What is so appealing about slightly overweight females?

What is so appealing about slightly overweight females?

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You're looking at highly doctored photos of them, specifically crafted to look good. That's why

The look soft and warm.

Why does this girl have metallic tape on her face. It doesn't look pleasant.

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evolutionarily speaking they have baby protecting insulation and fat reserves, socially speaking they are easier to fuck.

Go to sleep homeslice

It's probably some rape fetish shit

Male desperation, your subhuman mind deludes you into mistakenly believing that you would have a chance with such a female, so you find them "appealing".

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More pics like this please brother
In exchange please accept these cute anime girls

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chub is nice to feel and grab
theyre usually more relaxed about food than roasties obsessed with remaining skinny

I want to pump a huge load very deep inside a chubby fembot

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cute tum to sleep on and warm me up

god imagine those tits leaking milk when you squeeze them

Probably because body fat is somewhat feminine, and it's a sign that she could nourish a baby.

This. Very minor extra weight is extremely attractive. The problem is that hambeasts think that they fall into that category, and femskeletons think that they're hot stuff while being on the other side of the mentally ill spectrum.
This is close to a perfect female belly and general build and how women should look on average.

Nothing. Literally nothing.
They look like overgrown babies with hair and tits.

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lolicon dream I guess?

i need to inseminate a chubby fembot RIGHT FUCKING NOW

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that sounds definitely pedo

how much weight did she gain

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If I might ask in as original manner as possible, who is this qt?

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>love wanking it to chubby girls
>chubby tag doesn't even qualify unless they're 100+ lbs overweight
>no tag for actually chubby girls
I LOVE when I happen to find a doujin with an actual chubby girl, not a super fucking obese one.

I am Fem , senpai and I have been like your pic related before in the past and also fit - guys with big dicks were more attracted to me while I was thick and more white guys while fit. So some link from my experience there between being thick and the appeal.

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this is truly the perfect female body. Everything inside of me is screaming "IMPREGNATE".

If she stayed that shape, it would be perfect. Unfortunately, she'll inflate and sag.

Very soft. I like to grabby grabby and squeezy squeezy.

Slightly overweight males are appealing too.

Anybody got a folder of thicc girls, 2d or 3d, that they'd be willing to dump?

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Got thicc girls, but nothing organised enough to dump.
But then how thicc is too thick? Is this too far or just right?

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>tfw no obese gf to snuggle

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That's nowhere near overweight. A lot of "attractive woman" you see online are actually underweight, eg everyone in the modelling industry.

Everyone ages. Everyone. Even you, so what's your point lol?

>kinky/will tolerate more fetish shit
>the ass is fat and it's god-teir to hit that shit from behind
>will go out to restaurants with you
>usually can cook well
>soft and warm
>more to grab on to during sex

Way too far that girl is obese. Thicc should mean a thick ass or big tits on a normal girl. Don't call fatties thicc just because they are fat

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They look more in your league

See, this here is why I hate words like "thicc."
To me, that is just a scrawny, basic bitch. But to you, she's thicc. My dick absolutely hates women like that, but they call themselves thicc too (and classify their porn on porn websites as such) because there isn't one goddamn definition of the word.

I didnt call that girl thicc. That is what an attractive women should look like. Not a beeched whale with photoshopped tits

Slightly chubby girls fucking suck if they don't take the absolute best care of themselves. If they do and they aren't ashamed of their body image then they'll be amazing. Not too proud of their body image of course, then you'll probably be dating a bitch

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Hey, I like beached whales, can't really argue with my dick. But it doesn't change the fact that the word thicc doesn't have a specific definition, so basic hoes who have a slightly fat ass use it to describe themselves in order to get attention they would otherwise be losing out on.

>W-why would you ask out a girl like me? Are you just playing a prank on me?

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Thicc is used by beta men more then anything. Fat girls should be shamed

Nothing really, it's just media and porn propaganda.

I don't want to debate the definition of thicc yet again. Let's just say that if she's got a belly, then she's advanced beyond thicc and become chubby. If the belly hangs, then she's fat.

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Because it reminds you your mom

I don't think belly is relevant. This girl for example is thicc but isn't fat. You shouldn't be able to eat your way into being thicc

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This girl isn't thicc, are you blind?

yep white folk took the word 'thicc' and butchered it. A shame,really

Where does thicc end and fat begin?

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How in the damn world does shigekix's girls manage to be so fucking perfect. Shouldn't there be a universal law preventing this sort of occurrence?
Explained pretty well by

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Chubby girls are for breeding

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>one small shitty little piece of tape

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Me in the middle,
This pic is peak thiccc, go no thiccer this is perfection

i'm a skinny fembot but i understand chubby girls appeal, they are cute. i personally wouldn't go with that kind of body shape, because my body stores fat in retarded places, especially on my belly, i'm not pear shaped unfortunately.

I think the male attraction towards larger women has to do with the perception of how well they can breed children. It's why it's easier for fat girls to get laid than fat guys.

>she thinks this is a bad thing