Why are zoomers always depressed or have aniexty ?

Why are zoomers always depressed or have aniexty ?

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They aren't. It's just ((((psychologist)))) trying to push their pills down everyone's throats because it will make them more rich. Big pharma is a cancer that needs to get purged.

Because they want attention.

When I was a kid, I had crippling anxiety and depression and whenever I'd have a breakdown going to family get-togethers, my dad told me to stop acting like a faggot and grow the fuck up, I wasn't going to embarress him. He would tell me if I didn't interact with the family he'd whip me good then lock me in a closet for the day. Tried it once, got a whooping and a night stuck in a closet and never did it again. Never did it agaim and I grew out of that phase.

Kids nowadays are just pussies and attention seekers. They need to grow up and stop embarrassing their families.

The demonization of western society. Bored, feminine, weak people with too much time on their hands, and no real challenges to keep their mind busy.
That, coupled with a lazy pathetic attitude that searches for easy answers and even easier solutions.
Depression and anxiety isn't real.

that only works if the child isnt aware of society at large, children today have just as much ammunition as the parents, so very little is accomplished

People have always been depressed and anxious.

What do you mean by ammunition?

capitalism unironically

learned it from millennials

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zoomers unironically have ADD not depression. also know quite a lot bipolar zoomers kids today are fucking psychos

i mean the parents will get whooped and put in a closet by the state, not literally but the children know that parents arent the supreme beings they used to be

That game seems like an interesting twist on Monopoly which won't be just another shitty Fortnite reskin, or Back To The Future reskin, or any crap like that.

Unironically would like to play it.

No wonder you spend your time on Jow Forums with that upbringing.

Growing up in a dying world in a civilization that has seen the last of its golden years is going to have consequences on the youth. Lets also not forget all the insecticides and other chemicals in all of our food. Not to mention the fact that marriage is a waste of time now and basically financial suicide for the man so people don't want to bother with long term relationships. This leads to the tinder meat market where 20% of the guys get 80% of the women. Suicide and drug use are on the rise. People are putting the bare minimum into life and escaping into video games and binging on netflix rather than even bother trying. I mean why buy some expensive house that you will just lose in the inevitable divorce anyway?

There are lots of people that think it can be fixed but it wont. It has to collapse and completely die so A new society will be reborn decades if not centuries after the fall.

I'm not saying that I know what exactly is wrong with them but it has to do with the current state of technology and the society.
They grow up with this forced online socialization which most people use to be pretentious faggots. Everything has to look like "FuN" and "yeeeey". All these fucking normalnigger soiboys on youtube. That's not what humanity evolved in. They never get out into nature, everything has to be shared on instagramm for likes. Everything is about social acceptance expressed with facebook likes and fake comments in this internet pool of billions of users. Rip little brother. Maybe it's my fault.

life is becoming more complex with more technologies and responsibilities. we're just simple animals meant to reproduce and die. fuck the jews

I feel you. I followed some twat boomers. They post crap like

>ugh going through depression episode
>feeling better now :)

These twats got uspet at me when i told them to stop faking it.

Because the conditions modern society imposes on people is tantamount to constant mental abuse.

Failure in parenting. Parents don't beat their kids enough anymore, so they all grow up to be pussy faggots who can't deal with even a little conflict or failure. Instead of remembering the beatings and sucking it the fuck up, they shut down and cry. Kids should be beaten every time they fuck up until they stop fucking up. Give them a surprise smack out of nowhere every now and then to keep them on their toes, too. They should be afraid of shaming their parents above all else.

Found the boomerfag

Life is more stressful than it used to be. There are more expectations. Things really were simpler in the pre-internet era.

Because the baby boomers killed society with their degeneracy and they raised kids who are complete sociopaths and those sociopaths raised zoomers
Really i blame world war 2 for this cause the boomers dads all got killed

They aren't allowed to and the state encourages snitching on parents.

The world you left us is a nightmare and not worth our care.

Why, cause my old man raised me right? You're a parent, not their friend so sometimes you need a bit of a stern hand when raising your children.

85% doesn't even have anxiety its such a buzzword at this point these normies need to stop

Please do this world a favor and never reproduce. I know the chances of that happening are infinitesimally small, but if the opportunity ever arises, just don't.

