Why don't you just date a foreveralone submissive 32 year old little girl, Jow Forums?

Why don't you just date a foreveralone submissive 32 year old little girl, Jow Forums?


She's looking for a serious relationship, all you have to be is a nerdy intellectual vegetarian frugal compassionate emotionally available circumcised, non-religious child-free, dominant guy who's into ageplay, lives in East LA, has a kink for sharing his sub, and doesn't want vaginal or anal penetration.

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KEK I thought you were fucking joking. What the hell? Any guy worth his fucking salt would see she's full of shit. How can you want to be shared but also claim you've got Vaginismus that makes sex impossible? She's looking for a sugar daddy at least 7 years too late.

>please be circumcised (no, I don't condone the practice)
uh huh
>I'm not into role playing
>but I need a patient Dom who's into ageplay
>sharing your sub
>NOT open relationship
so open one way?


wtf did i just read. why did u post this

She did specify she was looking for a straight white male, so I'm surprised you guys aren't furiously jacking off to this post yet.

at 32 with a lot of requirements i thought it was satire

she cant just type up for a tall white chad and expect him to appear, hes not cheap like her previous bfs.

Why is it that girls who claim to be "subs" are always really doms that just want to go through the motions of being a sub?

It's just that you don't understand "scene play" as far as most bdsm is concerned.
Most people who play subs and doms are the opposite in real life. It's a way for them to live a different life in private, an outlet. It's why anytime some ceo or bug wig in authority gets caught in a scandal 9/10 they are in a sub role. It's how they let go of their day-to-day.
Those that are subs/doms irl and at play are usually busted people from my experience either being absolute door mats or control freaks

That's why I stopped going for girls who identify themselves as subs. Seems like the only real subs out there are girls who don't label themselves as such.

Yeah that's usually a bedroom play designator not a lifestyle personality description for 99% of people.

Imagine being so creepy that "scene play" is an actual term you use and this kind of creepy life philosophy is something that you ever even think about.

>being so creepy
BDSM is a pretty big social community my guy. It's a very role-play heavy environment and necessitates a lot of social interaction, communication, and trust. I get it may not be your thing and that's fine but like any community it has its own jargon.

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I meet all of her requirements, except I'm short... s-should I message her, bros? I've always wanted a sub gf, but as a shorter guy with a small dick it's hard. But if she can't have sex anyway, she won't care if my dick is small, right?

I want to beat you with a baseball bat just for considering that.

poor little girl. I wish I could help her :(

you're right, you're right. i'm just so fucking lonely

Author of the post wrongfully being shared here. Someone was nice enough to message me on reddit and let me know.

First I wanna thank those defending my sub status - yes I'm alpha in my every day life a bit, which is WHY I am sexually submissive. It's not 24/7 for everyone, for me its just in the bedroom.

Second I wanna say anyone who fits what I'm seeking - regardless of penis size or height should message me. :)

Better alone than to end up with such a vapid cunt, those kind of relationships look like they would just obliterate self esteem more and likely to be extremely draining on your psyche.

You have some proving to do because this bait sucks, dude.

very brave lady here. you seem very sweet, bless you. now turn away and get as far away from this toxic website as you can. I hope you find what you're looking for in life.

be nice. she really doesn't seem that bad. in some ways she's just like us. she's lonely.

She isn't lonely, she probably has hundreds of beta orbiters, she's just a disgusting person in general.

>don't want anal
>the rest
How the fuck can be someone naturally close to my fetish but with shit tier personality and wants wants wants to no end?

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unfortunately, having beta orbiters doesn't really help with loneliness.

You guys that are defending me are adorable, lol. I kinda wish the person on reddit hadn't told my post was on here - nothing good comes of knowing that. Oh well. It is what it is. I've had my information stolen and used without my permission before, and I'm sure this won't be the last time. :)

>having loads of people there for you at any given time doesn't help with loneliness

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I'm sorry, I was only trying to help. I just felt like, if *my* dirty laundry was being shared somewhere, I would want to know. So I could delete everything before it went viral or something.

This is a joke right?
Unsuprisingly unoriginal

orbiters aren't truly "there for you." they're only "helping" because they want something in return. they ease only the most superficial layers of loneliness.

fucking kek that was nice. If only there was a female edit of it too it would be perfect

Two people that are together aren't there to help either, they are there to satisfy their own need of intimacy and happen to share interests and/or worldviews.

This is literally a bait post. it fucking has to be. there's so much wrong with it
>please be circumcised (no, I don't condone the practice)
Like, come on who's falling for this?

yeah, but true kindness is much more likely to come from a long term partner than from an orbiter.

ultimately though, that type of unconditional kindness can really only come from our parents. unfortunately, almost none of us get it.

it's real dude. check her post history. she's been searching for her white whale veg-daddy for at least four years, since she was 28.

>BDSM is a pretty big social community my guy.
And this doesn't make it not creepy as fuck how?

What do you mean by that? Also, who was it, father, uncle, family friend?

She's looking for a dominant guy who is also a gay jew? Wtf?

How do you not realize something's wrong with you in 4 years of things not working out? Or do you think she realizes it but doesn't give a shit?

Matter of perspective I guess. Creepy for me is some guy on public transit with his shirt tucked into is sweats filming a stranger with his phone while mouth breathing and didling himself in his pocket.
People doing things in private isn't "creepy" to me as that word implies a publicly disparaged behavior.

To expand a bit it's not creepy to when it's an active social community that interacts in person and does things outside of that together as well.
You don't see lolicon meetups and 98% of the people on this website would not interact with each other in person over their kinks. BDSM is a very old kink and one that doesn't have a stigma to the degree that many others do to the point of being the focus of top selling "romance" novels despite being a poor example of the actual community.

>You don't see lolicon meetups
You do where it's legal, like Japan, is it less creepy then? What about furry cons? Defining your life by a sexual fetish is one of the creepiest possible things to do.

Toasting in a underrated bread

>wrongfully being shared here
LOL good one user, sounds just ridiculous enough