Why are bIack people so low IQ?

Why are bIack people so low IQ?

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You didn't get any satisfying answers from when you posted this yesterday?

For a group to be effective, it must be cohesive--the individuals in it must stick together and sacrifice for others in the group. Such cohesiveness cannot be easily obtained unless the people in the group are genetically similar so that any sacrifice for others is for those who have more of ones own alleles and is therefore, in a biological sense, less of a sacrifice than it is a gain in fitness. Ethnocentrism and racism are built into our nature; the alleles of those who support their own genetic family are more likely to survive than the alleles of those who do not, i.e., anti-racism is maladaptive, and it is the anti racists who should be labeled mentally ill and worry about being put into the DSM, not the racists. Like the taxonomists and many social scientists, the psychiatrists have been corrupted by egalitarianism.

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Probably because we brought them over on slave ships and fucked with em for a few decades lawl

>Ethnocentrism and racism are built into our nature;

In 1998 President Clinton boasted to a cheering Portland State University audience that by 2050 whites would be a minority in America. Huh? White college students cheering for the loss of their homeland and their own extinction? And no one thinks there is anything abnormal about that? How can any people survive who cheer the prospect of their own demise? Surely, this is as pathological as taking poisoned Kool Aide at Jonestown, yet it is considered highly moral, not sick. Jews condemn and ostracize self hating Jews, but a majority of whites love and lionize self hating whites. Can there be any act of betrayal greater than rejecting the genetic heritage that made such betrayal possible?

People from hot climates have smaller skulls therefore less brain capacity

If you exclude egyptians, africans were never really advanced. They didn't have any good philosophers, scientist or anything of that sort. And they were enslaved. Aside from genes, what a kid eats, does during his childhood determines his IQ. Since most of them are from slave family they didn't really have intelligence-friendly childhood. Maybe that's the cause. Well that's just my opinion.

Noel Ignatiev, who is white (but Jewish), a fellow at Harvards WEB DuBois Institute, and the founder of the journal Race Traitor, whose slogan is Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity, wrote, abolishing the white race is desirable. Another Jewish writer, Susan Sontag, wrote, The white race is the cancer of human history. Whites supposedly benefit from the privilege of being white, which consists of being able to live in safe, white neighborhoods, go to safe, white schools, have white friends, etc., in other words, enjoying and participating in the civilization that they themselves created. Condemning white privilege not only makes it hateful and racist for whites to create a society that others are not capable of creating, it also contradicts the multicultural argument that all cultures are equal.

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Fuck off with your pseudoscience bullshit. You sound underaged.

The latest craze on college campuses is whiteness studies, which are courses or presentations, usually to whites by whites, on how evil whites are e.g., Exploration of Whiteness Week at Occidental College. Tim Wise, another Jewish white hater, earns $4000 plus expenses for speeches that induce white college students to flagellate themselves with guilt and shame, thereby enabling him to live in a white neighborhood and send his children to white schools.

How could creatures evolve who are capable of not liking themselves? Surely, such creatures would have been driven extinct long ago by others of their kind who do like themselves. Part of the answer is that man, unlike most other animals, does not entirely follow his instincts. Man feels his instincts as urges, but since man has free will he can override those urges by an exercise of his will, and he often does so, sometimes choosing maladaptive behavior instead of biologically programmed adaptive behavior. That is why we have suicides, miscegenation, and a host of other maladaptive behaviors.

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The replacement of whites will be stopped

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Not this pseudoscience again, you have to go back.

>implying its pseudoscience

Facts are not pseudoscience you have to go back

Foundation of IQ is dripping in racism. Just the other day I saw on facebook a black man had cured some type of stomach cancer. Black people are exploding with genius and energy. You can't deny that. It proves that the IQ tests are bullshit.

>google key words

source? lone inventor myth

What is anecdotal evidence? What is proof by example?

Can you define those terms for me, user?

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>gets utterly obliterated in logical argument by /b/tards
>posts on Jow Forums instead

Race doesnt exist, your evidence is biased or fabricated, your conclusions are flawed, and youre fucking stupid.