>old man raised me right
>ends up spending his days on Jow Forums

I think you're getting hoes and zoomers mixed up gramps

aww ya beat me to it

social media originally

normalization of porn, fat pride, social media but mostly the fact self diagnosing is accepted

My dad is a sociopath.

they aren't it's just cool to say, they live utterly normal and happy childhoods and say they want to kill themselves without even thinking because they're perfectly attuned.

unless he used to beat you or your mother and was low IQ this isn't true

>boomer parenting

Because of the social brainwashing our culture puts on them and the fact that nobody educates them in philosophy, so they have no tools to fight the brainwashing. pic related.

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are you living in the same world as the rest of us? everything is shit and you can't even hope to get ahead in life if you aren't either born with a silver spoon or a natural Chad. if you're not depressed, you're probably just not paying attention

Educate yourself before you speak out. If you think the game is not worth the gamble, go out the door. But its still a gamble. If you decide to live, stop being so pessimistic. Mushin, empty your mind. Be water. You are not a seperate entity. Youre it. Youre nothing.

When you put water into a cup
it becomes the cup.
That is the art of living. DOnt care about what people say. Observe what your mind tells you. Dont judge. Is it true ? Are you fostering your own depression ? Are you raising a depressed mind ?

Tend to your garden.

Wtf is this autistic psychobabble

Search for Bruce Lee Water on youtube

I watched it and now I think you are more retarded than I originally believed you to be

whoa brah, i am not even the guy you quoted, calm your tits will ya, i was just telling whree it was from, whoa, that was so not cool

Music and great food, the make the wanderer stop.
The dao goes out of the mouth, bland without taste.

>I am not even the guy
>is triggered like he is the guy
Okay guy

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every generation was the same when they were younger

why dont you answer the actual guy my guy

I think it's because of the ease of technology making everything instant, easy and fast combined this with their age group. It was probably also the first in a long time that had the majority working to keep up with all the shit these days. So the parents would just pay to fix things instantly, not give them lessons and so on.

I remember when I was a kid. Say my parents wanted a new printer. They had to go through the news paper and look at all the stores and see their ads, if any were on sale. Then we would go out to those stores and have a look. They'd have to look up what features each had and figure out what they wanted. It wasn't as simple as a google search, read reviews (there wasn't reviews), click a buy button to order and it's at the front door the next day. I'm really glad I grew up like that but live in the time of now where it's all instant.

A good example is my little brothers car. He has a loan on it, because again needed something NOW and wouldn't wait to find a good used one. It has issues and he's spend thousands on it, why, because he's too lazy to google the symptoms and ask on a forum what it could be. I've replaced the cooling system, spark plugs, coils, blower motor, exhaust manifold, and fuel pump in the past 4 months on my two cars. Spending maybe 300 for the parts. The work he's had done to his car that he spent thousands on would cost me 200 for all the parts, and his issue is still there lol, I would've replaced everything and been done with it.

Guess who can't handle a car having an issue and gets anxiety from it, starts being short with everyone, swearing about it, calling it a pos, can't go to work because of it and getting in trouble, then cant afford his dogs vet bill because he spend thousands on the car? Him.

Because is (you) my guy

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Yeah thats me
but these
are not.

And I believe that you just dont understand the meaning behind my words. It is not hidden, it is in fact just there. But who am I to tell you that I am not a person, I am the accumulated wisdom of laotse, alan watts, eckhart tolle, mator gabe, modern science, socrates, newton, god and many more.

>I am the accumulated wisdom of laotse, alan watts, eckhart tolle, mator gabe, modern science, socrates, newton, god and many more
You are the accumulated wisdom of autism, virginity and beta-ness desu

You I me he she
what is that
where am I
what are you
what IS you

You're definitely some kind of Asian. "Stop embarrassing your families". Those conformity genes acting up.

I'm a Zoomer, I am genetically prone to depression and paranoia. On top of that, I have grown up exposed to dopamine addiction everywhere, and I'd consider it a real drug addiction.

I love the depressed fags trying to make it more than it is.
Zoomers are depressed and anxious for the same reason the generation before walked around with mullets, cause they think it's cool.
That's it. They literally just think depression is cool in the same way a synthesizer might make a song sound "unique".
A 1st world country is never going to be bad enough that it makes the entire population genuinely depressed, but psychs will tell you it is doing just that.
If they weren't so egotistical, they'd admit that they're fine, perhaps even that they are too content.

