I have an ok loking face

I have an ok loking face
I am 6ft 1
I am 141lb
I have a 7.5 x 6.4 dick
I have a good hairline
I can grow a normal non patchy beard
I have an ok chin
I have a clear skin
My only abnormalities are a minor pectus excavatum and my dick being like 5 degrees to the left


Why don't women care about looks? If I was a woman with an equivalent good looking body I would be a Stacy

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> He has exact dick-angle measurements
> He knows what a minor pectus excavatum is

You've answered your own question

u dont have looks

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>I have a 7.5 x 6.4 dick
post it faggot

That's like 99.999th percentile, so pic related

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if u were 6'1 and ok looking you'd have a gf, sorry mate ur ugly

Women do care about looks, as much as you. But you pobably wouldn't date a stacey bitch and they wouldn't date a handsome sperg.

If the thread is alive in an hour, ill be home and post it

Go to soc you pathetic faggot. They love betas who list out their stats then cry for a gf

Wish i could post my ok looking face

This is what 6 inch girth really looks like. Let's see if OP can compete

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god I wish I was where the camera that took that picture was

Is an insult on r9k

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do it on soc, block out ur eyes if u want

That looks way bigger than mine, but i have never seen my dick not from the first person view

You need to force yourself to be outgoing

How, where do I go? I am 22 incel neet. Vidya ruined my life. All of my friends I had don't want to spend time with me because they have uni/jobs/gfs/vacations.
Plus, I Have nothing to talk about but vydia, who cares about the current meta of league of legends and top tier champion picks or what are the mechanics of a boss from that one mmo?

You're literally a skele.

Assuming I even got a chance with a girl, what do I say? I live with mommy and daddy, I have no skill or education, I will work in a Mcdonald's when they kick me out, right now I spend ~15hrs a day wasting time if front of a screen, you would think I learned something usefull in this time, but you are wrong

Nah I am not homie

I'll be your gf user
bury original

>decent cock
>plays the same shitty game that I do
I'd date, you sound kinda vapid though. Also you probably want Stacy lol

I want attention and affection.
E-dating is a meme ,but here Gedasma#0772, we can complain about our loneliness to each other. And maybe play sometime

>dating trannies
no ty