Sodomy is disgusting

We should kill all gay people.
Honestly if you are gay how can you even justify your continued existence?
End yourself.

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, said the pussy slayer to Jow Forums

virgin >>>>>> homosexual

What about homosexual virgins?

There is no such thing. Homosexuality is a choice.

Man you really care a lot about what other men do with their dicks and ass, sure thats not a form of projection?

>sure thats not a form of projection?
Yes. I am sure.

So you say "I decide to enjoy dick" (or vag for the ladies) and then *bing* virginity gone?

Has OP found a loophole, lads?

I'm saying homosexuality is a perverse act, not a natural sexual orientation.

>Honestly if you are gay how can you even justify your continued existence?
People normally can?

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Yes. This is why most people do not suicide, yet many gays want to. kys faggot.

Gays are disgusting and spread AIDS.

>procreation = justified life
I'd hate to have such pathetically low standards like that.

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What the fuck does that have to do with the existence of virgin faggots?

Homosexuality is an act. All virgins are hetero.

virgins exist and homosexuals exist. homosexual virgins do not exist. This isn't hard brainlet

I'd hate to breed diseases in other men's anuses like you, filthy queer. kys

>cant even retort my argument
I may be gay, but at least I'm not braindead.

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I can see here you have nothing to do with your life, a big loser you are, so, you think about the asshole of the others...

I recomend for you a bit of canabis and free masturbation

I don't mind gays if they act normal(not in that "fabulous" way), what i really hate with a passion are transsexuals and furfags!!!

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friendly reminder that 'sodomy' equals to any non-straight sex, including so-called 'blowjobs'.