This is your future if you lower your standards, always remember that

This is your future if you lower your standards, always remember that.

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you mean that i get fat and cis?

So my future is having a loving wife and multiple children? Sign me up.

what a disgrace to his family

Considering how ugly the parents are those girls are 9/10

they aren't ugly tho
the guy is fat and except for that the both are about average looking

Is this a message to women? The mom is slightly better looking than the dad, though both are ugly and basically the same tier. They look happy though.

Oh sorry I'm from Luxembourg we are generally more better looking than you American mutts

You mean lower standards for women and himself.

Can't argue with you.. European are the best lookers. Smarter and more manners too. In fact I think they are better than the American by large margin. Stay mad you olivano mud blood puppy

Dub dubs of truth. European men and the woman's are always very good lookers. I am European myself I always want to kiss my reflection but I'm not gay, just curious

better future than most ppl here have

hell those kids probably have a few iq points over him

>two happy qt daughterus
dude fuck you, I'll lower my standards as much as I need for this to happen
just imagine waking up because of their footsies tapping against the ground until they jump onto your bed to wake you up while screaming 'daddy wake up!'

how far down the hole does OP need to be to see this as a negative future?

Honestly, +50% Caucasian -50% Native mix raced girls are top-tier.

hello chris hansen i found the pedo

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>This is your future if you lower your standards
>has successfully reproduced and passed on his genes

>"successfully reproduced and passed on his genes"
>his kids are brown and look nothing like him because of tipi fever, too ugly to score a white or at least close to white woman
lmao sure thing

>muh white genes
as much as I hate the current state the west is in right now, the fact that you people are going extinct is the one thing I can still smile about

Ok Silverstein

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What if he uh, waited until they were 18 and uh, you know, married them and inserted even more of his white genes? His son/granson would be even more white and if he didn't have a heart attack from being a pig beast, he could continue for another generation if he had daughter/granddaughter to make a son/grandson/great-grandson combo.

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these kids look ok to be honest

I'm just surprised how brown the kids are. The mom must be 100% native

more like bean fever

they are like 5 years old and will grow up to be liberal fags who hate america.