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Depressed/existential zoomer here

Ask me anything

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This is stupid. One good spanking early in a kid's life will forever impose on them the fear of punishment when they act out. The last time my mom or dad really beat me was when I was 3, and they never had to spank me again. It's been 20 years since they had to do that, but because I always had that traumatic experience from a young age, it taught me to associate me being bad with pain.

You and that other creep ITT talking about kids needing to be beaten because they embarrassed their parents sound like the kind of sociopaths who would beat a toddler because it cried while the family was out for dinner at a restaurant.

Anyone who isn't depressed or anxious at this point is a mindless hedonist, a head of cattle.

My theory is 80% of people care primarily about eating, sleeping and fucking, 15% of people care about power and money, and only 5% of people - most of them depressed - care about truth.

Unbalanced life and lifestyle. Their parents failed to provide for them. This is what happens when you let technology babysit your kids. They have become overstimulated and are lashing out.

I've played it and ended up having a great time unexpectedly.

The modern day Internet. That's the reason. Basically that's it.

early gen z grew up watching porn and beheading vids since they were 5, just imagine

>implying kids yesterday didn't do this either

>reddit spacing

found the fag who should actually be taking his pills but isn't

>I'll call cps
>Go ahead you little shit. See how you like growing up as an orphan
>Once everyone finds out you have no parents, be prepared to be stuffed into lockers everyday because they'll know that no one loves you enough to stop it from happening.

That's all you gotta tell them

Zoomers were raised on parasocial relationships through twitter/instagram and therefore lack the ability to form meaningful connections

My parents regularly whooped my ass as punishment up until I was like 10 and I never once considered what they were doing as illegal or narcing on them

amen user, I was beaten daily as a child, and it turned me into a better person. In my opinion, constant beatings at home, along with constant bullying at school prevents faggotry, and turns you into a well-rounded human being.

God, the cope on this boomer is insane.
>my dad beat me like an animal so my autism is cured guys haha haha see how I browse on Jow Forums like a well-adjusted adult haha

>it's another user posts advice on how to massively fuck up your children hoping someone will believe in it because he's a horrible human being episode
Can't say I've seen that one all that often

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Because you didn't know, kids these days know as well they should

yeah dude family's being broken up because the state encourages children to narc on their parents for trying to discipline them, that's my shit right there

>grow up in a violent household
>consider violence to be normal and acceptable
Oh no! Who could've fucking guessed?

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>abuse builds character
Fucking boomers. I swear, you all are just chomping at the bit to beat your loved ones because it is the only way you can connect with people. The world will be better when your generation is in the dirt.

If you're a better off person then why are you posting here?

>beating your kids
>now that was quality time with the family

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it is normal. having beta parents that are afraid to lay a finger on their own kids is abnormal.

This won't work, you just sound like an autist trying to be his favourite edgy anime villain

Lmao stop crying you complete fag
>whooooaaaaaa maaaaan that was like soooo not cool doood
>drinks soi

Keep telling yourself that. I bet next up you're gonna tell me how beating your kids has been normal up until recently.
And why do you assume there's fear involved? Do you think that every parent that doesn't beat their child doesn't do it because they're afraid of the consequences? In this case CPS. Maybe you ought to get that noggin joggin and think up some other reason why parents might think beating their kids isn't an acceptable form of punishment.

It's because it's trendy and hip to do so
for the most part, mental illness aren't real and tend to be made up or pushed by psychs to sell drugs

Even most robots would fall into the category of complaining about being mentally ill because it's the "in thing to do" rather than their lives actually being awful

>If you're a better off person then why are you posting here?

what an amazingly original reply, user.

kek abused and proud
i bet you love the gov and cops to

>I bet next up you're gonna tell me how beating your kids has been normal up until recently.
uh yes? pretty much all of human history up until very recently parents had carte blanche to treat their kids any way they saw fit, and that often involved corporal punishment.
>And why do you assume there's fear involved?
because people like you who think a smack on the bottom with an unruly child is a crime against humanity that deserves familial seperation exist

how about you shut your mouth and do some research on the matter punk ass bitch, enjoy having kids that will use violence as means to solve problems, thats probably your case too but you're too much of a bitch to step it up to anyone outside so you come here to expell your lousy opinions

>"The evidence presented in the meta-analysis does not justify a blanket injunction against mild to moderate disciplinary spanking," conclude Baumrind and her team.
How about you shut the fuck up you beta zoomer cuck