Female Neet/Hikikomori General Thread

How are my fellow female neets and hikikomori today?


>The acronym for (Not In Education Employment Or Training)


>Hikikomori is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means extreme social withdrawal a hikikomori is a shut-in who does not leave their bedroom inside their parents house for very long periods often for months or years at a time however contrary to popular belief some hikikomori go outside but only for necessities or emergencies

>People who go to school or to work are NOT neet

>People who go to school work or have a social life are not hikikomori

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I want to hikikomori in your ass.

pic related it's me, UK lad living the NEET life earning money from home who can't get a gf, meanwhile ugly fat wales with no jobs can cry on r9k and get a selection of beta orbiters lol

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My ex was a true hikkikomori, met her here. No job, no school, hated going outside. Just lived in 3 room apartment with her mother. I rehabilitated her and helped her get into to university and that's right about when she decided she hated me and dumped me

Talking about little Julia Brown?

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The car's on fire

And there isn't a driver at the wheel

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Ah well, at least you left her better than you found her.

Nope she wasnt an attention fag, I doubt any other anons know of her. This was before discord was a thing

And the sewers are all littered with a thousand lonely suicides

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There's gotta be something more to this story, my man.

leave. you have your own website

And a dark wind bIows.

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The governmen is corrupt

And we're on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn

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>leave. you have your own website


We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine

And the machine is bleeding to death.

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Of course there is, we dated for a year. But in the end she had already broke contact with her father and the one friend she has known from her high school. I was just the last on her list for her to drop from her life. I send mail her mail sometimes but she never responds, it's unknown to me if she reverted back to her old ways or is still in school

These are nice paintings and your poem is ok, but what does it have to do with this thread?

The sun has fallen down

And the billboards are all leering

And the flags are all dead

At the top of their poles

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It went like this:

The buildings tumbled in on themselves

Mothers clutching babies

Picked through the rubble

And pulled out their hair

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The skyline was beautiful on fire

AII twisted metal stretching upwards

Everything washed in a thin orange haze

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I said:

Kiss me, you are beautiful

These are trully the last days

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nice bait but women can't be neets

You grabbed my hand, and we feII into it

Like a daydream

Or a fever

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>nice bait but women can't be neets

Yes they can.

>I want to hikikomori in your ass.

Hikkichan is so hot.

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If thats actually you user, you're unironically quite good looking. Just get a haircut my man, your hair looks like a damn mess.

>Not recognizing manlytears

It's not him

Does any NEET want me to rescue them and be my gf?

Move on, man. If she wants to come crawling back she'll do it.
I'm sorry, dude that fucking blows.

Nope I might have seen him before but I can't remember
can I get a quick rundown?

Memories like that are hard to throw away and I still care about her. Even if I meet someone else I will always miss and I wonder about how she is.

Broken vid. The title just confuses me more. Are you just posting this here because you are a female hiki, or are you schizo or something?

I'm telling you right now, she does too. I gaurantee she thinks about you all the time, and most likely at some point she's going to realise she made a massive mistake. It's practically a competition, but if you give the satisfaction of company, she's never really gonna start to feel bad about her actions.

I know it feels, dude but it gets better


Just some then tripfag shitposter turned minor e-celeb for being a doofus literally all the time

Well it's been 2 years, Im pretty sure wherever she is now I am no longer a concern of hers

Lel. I briefly started talking to a girl I fell out with 4 years ago earlier last year, and she said she had recently had a dream about me.
I think if you get to people in the right way, they'll always think about you. It's kind of satisfying. And I literally hated this bitch, and she knew that.

No good!

I was hungry and then I got a snack, but it was too big and now I am too full.

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>I was hungry and then I got a snack, but it was too big and now I am too full.

Happens to me all the time.

In bed cause it's 2am and my sleep schedule is fucked.

>In bed cause it's 2am and my sleep schedule is fucked.


Are you from the north east? Staying up till 2 isnt so bad

Canada. Just like getting up earlier.

