Being white is LITERALLY life on EZ mode

>be white American
>have access to this just south of the border
>no courtship involved, just say you wanna hit that

>be white European
>same deal, just with Medi/MENA females

>be white South African
>same deal but with black females

>be white Australian
>same deal again but with Asian females

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It's not so much that we have life on easy mode, but rather most everyone else is fucking retarded and has crazy sour grapes and a bucket crab mentality about anyone who does better than them. Basically, we're just living life on normal mode, and all of you dog-eating, face-flaying, child-abusing, street-shitting, pygmy-raping chimp savages hate us cuz you ain't us.

This is only accurate if you replace white with black.

Black men have life on easy mode.

not if your school and city is full of sandniggers

>Can't even tie their shoes without autistically shooting or stabbing each other
>Easy mode
Lmao stfu nigger

Our ancestors toiled, warred, survived and prospered to become the superior image of man. You can't help being jealous of that, and I don't blame you, but hatred is not the answer. Revere us as your superiors, and learn from us, instead of trying to destroy everything we worked for with feminine rage revenge. Yes, white skin and bones structures are more aesthetically pleasing, you will never compete with that. But you don't have to. Stay the fuck out of our countries, build your own up, and keep us out too. We'll have our own monkey free paradise, and you can be free of us too. We don't want or need you. We only pillage your women because it's easy and you allow it. Stop being weak societies .

I live in a crowded Canadian city, I've not seen a single white in 3 days, and I'm still a virgin. Explain that then you fucking genius

Ya don't need brains to get laid.

Black men tend to lose their virginity quicker, have had more partners and had more interracial relationships then other races have had.

If you're in the minority, you're not normal. It's easy mode, you just don't want to admit it.

Everyone should read this post, this is how all whites see themselves and they see it as their mission to genocide/breed out all other races. Read this post and learn, they want to drive the rest of us to extinction.

Fuck off Paco, western (WHITE) society was 90% European until a just few decades ago.

It's easy mode. You have no right to complain. You literally have no real problems.

How did you misunderstand the post so badly? Are you stupid? No, I want you out of our countries and far away from us. You have your own countries, but they're shitholes, because you made them shitholes. You know why your women prefer us. Why is it our fault? Keep them in your own countries, and keep us out. It's that simple. You add nothing to our countries that we need.

You have no real problems. You're complaining because you don't know what real struggle is. Your life is easy, trouble-free. It's time you learned how to suffer.

>literally colonize the world and impose globalization on it
>even on Asian countries that wanted to remain isolationist
>now wondering why you're reaping what you sow

Pottery. For every action... reaction.

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Everyone has problems. You blaming us for your problems shows what a simple minded creature you are. No attempt at fixing things, just bitterness and jealousy. A very feminine way of operating. Grow a pair and sort yourself out.

Whites are the global minority, by far. They make up 10-15% of the global population. The US is already 30% Hispanic, in 1960 the US was only 2% hispanic. European countries are all rapidly trending to a non-white majority. It's considered racist for white people to have any sense of community, any preference for their own, any thought that they should be their own group.

The entire modern world is made to put non-whites over whites. No other nation on earth would treat whites how whites treat non-whites in white countries. Whites will be abused and killed in any other nation, including Japan. But whites are expected to get in their knees and accept brown cock every time. If you refuse, the entire society destroys you.

The one thing that makes me happy is that once whites no longer control the western world, humanity will be destroyed. The only thing holding the modern world together and advancing humanity is white people and their kindness and ingenuity. No other race will do good and no other race will go as far as white people have.

>but my slavery and colonialism

Shit every single people and race has done throughout human history. Every single group of people has invaded, conquered and enslaved. Only whites have to be punished for it. God I hate non-whites and women.

As I said, defend yourselves. As with everything in history, it is conquer or be conquered. Unfortunately we allowed weak feminine thought to permeate, and we didn't subjugate or destroy the brown hoards whose land we had taken. They wouldn't have shown us the same mercy had the roles been reversed. It was and still is a mistake.
If you hate us so much, create your own utopias on your own land. But you're too weak and stupid, so you rely on us.

Every single nation touched by Europeans has benefitted immensely from it. But no, you're right. White people are getting the reward for advancing humanity and helping and sharing technology and the world.

>Everyone has problems.
Stopped reading here. Whites have no problems. But you will soon.

We're coming. Batten down the hatches. I won't rest until you know what having real-life problems is like. Your wall will never be built and even if it does, it's already too late.

We're here.

Kek not really.
You know what's going to actually happen?
Because shitskins have literally no emotional/cultural stake in the idea Lolocaust, whye pypo are just going to end up replacing Jews as the new disproportionately affluent, privileged, hyper-tribalist super-minority.
You dumbshits can't win kek.

It ain't easy having down syndrome, true.

We already do. Weakness has completely devoured our children. We are allowing feminine ideals of protecting the weak and stupid to lead us into oblivion.

Exactly. All you monkeys can do is destroy. Rather than build your people and land up, you would rather see everyone wallowing in shit.

