What's it like being in the presence of a naked Latina butt? Is it as cozy as it looks?

What's it like being in the presence of a naked Latina butt? Is it as cozy as it looks?

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Yes, yes it is friendo

can you tell me about your experiences with them?

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Yeah sure if you are a self hating ethnic fetishist ya it must be great dude

>liking various asses means I'm self hating

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>he thinks racemixing is a good thing or worth bragging about
>HURRHURR u could not get laid to save ur life!!!
I mean hey if you like asses cool but can you not be such a disgusting ethnic fetishist? Why not just make an ass thread. Oh wait. You ARE a disgusting ethnic fetishist, you fuck.

this whole website revolves around Asian fetishist incels

Pretty nice. They make the best pillows out of all the races.

Well, the butt is attached to a woman, you vain fuck.

Latina butts really do make great pillows. So do their boobs if their at least a C cup

And you are none the better, my friend.

You make these threads all the time and you post in them as long as you can too

good golly, calm down!

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>muh ethnic fetishism

if you lived in a multicultural liberal area, and weren't such a humongous, judgemental prick who lets Jow Forums choose your opinions, you would appreciate how often super attractive dark skin girls are willing to settle with more civilized representatives of other races(that is, once in a blue moon, reeling from a particularly traumatic incident of sex-cum-sex abuse, these melaninated beauties seek to add the penis of a sensitive white male to their rotating buffet selection of properly-vetted(authority problems, simultaneously effeminate and masculine such as is your typical africanoid soundcloud celebrity, up-to-date on current events and not a conservative) cocks)

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Rooming with a latina in sweltering summer heat where for convenience we just stopped bothering with clothes. Getting to see that ass all day every day.

>implying living in a multicultural liberal area is good
>implying being judgemental is bad
not that user but you are a huge faggot

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Did you ever do anything with her?
I live in a multicultural area and I like it. I'm not even an extreme left winger or anything.

yeah multicultural areas are ok unless they have the wrong cultures AKA niggers and spics

Friendo, you can't spend a summer rooming together naked more often than not with a latina, and not do anything.

>he actually expects us to believe this shit

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like a fresh waft of burritos

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Don't believe it, maybe that will help you cope with never getting to experience it.

>implying i said anything about it being good

oh god no, niggers make my skin crawl. urban culture is a horrific cesspit that everyone is too brainwashed by orgy-porgy pop music and advertising to actually see. you practice being perceptive instead of judgemental, because you can't lift the veil entirely without freaking people out, which is a huge turn off. being woke and in the know is trendy, transgressing social norms can be cool, but being afraid for the white """""race""""" makes you look like a faggot. i don't know how to live your life for you.

>yeah dude I live with this hot girl and she walks around the house naked
sounds like a 4th grader trying to convince his friends how he totally gets laid all the time

>I don't know how to live your life for you.
good I wouldn't want a faggot like you to live my life

It was only a summer few years ago and we were fucking, that's how it was so why bother with staying dressed all the time.

well if you are already fucking I guess it makes sense she wouldn't have any problems getting naked but you are a norime and you need to fuck off

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yes. lost my virginity to one, i was 15 and she was 17. she admired this BWC (big white cock) and only left because her parents started to message her to get home. even after she got dressed she sat on my lap and kept making out with me while letting me finger her ass infront of all the drunkards, even then the dumb bitch told me not to tell anyone. oh yeah she got on her knees and let me facefuck her violently too, and she let me choke her. only time ive had sex though that one time was all i really needed. also DAILY REMINDER sex and masturbation weakens your potential to unlock your inner genius: see tesla and da vinci. maga

boing boing loing latina asshole

Am spic. You can have our robotas and gladly take the white Staceys you are too autistic for.