I just like waking up without my brain feeling like a ball of wraught iron

Holy shit. It's Charlie Kelly.

the female race in the idle-state is just pure perfection. female hikkis are unironic godesses

>tfw no buff gentle giant bf that loves cute animals
>tfw no disfigured bishonen prosthetic face bf of petit height
>tfw no autistic bf that is detached from the world but sweet to you that supports your neet life by being a supa hacka or something
>tfw no meanspirited /fa/ boyfriend that disapproves of you wearing pajamas all day but still loves you

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>tfw no otokonoko bf that helps you better yourself

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I would like to purchase one of these female neets you speak of.

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>cumdumpster making thread explaining us what means neet and hikikomori
nice, really fuckin nice

Sal is so cute, I want to learn how to draw so that I can draw him.

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>does not leave their bedroom inside their parents house
That's not necessarily true. You can still be a hikikomori if you live alone or not with your parents. You can technically even have an online job (i.e. not a NEET) and still be a hikikomori.
>People who go to school or to work are NOT neet
Reminder that if you're on vacation from school, college, university, or work, you're still not a NEET.
>People who go to school work or have a social life are not hikikomori
Question for the people in this thread: Hikikomori shun social interaction within certain threshold, but how big is that threshold? Would you consider someone who does a livestream a hiki, or is such display an immediate revocation of the H-card? What about using discord vs. IRC?
Same here.

I'm all of these thinks except buff, disfigured and supa hacka.

If I get a neet girl and make her my housewife, is she still a neet?

also I want to get a neet girl and make her my housewife

Depends on how much being an actual housewife becomes her "occupation". If she takes care of all domestic affairs to the same degree of effort she would put in a job, then no.

That is paradoxical! How are you a giant but petit? Meanspirited but gentle? Autistic but /fa/?

>If she takes care of all domestic affairs to the same degree of effort she would put in a job
I don't think I'd want her to work that hard.

Not a chick but I have a girl who accepts my NEET ways and she takes care of me and she doesn't mind uwu.

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Lucky! Is she a milf?

How the fuck can they!?

Nah same age as me, she's a sweetheart.

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I think I tore my bicep doing OHP today. It hurts real bad. It's really hard to learn good lifting form when you are alone.

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Did you do the sex with her

>being touched by a person



waiting for the cure desu

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I'm pretty much Asexual I guess I really don't care about that. But if the situation ever arises I wouldn't mind. I do think she does want to though but I get overwhelmed too easily and I feel like I would really need to be eased into it some things happened to me when I was younger eh, you get the jist.

She doesn't mind that which I really appreciate she understands everything, when she gets too touchy and she realizes that she's starting to make me uncomfortable she backs off.

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GY!BE is patrician.

Sallyface is a great game, has been my latest obsession

I volunteer pls

>I volunteer pls
What is your location?

i woke up disappointed today because its supposed to snow. i like looking at the world when its covered in snow

There's quite a bit of snow over here I think you would like it a lot. Since there's a forest behind the house I live at the snow gets caught on the branches and stuff and it looks surreal It looks really pretty

Hmm.. thought I had a couple pictures I could show you on my PC but I don't know where I put them at

i appreciate the sentiment, snow makes me feel at peace. it doesnt snow much around here so when it does its a very fleeting feeling. living in an area with more snow sounds like a dream to me

Welp come up to the north and you can have all the snow you want. We definitely get more than needed :D

Can a gril be a neet if she has an internet bf?

Because I don't work/go to college, or do anything apart from sit on my PC all day.

I just have an e-bf 5000 miles away to play vidya with

Why would having a bf have anything to do with being a NEET?

Existence of social contact I guess.

Assumed hikkis didn't talk to anyone ever, but my irl social life is non-existant so

Guess I'm confirmed neet then

>perfectly cut&comb hair
>too much of makeup and details
>accurately staged messed up room
>less than 100 lbs girl

not a hikikomori


women have it way easier.
it's easy to be a neet if you have a vajayjay.

that's literally gay

define 'internet bf'
>let's have a good laugh

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>I just have an e-bf 5000 miles away to play vidya with
Why him and not me? What does he have that I don't? Except you. :(

We met in a MMO and I asked him to date me, he said yes. We've been together almost two years now and I met him irl last month. It was the first time I felt real happiness in years, planning to visit again soon

I know nothing about you user, just play more MMOs and I'm sure you too can find a depressed shut in willing to date you

>tfw it's been decades I'm on the internets and chats and imageboards and whatever, and I still can't get an e-gf

she is lazy a good staged hikku would make herself tousled messy hair

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NEET =/= Hikikomori. NEET stands for (N)ot in (E)ducation, (E)mployment, nor (T)raining. As long as you don't work (internships included), are a student, or are undergoing any type of trade or occupational training (even if you're on a vacation from it), then you qualify. e.g. A NEET can be super social and spend all their time outside socializing, and a Hikikomori can have an online / home job.