Reckoning is coming. You steal and cheat and take our women and our lands. But now you've gotten fat off having nothing but sweet nectar and everything going your way since the day you were born. You don't know what it's like to struggle or fight to survive. And now you're going to know what it's like to face people who have nothing left to lose. Nothing left you can take from them. You have everything to lose now and we intend to collect our due.

So I say again. Batten the fucking hatches because you're in for a rough fucking ride.

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I hear begging but nothing that will dissuade me. You better pray Trump gets a second and third and even fourth term. Because otherwise we're going to wash over you like an endless tide, a brown flood that will eradicate your pure whiteness... once and for all.

>White man stabs someone
Goes to jail
>Black man stabs someone
Nothing happen cuz black lives matter
>White man says that it's ok to be white
National tragedy
>Back man says it's ok to be black and kill white people
Hundreds of girls jump on your dick for being so brave going against the system

How sad that you see yourself and your people as a plague.

Pure whiteness is practically dead in most American states now anyway.

Yeah sure bud by 2042 whites on gonna be the minority we currently make of 62% of the US population.

True and whats your point?
Superior people being the most desired is normal
Youll lose even if you are the majority because you are inferior, dont start a fight you cant win
Whites let you in their country out of compasion and now you want to genocide them.. why?

Hispanics and Arabs can mark themselves white if they want to, so the actual percentage is drastically lower.

No. Whites are the plague and we... are the cure. The cure to your Aryan purity is in our grasp. We will scour you of your precious purity and we will make you SUFFER. You think you can stop us? You don't even know what you're in for my first world friend. We won't rest until the property values are all brought down and your daughters raped by our hairy spic COCKS. We will behead you all so you better WATCH THE FUCK OUT BABY.

Oh we're comin' baby, prep your white wives and mothers and daughters and sisters and aunts and nieces and gramgrams. We're comin' for that white pussy baby and we'll chop off every last one of your heads to get to them. We're ravenously in the business of killin' and rapin' and business is a BOOMIN'!

>Refering to the "Aryan purity" of Americans
Holy fuck my sides

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>Oh we're comin' baby, prep your white wives and mothers and daughters and sisters and aunts and nieces and gramgrams. We're comin' for that white pussy baby and we'll chop off every last one of your heads to get to them. We're ravenously in the business of killin' and rapin' and business is a BOOMIN'!

No onions blanco, no puedes leer mi nombre idiota?
Yep not all hispanics are mestizos

You wish stupid sissy black boi

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>black bois are so masculine

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Black power. So manly.

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I don't care what you said but I'm comin' for all your bitches, BABY!

The most important thing you can do for yourself is keep your own life in order. You are able to at least be a hard working, competent person, and not be a miserable, degenerate mess. Uncountable generations have endured worse shit than what we have to deal with now. Bait and useless shit flinging on the internet do not have to be a primary factor of your life and identity. Why let strangers who don't care one shit about your wellbeing determine who you are and what you think? Nothing from a screen should ever take away from your real life.

Always remember: we live in first world countries and have opportunities that most people born on this planet don't. Look around you, at what you do have, right here, and realize the potential you can make for yourself. Things aren't as good for us as they were for our parents. But billions of people in the third world would still kill to have the opportunities that you do, right now. So take care of yourself! Work your ass off, every day, to build a good life for you, and for your family. Clear self destructive thoughts from your mind, and keep yourself focused on realistic, longterm goals. You have the power to create who you are. In every second of your lifespan, you make a choice about who you are going to be in the next second. Real change comes slowly over time, and requires many choices. But those choices are Yours. What you choose do with yourself is who you are, and who you will become.

Bumo bruh yo

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You forgot to mention the descendants of white spaniards who are the most desired in mexico

Then why are prisoners disproportionately black?

Niggers are sissy boisss

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Black bois cannot compete. It's over.

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>I've not seen a a single white in 3 days
self explanatory

Keker I figured it was a black making these posts. Too many Hispanics value their Spanish blood to destroy society over your petty nigger tier inferiority complex

Asian females in Australia are nowhere near as loose as you think. They also generally stick to groups of other Asians

Kinda jelly of Americans, but only because I have to pay for international travel to enjoy dat azn poon.
Nevertheless, azn poon is awesome and once you get used to the poverty and weather of SEA you'll start to love life a lot more.

Not wrong, but if you can get one you'll be one happy chap. Just use tinder.

I too enjoy making myself depressed by swiping right to hundreds and hundreds of girls to get one or two likes from overweight single moms who smoke excessively and expect the world from you

Maybe if you are living in a rich country.

all of this hinges on the notion that you're white AND you have the money to travel/then support an entire other person after you bring them back

>be me
>be black
>get muh social helps in literally any country just for being black
>people can't say my name without being beaten by antifas
>mfw life on hard mode

interracial relationships are just other races dating white people retard

They also tend to take dick up the ass more for some reason. It's all that extra estrogen in their blood

>be white European
>Eastern Europe

And with these two lines, i nullified everything you said so far, OP.

And yeah, you ARE a faggot.

idk they're kinda white

I personally, am as white as it gets. if that really matters.

I'm not PRIVILEGED to live in a poor second-world country.

I may be white, but thank God i'm European so i can miss all this ''This race is more privileged than this because blank* bullshit.