Big guy

>super broad shoulders
>autistic and introverted
>people assume i'm not because of how I look and even feel intimated despite being a nice quiet person

feels bad man

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>broad stature
>masculine face
>walk around with big dick energy
>autistic and introverted
>tendency to show no emotion when meeting people for the first time so I look like I'm glaring them down
>difficulties holding a normal convo without very dark humor or autism seeping through
>still a lossless virgin at 19

It really is all about personality, guys.

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same here user
personality and success is almost all that matters imo

If you fags unfucked yourselves or even just pretended to be chads you could be fucking cunts left and right

but i dont want to be fucking "cunts" left and right

>Basically a little girl

You guys are living in easy mode.

but you can be a qt trap user instead of an autist in a chads body
i think i'd prefer that

Trust me you wouldn't. No one ever consider you as a human and if they do, they do it only to mock you.

yeah but at least that's up front
i get the "luxury" of being considered human until I start talking

Don't talk then. You will look like someone cool and mysterious.

i dont think that's very practical user
you want me to mime whenever i need to talk to someone?

Dunno man, I have zero experience talking to people.

same and when you have no experience you cant get any experience because nobody wants to hang around inexperienced people

>National level swimmer
>No abnormalities
>No clue how to handle social interactions
>Be a sarcastic asshole to everyone

are you underage user?
the sarcastic thing normally passes around or before 18
for me it was replaced with pure dead inside i dont know if thats better or worse

im 17
hopefully you are right and it passes by then

Wait, aren't you underage?

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>Slightly above average height.
>used to be a fatass
>made it to avg weight
>Get lazy and gain weight gradually
>Now called a "hefty guy"
Please fucking kill me. I used to be a fatass and I don't want to make it all the way back there but I know I've almost already failed. Why the fuck is maintained anything decent so hard?

funny how "big guys" are always the biggest babies

>being this fucking stupid
kek it lads

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>Be me
>180 pounds
>blue eyes, blonde hair and a Chad jawline
>Great stature/build and athletic
>Reasonably intelligent
>6.75 inch dick
>Borderline psychotic autistic who shows no emotion