>Most of Africa never had a agricultural revolution
>Never had a season or time where hunting was ineffective
Basically they never experienced the enviromental pressures that raised the average IQ. Europeans had more brutal winter's and hunting wasn't an easy option so smart people reproduced more than others because farming was essential. Then as time went on intelligence became more and more integral to being prosperous in those groups.

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>more pseudoscience

Read more books.

Are you saying that farming being necessary for survival wouldn't be a evolutionary pressure for increasing IQ?

You mean The Bell Curve? None of these racial IQ threads or stereotypes about IQ would exist without that single source.
As if it's a more logical conclusion that different races are more intelligent than one another based on random testing in different countries,
all The Bell Curve did was prove that Africa and Latin America are poor and East Asians are so academically pressured and get beat by their parents so much over success that they're very accustomed to tests.

Why are white people autistic? They are the most autistic race.

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cause whites take their kids to doctors


Agriculture has only been around for like 10,000 years, hardly enough time to seperate any ethnicity from each other based on intelligence.

Your model also doesnt account for other cultures that did farm but did not Industrialize, like Native Americans (who did have winters) or Polynesians (who had seasonal changes unlike winters but still affect agriculture).

Simply put, Winter is an unsatisfactory explanation. What does explain is trade and contact with other cultures. The more cultures, the better. Every society that grew along The Silk Road industrialized around the same time. The Mediterranean was an excellent vehicle for trade and logistics. Horses were easily domesticated and propelled humanity faster toward progress.

Native Americans, Africans and islanders lacked continental trade routes with many different cultures, and they lacked horses to extend their cultural reach.

Historians generally hate the book, but Guns, Germs and Steel explains it pretty well.

explains why we are so bad ass and high test conquerors

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Probably same reason we're less likely to be gay.

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Niggers are stupid and eat bananas like monkeys off a tree, and have to fight other animals over them. White people had to huddle together to stay cold and not chimp out during winter. Get fucked, marxist commie, get shot in the back of the head please and get turned into nigger food if you love them so much.

winter and living in northern europe made white people more attractive that's for sure

"biological causes"

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That almost sounds like a rational argument if you're an ignorant claude that doesn't have internet access to statistics from something like the CIA world fact book. Given the paranoia about the capabilities of the CIA it'd almost be laughable to not accept some of the statistics as facts. Consecutively every year for as long as I can remember going back over a decade the consensus on the murder rate is that you're more likely to be killed by someone that is the same race as you, regardless of race. Your argument is exactly the opposite of reality, the closer the genetic similarity you have to someone the more likely they'll try to kill you. There are no incentives to killing a stranger and it's actively discouraged, there are incentives toward someone you're more close to biting the dust.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is keep your own life in order. You are able to at least be a hard working, competent person, and not be a miserable, degenerate mess. Uncountable generations have endured worse shit than us. Bait and useless shit flinging on the internet do not have to be a primary factor of your life and identity. Why let strangers who don't care one shit about your wellbeing determine who you are and what you think? Nothing from a screen should ever take away from your real life.

Always remember: we live in first world countries and have opportunities that most people born on this planet don't. Things aren't as good for us as they were for our parents. But billions of people in the third world would still kill to have the opportunities that you do, right now. So take care of yourself! Work your ass off, every day, to build a good life for you, and for your family. Clear self destructive thoughts from your mind, and keep yourself focused on realistic, longterm goals. You have the power to create who you are. In every second of your lifespan, you make a choice about who you are going to be in the next second. Real change comes slowly over time, and requires many choices. But those choices belong to you. What you choose do with yourself is who you are, and who you will become

They came from a place where it's warm all year round so they never had to figure out solutions to all the problems winter time brings, like all the prey animals going into hibernation or leaving for warmer climates, or none of the trees bearing fruit. So they never had incentive to develop agriculture and move past the hunter-gatherer stage of proto-civilization.

but the hunter gatherer lifestyle existed in the frozen north, in fact it still does

Lack of economic oppritunities in ghettos, which naturally leads to a lower quality of education.
Both in unison leads to social decay. Allow this long enough and crime starts.
Happened with Italians, the Irish, and Chinese. They lived in ghettos, couldn't get many jobs, and ended up turning to organized crime.

