If people didnt treat you like you were gonna shoot up the school then you dont belong here

if people didnt treat you like you were gonna shoot up the school then you dont belong here

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Most of the time because I listen to heavy metal, wore big black boots, and have anger issues people would assume I'd shoot up our school. I wouldn't do it but that's what happens when you're a white boy with a short temper..

nigga i'm a normie according to you fags, anyway, and i still got voted most likely to become a school shooter or serial killer

>nigga i'm a normie
100% true if you use ebonics which is mainstream you are normalfscum. thanks for identifying yourself now leave

Kindly kill yourself my dude. I was here when Randall Munroe made his blog post and moot created this board, and I'm not going to leave just because Jow Forums has filled up with depressed faggots, (((nazis))), and actual normies over the past decade.

it should be for people with aspergers and social anxiety. I dont care if youve been here since the dawn of creation. an old idiot is still an idiot. age doesnt imply wisdom contrary to societal belief. look at child prodigies.

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>tfw columbine high school was 3 miles from my high school

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If you're appealing to the """tradition""" of this board as a reason why you want me to leave, then you need to be told that the tradition of this board is a joke made by two autistic nerds that ended up being a slightly politer /b/, before it degenerated into feels and vaginabashing.

Having sex and using racial slurs did not make Charles Manson normal and it does not make anyone else normal either.

And yet, when I ask some lonely shit why he should have the board I've been posting on for years, all he can offer is:

>we wuz here long time

No i m simply acknowledging the fact that communities can only exist and flourish if they are homogenous. if you have a social life and fornicate you need to leave asap. if r9k were homogenous as it should be we wouldnt be arguing over the internet. the more diversity the more conflict
aspies only

here's a second option: you could stop being a gigantic faggot and REEEEEEEEEEEing over dumb things on the internet, and then all the other boards wouldn't shitpost here to antagonise you and you could talk about something interesting

Social anxiety is a normie meme. If you have two parents and a bedroom to sleep in, you dont belong here

for some the internet is the only medium they can interact from because of social ineptitude. r9k is supposed to be for the people at the bottom of the social heirarchy like the loner types. if you arent one you have absolutely no reason to be here.
see above
pic related is what should happen to normal people who come here

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Anyone who is white or straight is a normal, no exceptions

>Anyone who is white or straight is a normal
actually white people are the smallest ethnic minority in the world at 8% of earths popuation and shrinking.

They are undeniably normalfags too

>for some the internet is the only medium they can interact from because of social ineptitude.
for some, dead dogs and horses are sexually attractive.
>r9k is supposed to be for the people at the bottom of the social heirarchy like the loner types.
who supposes that? you? it was supposed to be the most original board, once, and now it's been invaded by mooching silver spoon richfags. we used to have homeless threads, but nu/r9k/ is too rich and too spoilt for those to exist.
>if you arent one you have absolutely no reason to be here.
what if various social disfunctions drive me to take out my anger on internet strangers?

via personal experience im assuming that your appearance is similar to pic related

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Interesting that a normalfag would brag about his social experience. Great job

>take out my anger on internet strangers?
i suggest taking 'internet' out of that sentence if you catch my drift...

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i suggested killing yourself but unfortunately your wicked ways continue to pollute this thread, board, chan, and life.

>and social anxiety
fuck off with that homo shit

I can see the resentment built up in your sentences why not actually go out and kill a bunch of people with sarin? its a great idea you know its easy to make. stop talking and get to work.

>fuck off with that homo shit
"le epic miss me wit dat gay shit XD"
thats a normalfag meme

>t. aum shinrikyo

Oh damn, you posted gore? You must be tough shit. I bet you really think that still shocks the "normalfags"

No, I am telling you to take your homo shit and fuck off. All people with "anxiety" are always gays.

It shocks enough of them especially the zoomer types into not coming here. When i was a senior in highschool i flooded r9k and b with gore and the kids who also browsed Jow Forums said they had to go to therapy because of it lol.

Thanks for informing me on this, did you also know that depression is only for trannies?

I never got "school shooter" but I did get "closet serial killer" or whatever. It's not as cool as it sounds. Not at all.

