Daily reminder that ALL non-virgins are normies. Other than the case of prostitutes, there are NO EXCEPTIONS...

Daily reminder that ALL non-virgins are normies. Other than the case of prostitutes, there are NO EXCEPTIONS. If you're a non-virgin who's had sex with non-prostitutes, you're a normie, and you're part of what's been ruining Jow Forums for several years.


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I enjoy ruining Jow Forums. Why the fuck do you even think I come here you retarded incel?

That word is literally a normalfag invention, made by normalfags for normalfags who were non-virgins but wanted to fit in with le sekrit 4chin klub.

no. i can't replicate the conditions which led me to losing my virginity.

>late 20's
>lost virginity a few months
>last 10+ years spent mostly inside
>high chance of schizophrenia
Thanks but I don't think I am.

Virgins are the worst part about r9k.

no its someone who fails to aquire a romantic relationship due to various reasons who cares if its invented by normies english was invented by normies does that mean im gonna learn austistglish? no

Does sexual abuse count? I don't think I"m a normie but by your rules I am

>I don't think
Of course the pathetic normie (who has no identity of his own and thus desperately wants to cling on to Jow Forums) will say this. But your opinion is simply wrong. You're a normie, end of story. Your pretending is nothing short of pathetic.

if you have aspergers syndrone which you should have if your here then you are most likely a virgin. stop browsing here its a place for socially inept people its like you want to decrease your social class

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Fair enough, that's the other exception along with prostitutes.

>who cares if its invented by normies
Because normies don't know what they're talking about.

obviously no that is actually more non normalfag than r9k assuming you developed mental illness from it. if you didnt develop mental illness/scars from it yeah you are a regulat normalfag

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Asperger's is no longer the diagnosis. I am on the autism spectrum. I am married and I know fellow artists who are married and have good jobs like I do.
You just need to grow up.

This board is burning and nothing can save it; chads, stacies, normies, cyborgs, and robots from everywhere have come to dance in the flames. This is THE absolute state of r9k

How the fuck do you not even manage to fuck a girl at least once in your life?

Incels and their fucking obsession with pussy and sex have done way more to damage this fucking place than anyone else. This is fact.

Some of us oldfags grew up and figured things out. You're stuck in the past. You need to go.

this board was never an "incel" board. "incels" are in fact the people who have ruined this place. you want an "incel" board? fuck off to Wizardchan with your gatekeeping, crabpot bullshit

>date fucked up 35 year old girl on OKC for months
>tells me to finger her and I cum when she moans
fuck it I am counting it

Be as retarded as me and its as easy as tom brady winning the afc

At least you felt a vagina one time.

I was born via c section so it was actually my first time touching one.

Shame the girl just ghosted me out of nowhere

>How the fuck do you not even manage to fuck a girl at least once in your life?
Simple. Don't go outside.

You really don't belong here.

Give up. You would have to ignore 98% of the whole board. Being a virgin loser doesn't mean you're not a normalfag. Jow Forums is just a failed /soc/. Jow Forums is a normalfaggot board.