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>The daily/pol/ recruitment thread

Mods, this has been posted nearly every fucking day this week, and only survives since OP bumps the shit out of his thread. Why do quack nonsense like this manage to hit page one along with the fucking tranny shilling, why does this board undergo such pysops and the mods absolutely refuse to clean up shit which is vehemently not part of the board and is clearly an attempt at entryism.

If this board is just /b/ 2.0 then just fucking close it down already

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It's a shame immigration hurts people in poor communities the worst, looks like thanks to the dems blacks are going to stay dumb.

The immigrants were the poor people. The United States is as powerful as it is thanks to mass European immigration even.

too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Fuck off you stupid nigger
Wouldn't you agree that bringing more poor people to a country where a large demographic is already poor is harmful? Instead of opening borders, Europe - or the US for that matter - should focus on developing its own Nation.

In regards to immigrants, having poor people shoved into poor communities doesn't help anything unless there is government intervention such as education/job packages/investment in local amenities.
Poor areas do bad because they create positive feedback loops and drive away businesses, in turn increasing unemployment.

Some cities in the UK (and US) used to be entirely dependent on manufacturing and paid fairly decent wages. Sure, work would be about an hour and a bit travel time but there was employment. This kind of idea isn't something that can just be reused by governments either because resources are depleted (whether it be land or natural resources) or it's too expensive (HS2 is on the verge of being scrapped while opponents call it a tool used by elite engineers to line their pockets)

Populism seems great, it removes the responsibility from the individual and places it on the system. Someone got stabbed? Lost your job? Too much traffic, you're damn right it's the system at fault.

Furthermore, in the long term, Europe has an issue that developed nations have, which is that the birth rate dwindles due to costs of living being high. Only the nations which used decent planning systems (Nordic regions basically) have designed strong socialist systems that might outshine the somewhat janky crony capitalism we've got.

The real problem isn't immigration, It's just the same economic problem, too many mouths to feed, whether they be immigrants or domestic families of 5.

>Wouldn't you agree that bringing more poor people to a country where a large demographic is already poor is harmful?
Moving to another country requires a lot of money. Do you think the USA just lets people in who clearly cannot afford to sustain themselves? No country is that suicidal, except maybe Sweden.
Besides, blacks are not immigrants. They were here longer than most of the "white" population thanks to the fact most "white" Americans' ancestors came over in the late 1800s.
Leaving citizens to fester in ghettos with no jobs can never leads to good things.

Because they're too busy worrying about lions and shit to care what triangle comes next in a sequence.

yes actually i do think immigrants are poor

are you retard? actually?

I suggest you take a look at how LEGAL immigrants come into the country.


>After you submit your visa application, you may need to collect documents showing your petitioner has the ability to financially support you in the United States. You will submit these documents to NVC in Step 6.
Like I said, the only country retarded enough to do this shit was Sweden, which set a fantastic example of why you DON'T let poor immigrants into your country.

You must think uber drivers aren't poor

The study was done in usa you absolute retard.

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Because of major discrimination towards black people until 1960, not to mention slavery until 1860 which have led to virtually no capital accumulation via inheritage, which results in lower chances to graduate from expensive private universities

Even if this chart shows a true distribution, there's a misunderstanding between cause and effect, discrimination being the cause, statistically low IQ being the effect. So, you guess what has to be done

It might have something to do with the ghetto culture that most blacks are a part of

They had to be nerfed somehow, they're much more powerful than wh*te men, more athletic, bigger dicks, more appealing to women because of their alpha nature, thus atleast their IQ had to be lower on the average.

Why do white "men" have such small penises?

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They don't. Why do black "men" have other men's dicks on their computer?

reminder that black people only have longer dicks in self reported polls, when its actually measured they come out at the same average length, proving again that negroids are the most insecure race.