of fruits.

Hey user will you please listen to those songs I recommended?

They're alright, but I'm not a huge fan desu.

why haven't you accepted Jesus yet?

Why haven't you realized you are retarded and im richer than you and god doesn't exist?

I have. I was raised religious, and I still believe. I'm just not so concerned about the trajectory of my soul nowadays.
Fuck off, start your own AMA.

Can you pop that pussy for a real nigga?

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I suppose I could.

What are you drinking? also recommend me a drink to get on friday when I get paid if you can, preferably vodka or whiskey

You should listen to carissas Wierd it's all 11/10

God only knows must be one of the best fucking songs ever