Hello anons welcome to another creative thread

Post your creations here and I will tell you what I think of them :)

Here's a track I did a few days ago for an art project I'm doing with a girl from Canada. It's an ambient album based off of the melting ice caps in the Arctic.


And here is my Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3OJXwBweGK6sb4Un9c4aTE?si=Od0_j1WpQxWR_uQj7IzJhQ

When will I be able to forget about my ex girlfriend?

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anyone wanna post their creations?

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a new track i made today.
>jungle / drum n' bass
>drum breaks
really dig this one. the atmosphere building into the rest of the track before 2:00 min was gorgeous. definitely captures an isolating feeling, it's perfect for this time of year.

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Dedicating an entire album to her might've been a bad idea if you wanna move past her. You definitely shouldn't keep photos of her readily available. Keeping memerobilia is fine, but usually you keep that shit in a box in the closet or something like that. Meeting some new women might also be an idea. But ultimately that change has to come from within you. Me spouting some advice at you probably won't change your feelings. Only you can do that

Thanks user.I don't really have a lot of photos of her readily available, just a few on my hard drive and some in a box under my bed. I feel like the album helped me move past her and give me something to do.

Thanks a lot user. I really like your track, it reminds me a lot of early Royksopp stuff, if you know them.

working on an ep
gonna come out in the next month, maybe. professional studio recording and everything!
here is a demo of one of the tracks. singer-songwriter stuff


I like it, when is your Ep coming out, and what is your artist name?

>I feel like the album helped me move past her
Good, could've gone both ways depending on what kind of person you are.

And I guess the best way to move on is just to keep busy. If you stay in your room all day doing nothing it's much easier for thoughts about her to creep back into your mind. But it seems to me you're plenty busy. Worrying about moving on won't help either since that'll just bring her to the front of your mind all the time.

both of those things are currently undecided
but like i said a month or two maybe.
thanks for listening!

Of course, please post it here when you're done. You have a lot of skill, I would reccomend checking out the bands "Red House Painters" and "Kings Of Convenience." They're kind of a similar style to your songs, and listening to them might give you some ideas for how to make your album sound more varied.


I draw (badly) and write music for my autistic childhood story I used to imagine. Since age 7 I would imagine an enormous war between the "whos" and the "lice" on a massive planet, I would use twigs to pretend they were bsttlecruisers and break them apart to imagine huge aerial battles. I imagined trees and buildings as massive structures miles tall. I had main characters Peter and Emily who eventually died and their son Orion became the main character. His wife Trielle is the one the song is written for. She died 7 years after he did (in the story, irl it was about two years). She died fighting to destroy a superweapon that would have wiped out the who's capital city. Myron, her friend and Orions mentor, held her while she bled out after fighting dozens of soldiers. I remember riding the train the next day thinking how she was gone and inagining Myron on the way home feeling the same, looking out at the gray November sky and the city and feeling this emptiness. When I got home I felt inspired to write this piece, also inspired by the turn it down a.n.o. remix which I listened to after her death, and found the lyrics oddly fitting. Unfortunately I fucking ruined this story by bringing Orion back to life and made the whole thing feel like a hack and death felt fake and it all feels fucked up. So now I don't imagine it anymore. So it lasted for 16 years of my life which isn't bad I guess. Maybe I'll go back to it one day of I can think of a way to fix it.

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Where's the map fag?

> shitty ambient music

Kill yourself you fucking retard, your stuff is trash and it won't bring your roastie gf back

Who shat in your cereal this morning?

He's a troll that comes here a lot unfortunately.

Is it the same guy that called everyone that made music in here a wannabe skrillex? You know that painter that got high off his own fumes a few times too many. If so atleast he learned a few new insults. Not any good ones but hey, progress is progress

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going to bed
thanks for posting your stuff guys

do song lyrics count. i wrote a shit song and in want sum input ig.

tear me apart piece by piece
and me tell its over we never lovers
i fell apart piece by piece
from all of your words they cut too deep
i cant say no to your hazel eyes
how could even look into mine

thats something i cant admit to myself that i cant live without you now

tear me apart piece by piece
and me tell its over we never lovers
i fell apart piece by piece
from all of your words they cut too deep
i cant say no to your hazel eyes
how could even look into mine

are you upset or am i a mess

im all alone, have you left

you tore me apart piece by piece
and you told me its over we never lovers
i fell apart piece by piece
from all of your words they cut too deep
i cant say no to your hazel eyes
how could even look into mine

i cant leave, please dont go

guess ill die i guess thats just fine

as you can tell im no professional but i sure would like to be rip

I've been writing down melodies and chords of my favorite songs and am thinking of how to arrange them as covers. Is it acceptable to make mostly covers? I'm not very creative and maybe if I make covers of my favorite songs as a one man band I could get ideas for my own music, right? Or will I be doomed to just rehash? Is it even legal to make covers without paying up?

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There's nothing really wrong with making covers. I think most people start out playing the music they like. I did too, but I quickly grew tired of playing other peoples music. And creativity is a learned skill if you ask me. So don't sweat it if you're not feeling creative enough now. And I don't think there are any legal issues with making covers as long as you don't try to pass them off as your own original creation

So it's okay if I were to upload them on Youtube or whatever? The arrangements I make are very different since I'm only person and have limited instruments to play (tenor/alto sax, ukulele, voice, whistling, and random trash items as percussion).

how were you able to post your music on spotify mang

Yeah, sure. People, rich and famous or not, have been making covers for ages. Besides, the Youtube content ID system couldn't pick them up anyway. Just label the videos as covers and you're good to go.

I like it , I can see it working with XXXTentacion , Lil Peep , or $uicideboy$ type of beat!

Only potential issue I could see is if you were to make a cover album of say nintendo music and wanted to sell it. I know of one case where someone didn't get the permission to do that because nintendo is pretty stuck in the past when it comes to this.

And even further, I think one should strive to do something like this when doing covers
Try to improve upon the original or add something new to it. But I think that is a bit of a necessity considering the means available to you. Which, by the way, isn't necessarily bad. Limitations usually drive creativity, which I could go further into.

Is it obvious that this is a bit of a thinly veiled excuse to post great music?

Holy shit that analog synth is meaty. Reminds me of Mort Garson's Plantasia but more spooky. I wouldn't sell covers or music, I just want people to listen to my music and if a single human being likes it then my job on this planet is done.

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>I wouldn't sell covers or music, I just want people to listen to my music and if a single human being likes it then my job on this planet is done.
I think that's a decent position to hold. One shouldn't go into any creative endeavour with a mind set on profit. However I would of course sell my music if I were in the position to do so. Or atleast distribute it through a pay-what-you-want kind of business model.
>Holy shit that analog synth is meaty
If I recall correctly both those albums were created with a korg ms20 mini. Kinda wanna buy one now, though I'm trying to avoid falling into the pit known as gearfaggotry. And if you ever wanna get into synthesizers I probably wouldn't recommend that one. Just so you know

I feel weird shilling. Might just be social anxiety or something
Oof your track reminds me of silent hill music, which i love, but its way too long and boring for me. SH has ambient tracks but they tend to be short and to the point.

This is alright. Id change the piano work a little myself. The chords you have playing get old, so maybe shift in some chord inversions over time? Id also consider sliding in some simple dreamy delayed/reverbed piano melodies.

Getting too old for this shit and its not like any robots are picking up the baton as those before me did to pass on the spirits that we carry in our heads as music.

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Hi it's me and my small homemade youtube channel