That's pretty funny, I actually found a depressed shut in like that, she ghosted me as soon as she moved on to another game.

You're probably way too old for one at this point then.

pretty depressed, which is weird because I had it under control for a while but today something triggered me and I've been upset all evening. usually I'm more than ok with being alone and keeping to myself but more than anything I just want someone to hug me and let me cry on them, male or female

>tfw no female ever asked me to date


FUCKIN' WHY???!?!??



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Guess I'm a mix of both. I'm not employed or in education, but I also don't leave the house or socialise with anyone who isn't online. I have bad social anxiety so being outside is unpleasant.

We haven't played the original MMO for a while, will probably pick it back up when the new expansion comes out. Recently we've been playing things like Viscera Clean Up and Borderlands 2 since he works a lot and you can just pick up and play them, rather than investing a lot of time like MMOs require.

two or three asked me i ignored them all and remained alone forever

Then you could qualify as patrician-tier HikiNEET. Not enough information to dismiss you as one, so you can present such ID card until proven otherwise. Reminder Hikikomori status legally requires at least 6 months of continuous behaviour. Also eternal reminder that being a Hikikomori is about being a hermit, if you're disabled / schizo / BPD / or anything else that directly and legitimately impairs your chances to socialize, it doesn't count.

I haven't worked or been in education for 3 years at least. I'm not disabled or severely mentally ill beyond depression/social anxiety so there's that too.

I think I passed the point of using my depression as my reason for staying inside and just accepted that I prefer being a shut-in. Dealing with outside life is too much of a pain.

>Also eternal reminder that being a Hikikomori is about being a hermit, if you're disabled / schizo / BPD / or anything else that directly and legitimately impairs your chances to socialize, it doesn't count.
that's invented by you, admit it
the jap hikikomori are often mentally ill and at least usually have a severe sociophoby

Welcome to the club then, don't let us down. 10-year on-and-off HikiNEET welfare-parasite here.

well ok im just gonna cry alone

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>that's invented by you, admit it
No, and impossible. The rules are made by those who coined the term, i.e. The Kourou-shou a.k.a. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, no me, not you, nor anyone else. People online love pretend they fit as a NEET or a Hiki in a desperate attempt to seem different, but they're just filthy hijackers. The Kourou-shou crystal-clearly states the requirements to be a hiki:
>1) Subject spends most of the day confined at home, nearly every single day.
>2) Subject purposefully avoids social situations and social relationships.
>3) Subject shows clear social withdrawal symptoms for..
>4) ...a duration of no less than 180 days, and...
>5) ...no physical nor psychological diagnosis that accounts for the previous qualifiers.
Being a hikikomori is, above everything, a personal disposition.

>That's not necessarily true. You can still be a hikikomori if you live alone or not with your parents. You can technically even have an online job (i.e. not a NEET) and still be a hikikomori.

That's true however most hikikomori live with their parents and it's not not leaving your house its not leaving your room they don't leave their rooms if a hikikomori lives alone its in a single room apartment if you are just shut inside your house but still can walk around doing your normal everyday boring mundane task or even have a social life inside your house while you're shut in such as your friends coming to visit and so on you technically aren't confined because you're not pulled away from the world hikikomori in english means pulling inward being confined being hikikomori is like being in prison speaking from personal experience they don't leave the room they withdraw themselves up into in the house they live in.

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it simply means they are not diagnosed

take a jap hikki like that guy whose lengthy suicide letter was posted here the other day and he clearly would be diagnosed with something in the west

heck, take that anime hikki icon from nhk, sato was agoraphobic and sociophobic

She used to be hiki but is not anymore.

You seem to miss the point that hikikomori is caused by societal pressure and that it is a social condition not a mental disorder and that most hikkis were not mentally ill prior to their isolation and they only became mentally ill due to the isolation.