There was always the occasional gore posted on fagbook too, it won't stop normies since it's easy to ignore, just don't enter rekt threads and you're good

I am saying that the robots who want to actually save their board and I am aware that there are many should post gore in every greentext thread no matter if they get banned or not. soon theyll post less greentexts.

Thats generally true. Depression is a female emotional state

>did you also know that depression is only for trannies?
yes I did.

only youngshitters are treated like that, shooting schools wasn't fashionable back then

>the kids who also browsed Jow Forums said they had to go to therapy because of it
Sounds like exaggeration to me. There are plenty of subreddits entirely dedicated to gore, facebook gets it's fair share of gore. Besides, one gets quickly desensitized to gore.
Posting gore, bangposting, poo poo pee pee, reeeeeing and all that other autistic garbage won't do shit except make people point and laugh at you

I get where you're coming from but if all robots did was spam gore and derail threads it would become an even shittier platform for discussion

since when were school shootings fashionable? if i did it id use nerve gas.
no seriously three of them went to therapy and get angry whenever I mention 4 or chan. like if a song has jackie change their mood automatically shifts.
But there are enough to get it done and thats all that matters really.

gas and explosives are a shit
i doubt you can get the gas and plant the gas bombs properly to get more victims than simply shooting them

op the only reason why i lack a social life is because my interests differ from most of society and because of that i am unable to make friends in my vicinity therefore i have to resort to Jow Forums. every time i hear some nappy headed ape make more mumble songs like she shake dat as fo do dolla on da gram with their voice enhancer software it just disgusts me so deeply i cant even see this abominable creatures called niggers as human they are so fucking disgusting. i have a rational disgust of africans however i am what youd consider a normie. i must live a double life to keep my career. am i allowed to stay please inform me. niggerculture poisons every aspect of our society words like chill and finna all kinds of ebonics are spoken by every man woman and child these days.

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explosives do not work because they only burn and scar people whereas nerve agents cease acetylcholine production and kill them. a chinese proverb states it is better to kill than to injure

a bunch of kids thought i was gonna kill myself because i listened to metal.

Why would you do that to your ears?

no you idiot metal is a very mainstream music genre and everyone listens to it however if you listen to 'evil' sounding genres such as black metal on the otherhand they will assume bad things

this is back in like 2000-04 so i was probably listening to Mudvayne and Slipknot, thats what concerned them.

I got a visit from the school police, because they thought I was a school shooter

I always wore my winter coat on indoors during this club after school hours and was the kind of kid you'd think would do that. The teacher supervising it said something to me about you never know what you might have under there and left early running out when I told her I could take off my jacket and show her. Dumb cunt would have deserved it

>tfw my 3rd grade teacher told me I was going to be the next una bomber

She was jewish of course, probably wanted to plant the seed.

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Fuck yeah people thought I would shoot up the school.
>be me, high school
>black hair, relatively Jow Forumspilled
>have this friend
>blonde, kind of the same as me
>far more outgoing, seems like a happy kid
>we've known each other since middle school
>know that he's a fucking psycho
>he used to go to the woods during recess and catch rats and bunnies so he could torture them
>used to talk about shooting up the school with me
>he gets better and better at hiding it
>I've always been pretty quiet, and I guess I just seemed like a dark kind of guy because people always thought I would shoot up the school
>he has always been around me, even if I didn't want him to be
>sort of used me like some kind of charity case, so he could look like he's the good guy helping the bad kid
>be walking home one day
>he comes up and makes me a proposition
>he essentially wants me to be the Dylan Klebold to his Eric Harris
>this isn't out of the blue, it's been building up for a while and I saw it coming
>tried to tell people before but everyone thought I was a liar
>agree to do it
>tell him not to fucking tell anyone and we set it up
>he says he's gonna come in to school on Monday with a shotgun, two pistols, and some bombs he's been bragging about having
>wants me to make a loadout and storm the back of the school
>come in early Monday morning
>tell the principal about it
>he's obviously skeptical but he has the cops get ready
>they stop him at the door when he comes in
>dude had a sawed-off double barrel, two glocks, and a pipebomb that wasn't functional but could have been with more work
>like one or two people ever thank me over it, nobody else ever says anything.
Still think I should have let that psycho do it, fuck normies.

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explain picture

What if I never went to school?

on the other hand, if it follows you into adulthood, thats a sign you DO belong here